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7 Things to Ask Web Designer Before Signing the Contract

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December 22, 2016

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If you’re at that phase, no matter which direction you choose to go, it’s best to consider asking any potential web designer these below questions during your first meeting with them.

By now, you have already known why having a strong website is important for your business. With just one glance at your site, prospects can decide whether or not they should work with you. Or the website is simply a place where people are able to find you online.

The 7 Things You Need to Ask Web Designer

The thing is hiring a good web design company can be a horror story and a time-consuming task. And if you don’t make the right choice, you can end up wasting lots of money on a site you don’t like.

It’s not only to help you better evaluate your proposals and potential designers but also to wrap your head around websites and deepen your understanding of what’s best for you and your business.

Important things to ask web design agency before signing the

Question #1: Can I ask a web designer to see an example?

Just like hiring a new employee, choosing a web design agency takes requesting a portfolio of the sites they have built so far. It’s not just for evaluating them, but also for you to make sure whether you like the design style of these sites or not. Because if you don’t, but you decide to work with them anyway, chances are that you’re not going like how your new website looks.

You also want to note the performance of the sites. Whether their sites are easy to navigate or if the contact info is just RIGHT-THERE. Or could the “About Us” page sell their stories? How quickly do these sites load?

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Question #2: Are my new website responsive?

How many times do I have to remind you of the importance of mobile-friendly sites? Yes, there is no doubt that mobile internet use overtakes desktop internet use these days, my friend. Being aware of that fact, your job is to make sure your visitors can get around your new site easily on your smartphone, tablets, etc.

I know even though you don’t mention mobile-friendly websites, most design agencies nowadays still offer you a responsive one. But, remember to check whether you need to pay extra for that service or not.

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Question #3: Do you build a site with SEO in mind?

This is one of the most important questions you must ask. If you don’t want your visitor to find out about your site, then you don’t need to care about this issue. Just kidding! Who doesn’t want that?

A good web designer will have your page designed with SEO in mind to bring to your site as much relevant traffic as possible without even paying for advertising (perhaps at an additional cost).

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Question #4: Do you custom design websites or use pre-made templates?

Web design agencies usually offer both options to meet customers’ expectations. Deciding whether you need a website template or a custom one for your business may be based on your time, budget, and value.

Do you want a unique website or just a simple one that can save money? Let’s imagine a bigger picture and really think about where you want your business to stand in the next couple of years. Discuss your website needs and ask for a price comparison of the two before making your decision.

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Question #5: How do you price your services?

You wouldn’t buy a car without knowing how much it costs, right?

Every company has a different pricing structure. So what you should ask is whether it’s a flat project price or an hourly rate is used. The most important thing is that you have to know exactly what you’re paying for. Asking for a detailed list of deliverables included in the price is the only way to get clear about how much your website’s actually going to cost you.

Question #6: What do you charge if I need to make revisions to my site?

To avoid looking outdated and old-fashioned, your site needs to be updated regularly. Change is inevitable. You need to make sure that changes won’t require liquidating your savings. Making a deal with the web design agency about how much they charge for a refresh.

Question #7: Will I own my website when it’s finished?

Funny thing is that even though you pay hundreds of dollars for a website, you still don’t own it at the end. Therefore, be sure to ask if you own the domain name (registered in your name, not the web design agency’s), website design, and hosting account (registered in your name, not the design agency’s).

Also find out if you will receive all source files for your site and access to your hosting account, backend administration platform, and server.


The above questions are just some crucial ones of tons of questions you need to ask to make sure your website benefits your business needs.

So, feel free to add other problems you think we must make clear before signing a service agreement in the comment box. Getting to know the web design agency you’re going to work with is the key to being a good consumer. 🙂

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