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Top 20 Best Web Development Companies in Vietnam

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May 27, 2024

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Recently, Vietnam has become a fertile market for IT outsourcing and foreign investments, especially in web development. But what are the best web development companies in Vietnam you should consider? 

This article is here to guide you through the top potential candidates in this realm. Also, we’ll dive deep into 5 key reasons why Vietnam is an exceptional playground for your web projects. But first, let’s discover what web development is.

Top 5 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Web Developer in Vietnam

Top 5 questions to ask when hiring a web developer in Vietnam

Finding the perfect web development partner in Vietnam can significantly affect your project’s success. While technical expertise and experience are important, a good fit also involves communication and a clear working process. 

Here are the top 5 questions we suggest you ask potential web development companies in Vietnam to ensure a seamless and effective collaboration: 

Question 1: Do you have experience with similar projects to mine?

Why it matters: It’s crucial to understand a potential developer’s expertise and experience with projects similar to yours in terms of industry, scope, and tech stacks. This will demonstrate the company’s ability to tackle your specific requirements and avoid possible bottlenecks.

How to ask effectively: You should look through the company’s portfolio on its own website or B2B review websites (like GoodFirms or Clutch). Besides, you can directly ask for more details about their previous products that align with our specific industry or have similar capabilities. 

Question 2:  Can you walk me through your development process?

Why it matters: Without a well-established process, web development companies in Vietnam can’t guide you seamlessly to the ultimate deliverable. This can involve project management methods, timelines, task priorities, and even how they handle revisions. 

For example, at Designveloper, we leverage the Agile SCRUM framework to build the most critical functionalities of a website in each sprint. This, coupled with estimation techniques like Pomodoro, helps us anticipate project timeframes, produce a perfect MVP with necessary features, and be flexible for any changes. 

How to ask effectively: You should inquire about a potential company’s typical development workflow, from initial concept to launch and ongoing maintenance. Consider whether the process and methodology are aligned with your business (e.g., Agile for evolving and changing requirements), keep you continuously updated, and provide opportunities for feedback.

Question 3:  How will we handle communication and time zone differences?

Why it matters: Effective communication is a key to any successful project. So, you need to know how a potential company communicates to ensure timely updates and avoid misunderstandings. This is especially important when the company lives in a different time zone.

How to ask effectively: You should discuss your preferred communication channels (e.g., emails or project management tools) and their availability during your working hours. Besides, ask how the company can update the project progress if you’re too busy for emails or chats. In this case at Designveloper, we organize regular meetings at specific times to help them stay informed. Also, you should explore the company’s experience working with previous clients in different time zones. 

Question 4:  What is your team structure, and who will be my main point of contact?

Why it matters: Knowing the team structure helps you comprehend who will participate in your web development project and which expertise they have. Further, having a dedicated point of contact can ensure clear communication, reduce confusion, and facilitate problem-solving throughout the project. 

How to ask effectively: You should ask about the team size and each member’s roles in the development process. In addition, you need to identify your main contact person and their availability for interpretations or questions. 

Question 5:  What are your rates and pricing structure?

Why it matters: Transparency in pricing is important for estimated budgeting. This helps your project avoid unexpected expenses and keep the project on track. 

How to ask effectively: You should inquire about the company’s hourly rates or other available pricing plans. Also, ask the company to identify how they estimate your project finances and ensure it runs within budget. For example, at Designveloper, we build a library of features used for past projects and use it to predict the essential features and timelines for your web project. This helps us make almost accurate budget estimations.

Top 20 Best Web Development Companies in Vietnam

The global market for web development services is projected to grow at a modest CAGR of 8.7% during the forecast period (2024-2032). Accordingly, the year 2023 will reach a staggering value of almost 136 billion. This also underscores the increasing importance of companies in delivering web projects effectively to meet the ever-growing demand. 

But among numerous candidates, who should you choose? Let’s delve into our detailed list of 20 web development companies in Vietnam.

