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Top 10 Best Flutter App Development Companies in Vietnam

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July 18, 2024

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Flutter is an open-source UI development created by Google. It has replaced React Native to become the most widely used hybrid app development framework, according to Statistics. Offering multiple benefits to build cross-platform apps without hassle, Flutter is generally believed to dominate the app development sector in the coming years. If you’re looking for the best flutter app development companies in Vietnam, this article will be a good start for your search. 

Top 10 Flutter App Development Companies in Vietnam

In the modern world that is characterized by fast growth of the technology and its active integration into various spheres of life, Flutter app development has become one of the key factors for success. As the world-leading companies such as Uber and eBay are setting the pace, there is a growing demand for companies that specialize in Flutter app development. According to the data available in Statista, Flutter has ranked first among the developers from all over the world for the development of cross-platform mobile applications.

Vietnam, in particular, has demonstrated significant progress in this field. With 4.2 billion downloads of applications released by Vietnamese developers from countries around the world, Vietnam ranks 4th globally. This statistic comes from a report by DataAI & APPMagic, indicating that Vietnam is growing 2.5 times faster than other countries in the world.

In this context, it is time to reveal the list of the best Flutter app development companies in Vietnam. These companies have been carefully chosen according to their experience, recommendations from clients, and their involvement in the Flutter environment.

1. Designveloper


At Designveloper, we’re not just another name in the list of flutter app development companies. We are a group of dedicated developers, designers, and project managers who turn interesting concepts into reality and are based in Vietnam.

We have completed over 100 projects in 20+ industries and have used 50+ technologies. The following are the various applications that we have developed; Lumin is an application that is used to view, edit and share PDF documents with ease while Bonux is an application that is used by crypto investors to store, manage and trade within the wallet.

We are not just about numbers and names, though. Every single project that we embark on is a reflection of our company’s dedication to quality and creativity. We are committed to applying the state-of-the-art technologies to produce efficient, large-scale, and interactive mobile applications and web interfaces.

Being one of the top flutter app development companies in Vietnam, we are always prepared for new experiences and challenges. Therefore, if you are looking for a company to partner with for your next app development project, then Designveloper should be your go-to company. We are here to help you turn your ideas into reality.

Designveloper’s Flutter App Development Process

At Designveloper, we have a detailed and effective approach to Flutter app development. Here’s how we do it:

  • Understanding Client Requirements: We first define our client’s requirements and the objectives of the project at hand. This serves to give us an appreciation of the size of the project as well as the amount of resources that will be required.
  • Choosing a Suitable Project Structure: We then choose a project structure or code base that fits the project requirements that are at hand. This helps in order to maintain clean and easily manageable code.
  • Determining the State Management Model: We determine the state management model that is to be applied. This is very important in order to manage the data and the logic behind the application.
  • Establishing Coding Standards: We also have a consensus on how the code should be written in terms of style, commenting, variable and function naming among others. This makes our code more consistent and easier to read and understand by other people.
  • Designing Reusable UI Components: We create UI components that are common to be used in different areas of the application. This improves the reliability and standardization of our app’s GUI.
  • Prioritizing Features: We sort and categorize the features and those that require development first are prioritized. For instance, login functionality is often considered to be of high importance because it is a basis for many other functions.
  • Planning for the First Release: We arrange the content to be disseminated in the first release. This usually entails fulfilling the store requirements and supplying the required information.
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2. Savvycom Software

Savvycom Software

Today, Savvycom Software is considered as one of the leading flutter app development companies in Vietnam. This Hanoi firm has its origin in the year 2009 and is a leading firm in the field of digital solutions.

Savvycom’s main competencies include mobile app solutions, web app solutions, enterprise solutions, and Cloud & DevOps. It is a team of specialists who turn concepts into reproducible products using advanced technologies and methodologies.

The key success of Savvycom is that they strive for providing the highest level of customer satisfaction and have a low turnover rate. They provide a service level agreement that ensures high end results. Their professional staff uses life cycle management with attention to communication and timely project completion.

Flutter app development services of Savvycom are characterized by the high experience and deep knowledge. They offer business solutions and IT outsourcing solutions and solutions for software development to companies of all sizes, in all regions and industries.

