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Top 5 App Development Companies in Spain

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June 26, 2023

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Do you want to build your app in Spain? We’ve got your back! In this post, we’ll look at the best 5 app development firms in Spain that excel at creating unique and user-friendly apps. App development in Spain is on the increase, thanks to a robust tech industry and experienced professionals. So, let’s get started and find the industry leaders who can make your app idea a reality.

7 Reasons You Should Go for App Development in Spain

This section will look at seven compelling reasons why Spain should be your next vacation destination. There’s a lot to gain, from a thriving IT environment and qualified labor to competitive costs and government backing. So buckle up and learn about the benefits that make app development in Spain a popular option for corporations and entrepreneurs alike.

Thriving Tech Ecosystem

Spain has a vibrant digital sector, making it a popular destination for app development. Cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, and Valencia serve as active hubs for innovation and technology in the country. These cities are overflowing with tech companies, startups, and incubators, fostering a collaborative and creative environment.

In Spain’s thriving tech sector, experts are constantly exchanging ideas and knowledge, promoting an innovative culture. The availability of several tech events, meetups, and conferences adds to this collaborative environment, allowing app developers to network and remain up to date on industry trends.

Furthermore, Spain’s IT ecosystem is supported by a solid digital infrastructure and a strong infrastructure. The country’s internet network is well-established, providing developers with dependable and high-speed internet access. This allows for smooth communication and effective collaboration, which is critical for successful app development projects.

Spain attracts international tech professionals and businesses in addition to local expertise. The vast pool of skilled developers contributes a lot of knowledge and experience, ensuring a diversified range of ideas and methods to app development. This variety improves the quality and originality of apps built in Spain.

The Spanish government recognizes the importance of the technology sector and actively encourages its expansion. Initiatives, grants, and incentives are available to encourage R&D and entrepreneurship. This assistance fosters a favorable climate for app developers, stimulating investment and aiding the execution of novel concepts.

Spain has a highly suitable environment for app development due to its booming digital industry, collaborative culture, broad talent pool, and government assistance. Companies and entrepreneurs who opt to develop their apps in Spain can benefit from this ecosystem’s resources, talent, and growth chances.

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Skilled Workforce

When it comes to app development in Spain, you’ll find a highly skilled staff eager to take on any project. The country is well-known for generating top-tier developers who are fluent in a variety of programming languages, frameworks, and technologies. They’re the ones behind the scenes who make the magic happen.

Spanish app developers are highly qualified and continually upgrade their abilities to stay current with market trends. They have you covered whether it’s iOS, Android, web development, or cutting-edge technology like artificial intelligence and blockchain.

Spanish firms not only have technical knowledge, but they also have creativity and problem-solving skills. Additionally, they recognize the significance of user experience and know how to design apps that are intuitive, visually beautiful, and engaging.

Spanish labor is well-known for its hard effort and dedication. They take pleasure in producing high-quality work while adhering to project deadlines. Their dedication ensures a smooth and successful app development process.

Spanish developers frequently have outstanding communication skills in addition to their technical abilities. They can quickly grasp your requirements and turn them into a fully functional program. Their ability to effectively work with clients and team members ensures that everyone is on the same page during the development process.

The educational system in Spain also contributes to the pool of experienced developers. Every year, the country generates a large number of computer science and engineering graduates, providing a continual supply of new talent entering the workforce.

Competitive Costs

The cost of app development in Spain is a nice surprise! While keeping high-quality standards, Spanish app development companies provide their services at reasonable prices, creating a win-win situation for enterprises.

When compared to other European countries, the cost of app development in Spain can be significantly lower, making it an appealing alternative for startups and organizations on a tight budget. This economic advantage does not imply a reduction in quality. On the contrary, Spanish app development firms endeavor to provide high-quality solutions that exceed client expectations.

Several variables can be contributed to the lower costs. Because the cost of living and operating expenditures in Spain is often cheaper than in other European countries, app development companies can provide competitive pricing. Furthermore, the fierce rivalry in the Spanish app development market keeps prices in check and motivates businesses to offer cost-effective solutions.

Choosing app development in Spain might result in considerable cost reductions while maintaining the quality and functionality of your app. You may more efficiently deploy your resources and invest in other elements of your business, such as marketing and user acquisition.

It is crucial to remember, however, that the cost of app development may vary. This depends on factors such as project complexity, features required, and level of customization. It is recommended that you discuss your exact requirements with various app development businesses in order to obtain realistic cost estimates and choose the one that best suits your budget.

