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Tran Thanh Tuan: A two-month internship at Designveloper: More than just an internship

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August 17, 2022

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I am Tran Thanh Tuan, a member of the June 2022 internship program at Designveloper (DSV). In just two short months, I gained a lot of knowledge and had many memorable experiences.

Opportunity to participate in the Designveloper internship program:

The June 2022 internship program at DSV coincided with the time for my graduation internship at my university (University of Technology Ho Chi Minh City). I initially consulted some companies with the right stack for my needs, including DSV. I also browsed review sites to learn about the companies, and almost only DSV had positive reviews, especially about the work environment.

Thanh Tuấn

As someone who transferred to a new industry to find a better work environment, I immediately felt that this was the place I should choose for my internship, with the hope of both experiencing a good work environment and learning as much as possible.

After preparing, I applied to the company’s internship program. With the support of Ms. Lan (HR Specialist) and the company’s streamlined internship recruitment process, the recruitment process went relatively smoothly. I then received an offer and was ready for my internship.

What I learned after 2 months at DSV:

First, about the DSV internship program, we were divided into groups of 10 members and were guided by mentor Liên Thanh Nhân, and we will be working on a project based on the Conduit application using the MERN stack in these 2 months. During the project implementation, I learned a lot from technical skills to teamwork.

The group’s mentor – Mr. Nhân is a Scrum Master, so our group also learned how to work in Scrum. The process of implementing the project will be divided into Sprints, each Sprint will include specific features, each Sprint will last for about 1-2 weeks. Every day, we will have daily meetings to report on the work we have completed and the challenges we have encountered. From this, the mentor can track the progress of each individual to provide advice and support to keep up with the other members. We were also reviewed by the mentor after each feature to improve code style or suggest additional technologies that should be applied. At the end of each Sprint, there will be a retro for the group to evaluate the entire Sprint process to learn from experience and improve further.

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In addition, DSV also has a pairing culture. When working or encountering difficulties, I can pair programming with the mentor or any member in the group. Personally, I really like working in Scrum and the pairing culture because the members will communicate with each other a lot, which will improve work efficiency. In addition, it also helps the members to bond more than just each person working on their own.

In terms of technical skills, before starting my internship, in the projects at school, I only worked on ReactJS, the remaining technologies were almost new to me. Therefore, I really learned a lot. I also learned how to constantly research new knowledge to apply to the project. During the implementation, Mr. Nhân also suggested new technologies for me to apply. Thanks to that, my project has added some features that I am relatively satisfied with, such as automatically translating articles into the preferred language, and push notifications using Firebase Cloud Messaging. Everyone can check out my product here.

Weekly sharing is also an activity that the DSV internship brought me. Each member of the groups will choose a topic to share with everyone. Through sharing, we not only learn new knowledge but also help improve soft skills.

Other interesting experiences at DSV:

I’ve been talking about work so far, right? About the work environment, it’s exactly what I’ve found out. DSV has a young and dynamic work environment. The company’s staff are very open and friendly. Therefore, after just a few days, we have integrated into the company. And from there are the lunch hours playing “Three Kingdoms”, or the afternoons playing table tennis even though the whole team doesn’t know how to play. Recently, the company also organized a minigame. Our intern team also participated with the company’s staff in the latest minigame. Fortunately, a member of the team was the final winner and won the prize. Therefore, we were also happy. Activities like this make people bond more and also help the company culture to develop further.

The company is also relatively comfortable. If you are too tired to sit, you can work on a lazy chair for example. In terms of working hours, the company is also not too strict. The company also supports people to work remotely 2 days a week, but I rarely work remotely because it is very fun to come to the company, and I can meet and communicate directly with everyone. The company’s staff are also very proactive in their work. Therefore,

Here are some additional experiences I had at DSV:

  • The company has a strong sense of community. The staff are very friendly and welcoming, and they go out of their way to make interns feel comfortable.
  • The company offers a variety of social activities. These activities help to build camaraderie and create a fun and engaging work environment.
  • The company is flexible and supportive. The company offers flexible working hours and remote work options, which allows employees to balance their work and personal lives.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to intern at DSV. It was a great experience that helped me learn and grow as a developer. I would highly recommend DSV to any student looking for a challenging and rewarding internship.

Here are some specific examples of the social activities I mentioned:

  • The company organizes weekly lunch and learns, where interns and staff can learn about new technologies and trends.
  • The company hosts monthly happy hours, where employees can socialize and network with each other.
  • The company organizes occasional team-building activities, such as bowling or karaoke nights.

I hope this translation is helpful. Let me know if you have any other questions.

If you are looking for the same experiences as me, please find DSV!

If you are looking for a challenging and rewarding internship, I highly recommend Designveloper. I had a memorable and rewarding experience that helped me learn and grow as a developer. The company has a strong sense of community, offers a variety of social activities, and is flexible and supportive.

I encourage you to consider an internship at Designveloper if you are looking for a place to learn, grow, and have fun.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope you have a great day!

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