Their Flutter specialists are great at creating unique Flutter applications from scratch, which can host features, designs, and functionalities that are unique to your business objectives. This also guarantees your software solution takes your business to the next level.

3. Enlab Software

Enlab Software

Enlab Software is one of the top flutter app development companies in Vietnam. Established in 2010, this enterprise app development company based in Da Nang has already had significant impact in the industry.

The team of professionals at Enlab is committed to developing innovative applications. They rely on Flutter’s cross-platform capabilities to provide quality work that can be delivered quickly. It has also helped them to gain recognition and trust of their clients in different fields of business.

Another factor that makes Enlab stand out is that the company is able to provide its services in a customized manner. They provide tailor-made Flutter app development solutions that are compatible with both platforms and have excellent performance. This approach enables them to develop applications that are not only useful but also meet the business requirements of the client.

Apart from development, Enlab also offers Flutter app consulting services. They provide a professional opinion and guidance on how to use Flutter for their app projects for businesses. It is highly useful for companies that are just starting with Flutter and may not know how to implement this technology.

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4. Relia Software

Relia Software

Relia Software is among the best flutter app development companies in Vietnam. Situated in Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh, this company has grown to be a force to reckon in the tech market.

Relia Software focuses on the delivery of dependable software development solutions. They provide tailored services with emphasis on the front-end appearance and they are familiar with Ruby on Rails, . NET, React Native, ReactJS, NodeJS, Python, mobile application development.

The key distinguishing factor of Relia Software is that they strive to deliver high-quality solutions that help people and create tangible business benefits. They hold the principle of User Experience (UX) driven engineering where usability and design are matched with scalability and reliability.

Relia Software has been helping startups create effective MVPs and offering enterprises unique software solutions since 2011. They have completed over 300 applications across over 10 industries, which gives them a great experience to fit perfectly in every project.

Relia Software is not only about creating software; they create digital solutions that touch millions and provide utility at every touchpoint. Their work is a testimony of their focused approach on user experience driven engineering and scalable software architecture.

5. Adamo Digital Software

Adamo Digital Software

Adamo Digital Software is one of the leading software development companies in Vietnam that is rapidly growing in the Flutter app development industry. Having a team of developers, they help international enterprises with mobile applications, web solutions, AI Development services, and blockchain services.

They aim at creating business-specific software applications that would meet various requirements as to quality, time to market, and cost. It has been in existence for 6 years and has successfully implemented over 120 projects and worked with over 100 clients globally.

Adamo Digital Software offers all-inclusive services in software development including mobile applications, web-based business solutions, web applications, artificial intelligence development services, and blockchain development solutions. Their vast business domain experience, well-defined technical skills, customer-focused delivery model, and in-depth understanding of the current industry trends help them to provide their clients with value-added, quality, and timely solutions.

Adamo Digital Software is among the best Flutter app development companies in Vietnam. They have gained the ability to develop functional, attractive and efficient mobile apps and thus have helped to develop Flutter app development companies in Vietnam.

6. Apps Cyclone Technology JSC

Apps Cyclone Technology JSC

Apps Cyclone Technology JSC is one of the most reliable flutter app development companies in Vietnam. This global software development firm has been in the business for more than 12 years and has delivered more than 1000 projects for over 100 clients. They have experience in different sectors and locations such as Vietnam, Singapore, Australia, England, Dutch and the USA.

Their team of developers, designers and project managers are highly qualified and possess good experience in a variety of technologies, frameworks and platforms. This makes it possible for them to offer efficient, company-oriented software products. They boast of the fact that they are able to work with clients irrespective of the time zone, culture, or language barrier.

7. Rikkeisoft


Among the numerous flutter app development companies in Vietnam, Rikkeisoft is considered one of the leading ones. They have been able to establish themselves due to the dependable mobile application services they offer. Their team of experts utilizes internationally acclaimed frameworks such as React Native and Flutter, which makes the application to be compatible with all devices.

The developers at Rikkeisoft have been able to take the time and learn how to develop apps that are flexible enough to work on different platforms. It is done through the maintenance of a single code base that facilitates easy maintenance and updating of the software. This makes it possible to achieve similar user experiences for iOS and Android platforms.