Mobile App Market

When you develop apps in Spain, you’re tapping into a thriving mobile app industry. Because of the increasing number of smartphone users in Spain, there is a high need for digital solutions. This is a fantastic chance for app developers trying to establish a name for themselves.

With millions of smartphone users in Spain, your app has a large potential user base at your disposal. You may personalize your app to the specific needs and tastes of Spanish users by targeting the Spanish market. This localization technique can assist you in creating a more personalized and engaging experience, which will eventually drive user adoption and retention.

But it does not end there. Spain’s clout stretches far beyond its boundaries. It shares a shared language with several other Latin American and international countries as a Spanish-speaking country. This linguistic advantage allows you to increase the reach of your software into new markets, reaching millions of Spanish-speaking consumers globally.

Furthermore, Spain’s proximity to other European countries opens up new avenues for app expansion. With the open market and freedom of movement provided by the European Union, app developers in Spain can easily cooperate with enterprises in adjacent countries, gaining access to a larger user base and prospective business collaborations.

Understanding the local culture, habits, and trends is critical for success in the Spanish mobile app market. When it comes to app design, functionality, and user experience, Spanish users have distinct expectations. You can obtain a competitive advantage and boost your chances of success by aligning your app with these preferences.

Government Support

The Spanish government embraces app development, aggressively supporting and encouraging the tech sector. The Spanish government understands the value of technology and innovation in promoting economic growth and employment creation.

Several initiatives, grants, and incentives are available to support app development research, development, and entrepreneurship. These aid initiatives are designed to provide financial assistance, resources, and infrastructure to digital startups and businesses.

Entrepreneurs and app developers can use these government programs to get money for their projects, which can considerably lower financial obstacles and speed up the development of their app ideas. Whether it’s subsidies for R&D or tax breaks for innovative businesses, government assistance can create a solid basis for app development efforts.

Aside from financial aid, the government promotes an atmosphere that encourages innovation and entrepreneurship. It encourages collaboration among academia, research institutions, and industry, resulting in synergies that propel technical developments.

Furthermore, the Spanish government emphasizes digital transformation and technology adoption across multiple sectors. This focus creates a favorable environment for app developers, as businesses across industries see the value of mobile apps in reaching and engaging customers.

The government plays a critical role in promoting the growth of app development in Spain by building a conducive ecosystem and giving incentives for innovation. The efforts and assistance offered allow app developers to grow, create, and contribute to the country’s broader digital transformation.

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Cultural Diversity

Spain has a lot to offer in terms of cultural variety. The country’s rich past and history have resulted in a diversified and lively cultural landscape. Spain’s cultural tapestry is an intriguing blend of influences from its Western heritage and connections with other European nations.

Spain’s historically Catholic religious tradition has also had an impact on its culture. Festivals, traditions, and rituals are profoundly anchored in religious activities, lending a distinct flavor to the country’s cultural fabric.

7 Reasons You Should Go for App Development in Spain

Due to immigration, Spain has seen an increase in multiculturalism in recent years. This flood of people from all around the world has resulted in a more varied society. Children born in Spain to foreign parents frequently retain ties to their background while simultaneously adopting Spanish culture, resulting in a fusion of identities.

This cultural richness opens up a plethora of potential for Spanish app developers. With people from all walks of life and cultures living in the country, there is a need for apps that cater to a wide range of hobbies, languages, and preferences. App developers have the opportunity to create inclusive, culturally appropriate apps that resonate with many populations around Spain.

Furthermore, the blending of cultures has resulted in the birth of new artistic expressions, music genres, culinary delights, and fashion trends. This cultural fusion provides app developers with a source of inspiration, allowing them to imbue their works with a distinct and diversified flavor.

App development in Spain may capitalize on this cultural diversity by developing apps that promote and embrace Spain’s heterogeneous society. App developers can establish relationships, foster inclusivity, and contribute to Spain’s cultural fabric by catering to the diverse interests and backgrounds of the populace.

Strong Collaboration Opportunities

Spain offers numerous options for collaboration, making it a great location for app development firms. Collaboration between foreign subsidiaries and universities allows multinational corporations (MNCs) to get access to international knowledge and experience. Universities and policymakers benefit from the spillover benefits of foreign direct investment (FDI) at the same time.

In Spain, there is an increasing emphasis on inter-ministerial coordination, with the goal of facilitating and supporting the process. This increased coordination among government agencies ensures a unified and supportive framework for app development firms and other businesses.

