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Tran Hoang Khoi: Two Months Internship at Designveloper

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August 17, 2022

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The two-month internship at DSV gave me not only new knowledge but also incredibly valuable memories. I can say that DSV gave me a great start on my career path.

I would like to introduce myself

After graduating from university, I was able to meet and work with highly skilled and energetic people. They have given me more motivation to strive even harder on my journey to pursue the dev industry in the future.

I became more open and sociable with everyone. I was able to integrate with people who share the same passion and enthusiasm. I met new friends and learned a lot from them. Indeed, DSV has helped me to realize my self-worth and accept change to improve myself.

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What is the culture like at DSV?

Designveloper provides a dynamic, flexible, and non-restrictive environment that does not emphasize working hours, but still produces excellent work efficiency from all members of the company. I still remember playing Tam Quốc Sát with everyone during lunch breaks, which helped me relieve stress and replace the pressure of deadlines.

Or the times when the seniors would treat us to bubble tea, etc. These things will be etched in my mind, like beautiful memories, marking the starting point for a new journey – leaving university and stepping into the world. I am lucky to have worked with a mentor who is passionate about his work – Mr. Liên Thanh Nhân.

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6. Happy International Women's Day!
7. DSV’s Journey to the West
8. Farewell: Year of the Dog
9. Thank You for the Nice Visit Mark Trang
10. Watching Client Talking About Our Product at Meteor Night

You have become an ideal role model for me as a highly skilled programmer, always willing to help and share your valuable experiences with us. I really appreciate your help. In addition, there are also Mr. Cong and Mr. Son, who have always been very enthusiastic in teaching and sharing with me their precious knowledge. Finally, my dear team 1 members, I will always cherish the moments we have had together.

“Tam Quốc Sát” game

The internship program is over, there will be no more early mornings to get to work, no more late nights fixing bugs. What I have gained after 2 months of working at DSV is valuable experience, both in terms of expertise and life, new relationships that I will always cherish and treasure in the future.

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