1. Designveloper

Designveloper - one of the best web development companies in Vietnam

Designveloper is one of the leading software development companies in Vietnam, especially in PC websites and web apps. Throughout 6 years of experience working with clients from different industries, we’ve gained impressive achievements with 100+ complete projects and 50+ techs applied (e.g., Python or React Native). 

Our goal is to turn ideas for startups and enterprises into reality. Besides, our well-trained team of developers, designers, and more offers diverse, full-stack services. They include web/mobile app development, custom software development, UI/UX design, and VOIP.

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2. AMELA Technology

  • Clutch Rate: 5.0
  • Typical Projects: OKS, Essentina, Fukushi Yogu, and Global2Me
  • Industry: Food & Restaurant, Healthcare, E-learning, Gaming, eCommerce, etc.

Despite being founded in 2019, AMELA Technology JSC is an IT development and consulting company with two primary offices in Hanoi and Japan. 

The company provides one-stop services, including web/mobile app development and staff augmentation. It also integrates emerging techs like blockchain, AI, or IoT into digital products. 

The company has 300+ highly skilled and professionally certified experts. Accordingly, it’s committed to delivering top-notch solutions to almost 100+ startups and enterprises globally.

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3. Saigon Technology

SaiGon Technology
  • Clutch Rate: 4.8
  • Typical Projects: Mobile Team Manager, MeetDoris, Fruta, AWC, ActionWP Platform, and BAIBAI
  • Industry: Automotive, Business services, Consumer products & services, IT, Supply chain & Logistics, Retail, etc.

Saigon Technology Solutions is an agile software development company in Vietnam. Since its foundation in 2014, the company has opened two offices in Ho Chi Minh and Da Nang with more than 100 engineers.

Its mission is to deliver the best software solutions offshore to clients from different countries like Australia, Singapore, and the USA. Their exceptional team has in-depth knowledge of different services like web/mobile app development, software development, DevOps, and cutting-edge techs (e.g., AI)

4. Politetech Software

Politetech - one of the best web development companies in Vietnam
  • Clutch Rate: 5.0
  • Typical Projects: UK Food Marketplace, Mailinh, NamPhu, YFA, and Mixhome Furniture 
  • Industry: Healthcare, FinTech, Travel, Logistics, Manufacturing, Education & EdTech, eCommerce & Retail, and Insurance

Located in Hanoi, Politetech Software has accumulated around 6 years of experience delivering 100+ projects to clients worldwide. Moreover, the client satisfaction rate of their projects has reached up to 96%.

Their expertise lies in mobile app/web development, help-desk solutions, CRMs, data analytics, and cloud. Besides outsourcing software solutions using Python or Angular, Politech Software’s experts are adept at cutting-edge tech stacks, including IoT, AI, Computer Vision, or Blockchain.

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5. Enlab Software

Enlab Software
  • Clutch Rate: 5.0
  • Typical Projects: Hotel management system, Classroom management & e-learning system, Property management system, and Marketing automation platform
  • Industry: Real estate, Construction, Education, Recruitment, Marketing, etc.

Founded in 2013, Enlab Software is highly appreciated as a dedicated website development company based in Da Nang, Vietnam. The company has mostly worked on web development, mobile app development, and custom software development projects with companies at all levels. 

Over years of operation, Enlab Software has won clients’ faith in technical expertise, dedication to whole projects, communication styles to reach the best consensus, impressive speed of delivery, and good-quality deliverables. So little wonder that the company received an award for the Top Software Developer in Vietnam (Clutch, 2024).

Depending on your demands, Enlab Software provides three different engagement models. They include Time & Materials (for medium and large projects with numerous iterations) and Dedicated Team (for long-term projects with scalability).

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6. Kyanon Digital

Kyanon Digital
  • Clutch Rate: 4.8
  • Typical Projects: Sunway, Takashimaya, Cocorolife, TANGS, Nippon Paint, BambuUp, and AVOSIGHTS
  • Industry: Retail, Manufacturing, Customer products & services, etc.

Kyanon Digital is a Vietnam-based digital service company. Founded in 2012, the company has accumulated 10+ years of experience in digital transformation and software development. Accordingly, their 300+ tech professionals support 100+ clients in web/mobile app development, software development, machine learning & AI, and data management & analytics. 