Spain’s collaboration prospects foster a favorable ecosystem for app developers. Access to cutting-edge research, specialist knowledge, and developing technologies can be obtained through collaboration with universities. This collaboration has the potential to spur innovation and keep app developers ahead of the competition.

Collaboration with multinational corporations also provides the benefit of worldwide exposure and access to foreign markets. App development companies in Spain can broaden their reach, get important insights into international markets, and build strong commercial partnerships by cooperating with foreign subsidiaries.

The government’s dedication to fostering collaboration boosts Spain’s app development environment. By encouraging collaboration between academics, industry, and policymakers, Spain fosters an atmosphere in which information and resources can be exchanged, resulting in reciprocal benefits.

Choosing app development in Spain means tapping into a collaborative culture in which various stakeholders collaborate to create innovation and growth. Collaboration opportunities with colleges, international corporations, and government agencies create a lively ecosystem that pulls app development companies ahead.

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Top 5 App Development Companies in Spain

Now, we’ll expose you to the cream of the crop in Spanish app development. These organizations have risen to the top of their respective industries by providing innovative and high-quality mobile applications. Whether you’re a startup or a well-established company, collaborating with one of these top-tier app development firms can help you take your digital presence to new heights. Let’s get started and look at the top five app development businesses in Spain to keep an eye on.


When it comes to app development in Spain, Mobivery stands out as a market leader. Their mission has always been to help clients create excellent mobile products while still meeting business objectives.

Mobivery has polished their skills in all part of the mobile product life cycle, including research, design, construction, and growth, throughout the years. Their competent team is skilled in transforming ideas into profitable finished goods.


Mobivery offers a variety of successful tactics to ensure they find the best solutions for their clients. They run workshops, create proofs of concept, execute software and compliance audits, provide mobile advice, and help with digital transformation.

Mobivery excels in user experience design, navigation flow, wireframing, information architecture, visual UI design, and other areas of design. They produce detailed design aspects such as iOS and Material style guides, UI kits, interaction prototypes, and content design. Prototyping and accessibility are also important aspects of their design approach.

Mobivery specializes on native app development for iOS and Android using Swift and Kotlin, as well as cross-platform development utilizing Flutter and Unity. They are also proficient in backend development using languages such as Python, Java, NodeJS, Laravel, PHP, and.NET. They also have expertise in system architecture and maintenance. Furthermore, they offer their services on platforms such as Apple TV, Android TV, and Apple Watch.

Mobivery also provides app growth support, such as app launch, customer journey building and optimization, acquisition channel optimization, and monitoring via analytics and event definition. They also place a premium on A/B testing and constant improvement to ensure long-term success.

  • Project size: $10,000+
  • Hourly rate: $50 – $99 / hr
  • Employees: 10 – 49
  • Founded: 2008, Sevilla, Spain

Lasting Dynamics 

Lasting Dynamics is an extraordinary software house and consultancy organization that has garnered multiple honors for its great work in app development in Spain. They specialize in high-end web and mobile software development, providing high-quality results on every project.

Lasting Dynamics has been recognized as the leading web and mobile software development business in Italy and Spain, as well as the tech arm of The Private Office of Sheik Saeed Bin Ahmed Al Maktoum in the UAE. They are the official technology supplier for well-known companies such as NEOM in Saudi Arabia and FWD Insurance in South and Far East Asia.

Lasting Dynamics 

Their workflow is totally agile, utilizing methods from the Scrum, Kanban, OKRs, Shu-Ha-Ri, and XP approaches. They prioritize efficiency and use CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery) techniques, as well as rigorous quality assurance using automated tests.

Lasting Dynamics provides a variety of services to satisfy the demands of its clients. These include AI system integration and development, web platform development, iOS and Android mobile app development, digital transformation, and Metaverse, NFT, and blockchain technology development. They also possess a strong technological expertise in various tools and frameworks, in addition to being knowledgeable in deployment tools.

On top of their main services, Lasting Dynamics goes above and above by including various extra perks in every proposal. A 12-month warranty, UI/UX design and brand identity services, robust security practices against common threats, round-the-clock customer support via various communication channels, GCP/AWS expertise, database and API design and development, detailed software documentation, and open access to project progress via sprint boards are among the benefits.

  • Project size: $25,000+
  • Hourly rate: $25 – $49 / hr
  • Employees: 50 – 249
  • Founded: 2015, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain
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When it comes to app development in Spain, ABAMobile is a trustworthy partner who provides comprehensive mobile app development services for a variety of scenarios, including B2B, B2C, and B2B2C. They handle the full development process, from discovery to maintenance, to provide their clients with a smooth experience.