It is also evident that they are a quality conscious company from their performance. They have carried out more than 1000 projects across the globe and they have been able to achieve a satisfaction level of 91%. This is evident to their commitment and professionalism in the development of apps.

The process of developing an application can be described as holistic at Rikkeisoft. They engage in introductory sessions to establish the client’s requirements, followed by business and market assessments. This assists them in coming up with a strategy that will be used to develop the app.

8. AgileTech Vietnam

AgileTech Vietnam

AgileTech Vietnam is one of the most notable flutter app development companies in the country. This software outsourcing company was founded in 2015 and is based in Hanoi, Vietnam, providing efficient, reliable, and quality services. It is the goal of AgileTech to be a dependable technical partner of enterprises by offering the best solutions with reasonable prices.

The fundamental working model of AgileTech is based on teamwork, analytics, perseverance, and accountability. They have been able to complete more than 200 projects for clients across the globe to their satisfaction. They boast of having a client satisfaction rate of 98% which is an indication of their adherence to quality and standard.

Mobile application development, website development, and blockchain development are some of the services offered by AgileTech. They employ a host of contemporary and flexible technologies such as NodeJS, Java, PHP, JavaScript, . undefined

The Flutter app development services offered by AgileTech are extensive. They provide services in the development of Flutter applications for clients with particular requirements, which are compatible with multiple platforms and optimized for performance. They also offer Flutter app consulting, where they can give advice and suggest the best strategies for businesses that use Flutter in their app development.

9. Sosene Software

Sosene Software

Currently, Sosene Software is one of the promising flutter app development companies in Vietnam. Although the company was founded in 2020, it has already earned its reputation as a competent web and mobile application development provider.

Sosene Software company has its base of operation in Ho Chi Minh City. The company’s team includes professional software engineers with experience in creating applications for mobile devices. They focus on developing native iOS, Android, and React Native applications. Also, they possess a good level of knowledge of different programming languages and development tools, such as Flutter.

The way the company has been developing its applications is quite different from other firms. They believe in the need to comprehend the client’s business organization in order to provide quality IT solutions that are efficient to the business and changes with the business needs. Such an approach has led to the emergence of specific programs at any level as per the needs of the user.

Sosene Software offers more than applications development services. They also provide the development and integration of APIs to facilitate the proper interaction between systems and the exchange of data. Also, they offer extensive support and maintenance to ensure that the developed applications are sustainable and effective.

10. Tesuji Vietnam

Tesuji Vietnam

To cap off the list of the best Flutter app development companies in Vietnam, Tesuji Vietnam is a worthy representative. They provide full stack development services for iOS, Android, VR, Desktop, Web, Rift, Quest, Magicleap, and many others.

Their approach is comprehensive. Starting from the idea and creation of the product, its development and production, Tesuji Vietnam provides its customers with a perfect experience. This focus on the customer’s needs makes them unique in the current market of Flutter app development services.

Moreover, it is not only Flutter that Tesuji Vietnam has expertise in, but also in the following areas. They are well equipped in other technologies to offer solutions that are diverse and suitable for the specific project. This variety is a proof of their flexibility and their desire to remain as innovative as possible, always on the cutting edge of technology.


Summing up this extensive article, it can be stated that Vietnam is a country filled with flutter app development companies. These firms are not only following the trend that is set in the international market but also creating new trends in the market.

Subsequent reports support this, indicating that the sector has continued to grow at a fast pace. This trend is expected to continue, and therefore, Vietnam will become a popular place for Flutter app development.

Do not forget that the choice of the partner is one of the critical factors that define the success of the project. Hence, it is important to make the right choices. The companies described in this article have demonstrated their competence and dedication to their work. They remain as the most preferred options for any business that wishes to harness the benefits of Flutter.

In conclusion, the prospects for the development of Flutter applications are very promising in Vietnam. The country’s technology companies are now set to conquer the world, application by application. Hence, regardless of the type of business you are running, whether it is a start-up or a well-established company, Vietnam’s Flutter app development companies are capable of delivering what you are looking for.

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