Besides, Kyanon also provides digital consulting services. Particularly, the company develops a scalable and secure tech foundation through Agile engineering and dedicated teams. Further, they help assess your existing software, optimize your business operations with cloud services, and more.

7. Relia Software

Relia Software
  • Clutch Rate: 5.0
  • Typical Projects: Google APAC, Skooc, Mekari, Reebonz, Kriya, and Xeplanner
  • Industry: FinTech, Health & Fitness, Education & E-learning, eCommerce, Travel & Leisure, and Loyalty & Rewards

Relia Software is one of the outstanding web development companies based in Ho Chi Minh City. Having worked in this realm for over a decade, the company has developed scalable yet stable solutions and optimized end-user experience. Besides web development, it offers other services like app development, digital transformation and AI/ML consulting, and DevOps services. 

The company also builds up a reputation with professional agile methodology and meetings. Further, they regularly keep customers updated to ensure effective communication and project success. 

8. Newwave Solutions

Newwave Solutions
  • Clutch Rate: 4.8
  • Typical Projects: Japan-based eCommerce website, Real estate platforms for remote homebuyers, Japan-based internal communication website, and Singapore-based co-working & community website
  • Industry: FinTech, MedTech, eCommerce, Real estate, Social media, etc.

Newwave Solutions is one of the top-notch web development companies in Vietnam. Whether front-end, back-end, or architecture, the company also uses modern approaches to turn your idea into effective solutions in line with your needs.

With over 11 years of experience, the company has built a network of 300+ dedicated employees and delivered diverse services. Apart from web development, Newwave’s professional teams are adept at mobile app/software development, UI/UX design, game development, and next-gen techs (e.g., AI or blockchain). 

This vast experience, coupled with 800+ successful projects and high-level responsibility, helps Newwave become a reliable partner of various companies.

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9. Adamo Software

Adamo Software
  • Clutch Rate: 4.8
  • Typical Projects: Airguides, Shopstream, OnContractor, Dr.Benri, and NexGenMtgs
  • Industry: Travel & Hospitality, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, FinTech, Media & Entertainment, and eCommerce & Retail

Adamo Software is a superb software development company located in Hanoi. The company provides a wide range of services, especially in high-end web/mobile app development. Besides, their 150+ excellent developers also have expertise in modern technologies like AI and blockchain. 

Adamo Software, despite its young profile, has provided exceptional digital experiences through two working models: Team-based and Project-based. For this reason, the company has supported your business scalability with high-level security, hence achieving positive ROIs and competitive edge.

10. Synodus

Synodus - one of the best web development companies in Vietnam
  • Clutch Rate: 5.0
  • Typical Projects: Clevver, La Clinica, and Mandarin Garden
  • Industry: eCommerce & Retail, Banking & Finance, CPG, Public sector, and Real estate

Synodus is a premium software development and IT consulting company in Vietnam. Despite initially being a small-scale tech lab in 2019, the company has become a reputable service provider. It has aided global organizations of all kinds and scales in enhancing business performance and staying competitive over their rivals. 

Synodus offers a diversity of services including web/mobile app development, custom software development, and low-code development. In web development itself, Synodus provides a full-stack service, from development and design to digital marketing. 

Besides, the company incorporates advanced technologies such as big data, AI, IoT, and blockchain into its digital solutions. This helps clients worldwide build innovative and impactful deliverables.

11. Xenia Tech

Xenia Tech
  • Clutch Rate: 4.9
  • Typical Projects: nClud, VidOps, Beautizon, Search Technology, Bostik, and National Skills Coalition 
  • Industry: Financial services, Hospitality & Leisure, eCommerce, Advertising & Marketing, Media, etc.

Xenia Tech is one of the best web development companies in Vietnam. Since its foundation in 2017, the company has expanded its operations to three global cities (Danang, Ho Chi Minh City, and London). 