Their services include a number of critical processes, beginning with consultation, prototyping, discovery, and UI/UX design. They recognize the significance of well-thought-out design and user experience in making your app stand out.


Above all, ABAMobile is a development company that specializes in native mobile app development, web app development, hybrid app development, NFC (Near Field Communication), IoT (Internet of Things), and third-party integrations. Regardless of the platform or technology necessary, they have the knowledge and skills to bring your app ideas to reality.

ABAMobile’s process relies heavily on quality assurance and testing. In addition, they endeavor to create perfect applications by implementing rigorous quality assurance and testing procedures. Their goal is to ensure that your software runs smoothly and gives a positive user experience.

They handle the delivery, maintenance, and support of your mobile application after the development phase is complete. Additionally, they are dedicated to providing continuing support and resolving any issues that may arise, allowing you to concentrate on your primary business.

  • Project size: $10,000+
  • Hourly rate: $25 – $49 / hr
  • Employees: 10 – 49
  • Founded: 2012, Oviedo, Spain


iphonedroid is a fantastic mobile strategy consulting agency that is the first and only company of its kind. They have demonstrated their expertise in the app development market with a fantastic portfolio of over 800 apps produced for some of the most inventive companies and multinational agencies. They excel at improving internal communications and streamlining work procedures in Human Resources departments of large corporations by specializing in B2E (Business-to-Employee) app creation. Furthermore, their outsourcing business provides access to specialized profiles in mobile development, providing high-quality results.


What distinguishes iphonedroid is its global reach. They actively participate in worldwide projects, providing services to companies in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Israel, Brazil, Colombia, Finland, Turkey, Germany, and other European nations. With over 800 projects completed successfully, they have established themselves as a dependable partner in assisting customers and partners in achieving their mobile plans.

iphonedroid’s all-inclusive strategy also covers every stage of the mobile app development process. They begin by building a strong mobile strategy, meticulously envisioning and designing services that correspond with the aims of their clients. Their UX design skills ensures that the user experience is optimal and intuitive. Following that, their expert teams manage the development step, creating high-quality apps that fit the needs of their clients. iphonedroid goes above and above by providing ASO (App Store Optimization) positioning and market marketing services to ensure optimum presence on platforms like the Apple Store, Google Play, and Windows Phone. They also help with app activation and downloads.

  • Project size: $5,000+
  • Employees: 10 – 49
  • Founded: 2009, Madrid, Spain

Appetite Creative

Appetite Creative is a creative technology studio that has established itself. They are known for their inventive approach to advertising and their ability to bring ideas to life in fascinating ways, having won countless honors.

Their experience includes a wide range of marketing services and ad styles, such as integrated packaging and digital advertising campaigns. They are able to develop, create, and deliver swiftly, guaranteeing that the needs of their clients are addressed efficiently. They have reached world-first milestones as a creative tech studio, such as producing liquid Skins, WhatsApp advertisements, unique QR codes, blockchain solutions, linked packaging, and NFT tactics. Their portfolio demonstrates their proficiency in P2E games and campaign solutions.

Appetite Creative

Appetite Creative has an impact across multiple regions, including EMEA, the Americas, and MENA. They also use a flexible and agnostic approach, providing one-of-a-kind digital solutions, branding experience, and marketing expertise. Their mission is to drive targeted traffic to retailers, create engaging gamification platforms, and generate branding that sticks out from the crowd. They attempt to improve messaging and engagement for their clients through social media management and gamification tactics.

Armani Hotels, Disney, Mercedes, Tetra Pak, British Airways, PepsiCo, Marriott, Emirates, and Amazon are among their noteworthy clients. In addition, their strong track record has won them a place among the top 1000 B2B companies in the world in 2020. They have also been acknowledged as the best B2B firm for several years and as the most inventive global marketing technology studio in 2021.

  • Project size: $10,000+
  • Hourly rate: $150 – $199 / hr
  • Employees: 2 – 9
  • Founded: 2015, Madrid, Spain


Consider your individual demands and goals while selecting an app development firm in Spain. Consider their areas of expertise, client testimonials, and the tasks they have completed effectively. You can be confident that you will discover a partner who will bring your app ideas to life with knowledge, innovation, and a commitment to quality in every element of the development process if you work with the top 5 businesses we listed.

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