Develop a Management Product: 3 Things to Keep In Mind

 / April 26, 2019

The need for a management app is high because this is a necessary tool to help teams and individuals control and maintain productivity. Ensure that tasks are accomplished and delivered on time.

Many and many software development companies are working in this category. So it’s fierce competition. Today, Designveloper will reveal three tips that could help you enhance your management software and win your clients.

Understand What Type of Management Is Your Call

Outstanding software development companies always know what is best for them. Asana, Podio or Jira are some of the few that have figured out their suitable niche. In the management product category, there are many types of products to develop but bear in your mind that you should focus on just one or two at the beginning.

management apps

When the product is stable, you can either develop software like Podio: which includes 2 or more types of management in the system, or choose what you like and can build to concentrate on it. In this article, we will only focus on the two most common management products which are:

1. Project management

This type of software offers a singular person or a team to plan, manage, administer, execute and complete a project. Furthermore, this product should allow your client to plan detailed tasks, build schedules and timelines, manage and solve issues as well as risks, etc. In short, a project management app is one that gives you the whole picture of your process through all stages of its life cycle (conceptualization, execution, control, and completion).

Project management software should give clients tools that are able to advance the processes, and keep the company ahead of its rivals.
It is important that your product could cover these crucial processes: cost management, HR management, communications management, and risk management.

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2. Customer relationship management (CRM)

According to Salesforce, CRM software is a platform that joins different departments together so that the process of serving customers could be better in terms of organizing notes, activities, and metrics for all sizes of businesses from small-scale startups to enterprise-scale organizations.

customer relationship management

The most important feature of a CRM product is that users are allowed to access the real-time client and internal data they need.
Big data is said that a big competitive advantage for a business. The more information they gather, the more knowledge they can access.

CRM Management
CRM Management. Image: Fieldez.

The need for CRM products is increasing day by day since this kind of platform could generate more leads (44%), increase revenue (37%), boost customer retention (45%), and faster integration of business apps (52%).

Nonetheless, CRM software also improves the productivity of clients’ employees by reducing the number of decisions and actions required every day.

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The Adaptability of Your Management Product

Adapting to innovations and changes is an important act to survive in this rapidly-evolving world, especially if you are a software development company. Providing that your product is designated to manage people or systems, this factor is even more crucial.

One reason for this is that industries are innovating and transforming every day to increase their effectiveness and to meet the growing demands of the market. In the case that your product cannot go with the changes there, possibly, it will belong to the dustbin soon.

Furthermore, your clients could use various methods or approaches to implement in their systems. It could be CRM software (e-commerce, real estate), project management apps (software development, designing), etc.

The Adaptability of Management Software. Image: Vecteezy.
The Adaptability of Management Software. Image: Vecteezy.

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1. They may use KPI, OKR, or other methodologies to operate and measure the system.

Meanwhile, it is not possible for a product for each method or approach, it will cost a ton of time, money, and also human resources.
Last but not least, no business remains the same forever, they either go hard or go bankrupt. As a result, your product must be able to stay relevant to your client’s changes and growth.

So, there are three common changes your product should be able to adopt from time to time: technology, the system of an organization, and its scale.
And then we all come to this question: how to make your software an adaptable product?

Firstly, as a software developer, you should have a detailed plan from the beginning. Besides your initial ideas, this blueprint will include an estimation of changes, opportunities, and risks that may happen. This way, your product could be built in full swing and more importantly, adapted to innovation faster.

Along with this, there is a classic method that could save you here as well: Agile. Thanks to its flexibility, a team could deploy constantly to enhance its product and handle the changes in a shorter time.

Encouraging Collaboration Is a Must

Collaboration is a never-ending story of an organization. It is like the base of every other activity inside a business. Thanks to the collaboration, people are on the same page in the process. Furthermore, this helps employees increase their productivity and communication effectiveness.

But why do we need management software to perform this task anyway? Don’t we have enough chat tools like Slack or Hangout to work with each other? First of all, by using management products to collaborate, the number of tools used is limited. You do not have to switch from one to another frequently. Nonetheless, everything is synced and transparent here.
Below are several functions that management software should have to support internal and external collaboration:

  • File sharing.
  • Messaging, video calls, voice messages.
  • Social media.

We hope that this article will give you a better insight into how market leaders like Podio, Trello, etc. developed their management software. Read more: Three types of management Products you should know. 

So tell us, what are your tips to build a management product? And if you are having an idea about this, maybe we can realize it for you! Visit our website to know more about our projects! Cheers to future collaborations!

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