Its superb team of experts is adept at web/mobile app development, custom software development, intuitive UI/UX design, and QA & testing. Besides, they also offer services in DevOps & CI/CD, AI, and databases. With a broad spectrum of core and advanced technologies, the company has delivered excellent and innovative solutions that are aligned with your specific business requirements.


SOTATEK - one of the best web development companies in Vietnam
  • Clutch Rate: 5.0
  • Typical Projects: Q CELLS, Solana, Solstarter Ltd, and BookingCare
  • Industry: eCommerce & Retail, Education, Energy, Entertainment, Finance, Healthcare, Hospitality, HR, Manufacturing, Real estate, and Transportation

SOTATEK JSC is the leading software and blockchain development company headquartered in Hanoi. During almost a decade of experience, the company has crafted a strong team of 1300+ talented IT specialists and developed 500+ projects for clients from 21+ countries globally.  

The team’s strength lies in web/mobile development, blockchain development, cloud-based solutions, NFT marketplace, and more. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, the company has created sustainable yet cost-effective solutions that help you stay more competitive in the market. 

13. PowerGate Software

PowerGate Software
  • Clutch Rate: 5.0
  • Typical Projects: Australia-based mental health platform, New Zealand-based gold marketplace, and US-based farmland marketplace
  • Industry: Healthcare, FinTech, Marketplace, Social Networks & Messengers, Real estate, Education & EdTech, eCommerce & Retail, and Marketing & AdTech

In 2011, PowerGate Software was founded in Ha Noi, Vietnam by a top-notch expert team from various backgrounds. Over the last decade, the company has established different branches in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Australia. 

PowerGate Software has worked on the motto of bringing creative ideas to life and supporting deliverables to the fullest. To do so, it applies stringent agile practices and integrates cutting-edge technologies (e.g. blockchain, business intelligence, etc.) into varied products like websites or mobile apps. For this reason, the company helps clients increase website traffic and acquires good feedback from end-users.

Apart from web/mobile app development, the company also has expertise in AI chatbots & apps, help desk software (e.g., HRM, CRM, or ERP), and data analytics.

14. Faba Technology

Faba Technology - one of the best web development companies in Vietnam
  • Clutch Rate: 4.9
  • Typical Projects: PulseMS, AVIXO, ArtWallStreet, Green Dragon Logistics, CTI, RapBank, and TimeTrackr
  • Industry: 

Faba Technology is another top-notch website development company on this list. Apart from websites, the company’s highly skilled and supportive teams also excel at mobile app development, UX/UI design, quality assurance, and DevOps service. 

From fully managed services to staff augmentation, it helps SMEs build their own competitive advantage over the Internet, regardless of their industries. To do so, its expert teams use the top website, mobile, and database technologies (e.g. ReactJS or NodeJS), strict agile methodologies, and straightforward development processes. 

Their proactivity, fast understanding of the client’s problems, accurate quotes, and timely delivery have also helped Faba gain trust among clients since 2016.

15. Groove Technology

Groove Technology
  • Clutch Rate: 5.0
  • Typical Projects: eCommerce hand tools website, Eyewear website, Bedding website, and Jewelry website
  • Industry: Business services, eCommerce, IT, Supply Chain, Logistics, and Transport

Groove Technology first impresses clients with a wide range of services provided to SMEs, from web/mobile app development to custom software development. Besides, the company also provides IoT (Internet of Things) services, AI solutions, IT consultancy, data analytics, and more. 

They also work on a well-implemented procedure, together with innovative technologies and extensive expertise, to maximize your online presence. Further, their scalable, effective solutions guarantee internal staff well-being and increase incomes.

Groove Technology receives positive feedback for its exceptional communication and project management skills, attention to detail, and timely manners. So, to satisfy increasing demands for going online, the company has expanded its business from its headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to Australia and Hong Kong.

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HDWEBSOFT - one of the best web development companies in Vietnam
  • Clutch Rate: 5.0
  • Typical Projects: Baby gear rental marketplace, Artwork marketplace, and Healthcare knowledge website
  • Industry: Financial services, E-learning, eCommerce & Retail, Hospitality & Travel, Utilities, Logistics, etc.

Located in Ho Chi Minh City, HDWEBSOFT has 250+ internal software engineers. These professionals have deep expertise in web/mobile app development and major tech stacks (e.g., Python/Django, or Ruby on Rails). Also, they show their exceptional strength in blockchain development, DevOps, testing, and UI/UX design. 

With 12+ years of experience plus 750+ successful projects, the company has gained trust among global clients, whether startups or large enterprises. If you’re looking for a dedicated offshore team to handle part or a whole of your project, HDWEBSOFT is a good option.

17. Afocus

  • Clutch Rate: 4.9
  • Typical Projects: MusicDatak, DancingIsland, The Bottle Shop, ShootSimple, BGC Singapore, and Unada
  • Industry: Hospitality & Leisure, Supply Chain, Logistics & Transport, Gambling, Media, Retail, etc. 

Established in 2019, Afocus has gradually become a trusted web development partner for clients from different countries. The company focuses on delivering high-quality solutions that are customized and constantly updated to help clients stand out among their target audience.

Afocus provides the end-to-end development cycle to early-stage startups, SMBs, and large enterprises, from ideation to launch and maintenance. Besides, its professional team has expertise in mobile app/custom software development and eCommerce. With its well-structured working process, open-minded communication, and advanced tech stacks, the company successfully turns various ideas into scalable, affordable products.


BeetSoft - one of the best web development companies in Vietnam
  • Clutch Rate: 5.0
  • Typical Projects: MRK HOLDINGS INC, Ippin, TwicePlan, Beet Innovators, Template NET, and Stringee
  • Industry: Healthcare, Banking & Insurance, Manufacturing, Retail, and Education

Since its foundation in 2014, BEETSOFT has opened two offices in Ha Noi and Tokyo. The company’s 400+ professional IT employees provide top-tier yet cost-effective services to startups and even established enterprises worldwide.

The team has deep technical expertise and skills in web/mobile app development, software development, game development, and BPO (Business Processing Outsourcing). Further, they are excellent at data and image annotation, AI, IoT, and AR/VR/MR. This outstanding expertise helps clients create successful, innovative products that are praised for exceptional functions, tremendous usability, and enhanced UX. 

19. Ekotek

  • Clutch Rate: 4.9
  • Typical Projects: Bunicorn, Bullet Chain, BitcoinVALUE, Vulture Peak, and VCC Exchange
  • Industry: FinTech, eCommerce, and Entertainment

Ekotek is one of the reliable, multinational web development companies in Vietnam. Despite being established in 2016, Ekotek has created a robust team of 200+ skilled professionals who have profound experience across multiple technologies and frameworks. Apart from web development, the company also boasts great achievements in digital product design, legacy migration, and other next-gen techs (e.g., AI and AR/VR/MR). 

Ekotek provides full-cycle development services, from conception and strategy to post-deployment. Also, the company adopts Agile methodologies in the process to deliver outcomes quickly yet effectively. Further, it’s committed to providing excellent customer support and available communication to facilitate interactions and cooperation.

20. Ari Technology

ARI Technology
  • Clutch Rate: 4.8
  • Typical Projects: Thermomix, Balance, Socio-economic portal of District 5 (Ho Chi Minh City), and VnEmisoft
  • Industry: IT, Education, and eCommerce 

ARI Technology is a dynamic software development company headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City. With a focus on innovations and advanced techs, the company is dedicated to handling real-world problems of clients worldwide by consulting and providing effective solutions. 

In addition to web/mobile app development, ARI Technology also focuses on R&D. Accordingly, the company will research and develop new technologies and digital products to enhance your existing software and business operations. With young and talented IT professionals, ARI always stays ahead of the curve and becomes a trusted partner for many companies.


Now, you’re here! After exploring our top list of 20 web development companies in Vietnam, you may have a clearer picture of how these leaders work toward their clients. Using our 5 questions, coupled with your specific requirements, will help you find the best partner even for your long-term project. If you have any web ideas and want dedicated consultancy, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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