Top 5 Mobile App Development Companies in Japan

 / June 19, 2023

Looking for the best mobile app development companies in Japan to help you realize your unique ideas? You’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll take you on a virtual tour of Japan’s digital landscape and expose you to the cream of the crop when it comes to mobile app development. These organizations have demonstrated their expertise and created great solutions for clients all across the world, from Tokyo to Osaka. So, let’s get started.

7 Criteria for Selection

When it comes to identifying the best mobile app development companies in Japan, we go through a rigorous procedure to ensure that you only get the best. Our criteria are meticulously crafted to evaluate each company’s competence, experience, portfolio, client feedback, and innovation. We guarantee that the highlighted organizations have proved their capacity to create great mobile app solutions by following these requirements. So, let’s have a look at the selection criteria and uncover the secrets behind our top picks.

Expertise and Specialization

The top mobile app development businesses in Japan have a diverse set of abilities and emphasis areas when it comes to knowledge and specialty. They have extensive expertise and experience in a variety of mobile app development technologies and platforms. 

From iOS to Android to hybrid frameworks, the organizations we chose have developed their expertise to meet the needs of a wide range of clients. Their expertise spans multiple industries and niches, including the development of sophisticated e-commerce apps, compelling gaming experiences, and creative solutions for healthcare and finance. Their capacity to comprehend and adapt to the specific needs of each project distinguishes them from the competitors.

Experience and Track Record

When it comes to selecting the best mobile app development companies in Japan, experience counts a lot. The firms we chose have a track record that says volumes about their talents and dependability. 

With years of industry experience, they have successfully executed various mobile app projects for a wide spectrum of clients. Their large portfolio demonstrates their expertise in dealing with a wide range of problems and producing high-quality solutions. From startups to giants, these businesses have built a reputation for meeting deadlines, exceeding customer expectations, and navigating the ever-changing mobile app landscape. These best mobile app development companies in Japan are well-positioned to bring your app idea to life. In addition, they will also help you reach your business goals, thanks to their extensive experience and stellar track record.

Overall Market

The mobile app business in Japan is thriving, thanks to broad smartphone usage. Additionally, the rising convenience of mobile internet access also helps. Affluent Japanese customers are actively using smartphone apps for a variety of activities, including entertainment, shopping, and banking. In 2021, revenue from mobile gaming applications alone reached a whopping $11.1 billion, while non-gaming apps contributed roughly $2.3 billion to the industry. 

Criteria for Mobile App Development Companies in Japan

Given Japan’s thriving mobile app market, it is critical to work with professional and respected mobile app development companies. These businesses have a track record of success, having completed multiple projects for a wide range of clientele. Their significant knowledge also enables them to manage the industry’s intricacies, meet deadlines, and produce high-quality solutions. By working with one of Japan’s top mobile app development companies, you can tap into their deep knowledge.

Client Reviews and Testimonials

It is critical to examine client evaluations and testimonials when choosing a mobile app development firm in Japan. Hearing directly from clients who have worked with these companies might provide useful information about their performance and dependability.

Client feedback demonstrates the company’s ability to fulfill client expectations and achieve excellent results. Positive feedback also shows a high level of client satisfaction, emphasizing the company’s professionalism, communication abilities, and competence. These testimonials might boost your faith in their talents and raise your trust in their services.

In contrast, testimonials provide more thorough accounts of clients’ experiences. They frequently go into specific parts of the company’s work, such as the app’s quality, the efficiency of the development process, and the degree of assistance received. Testimonials provide firsthand insights on the company’s capabilities. This allows you to determine whether they are compatible with your project’s requirements and goals.

Innovation and Technology Adoption

Innovation and technology adoption are also critical to the success of Japanese mobile app development enterprises. As a result, to provide cutting-edge solutions to their clients, these businesses must keep ahead of the curve and adopt the latest trends and innovations in the field.

A strong focus on innovation is required to be recognized among the best mobile app development businesses in Japan. This entails exploring new technologies, frameworks, and development processes on a regular basis in order to produce apps that are not just functional but also intuitive and user-friendly.

These businesses use developing technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) to improve the user experience and create innovative features. They may additionally produce distinctive and compelling solutions that stand out in the market by incorporating these technologies into their app development process.

Furthermore, the use of cutting-edge tools and platforms enables these businesses to optimize their development processes, boost efficiency, and complete projects on time. They continually seek ways to streamline their operations and assure smooth project execution by leveraging automation, cloud computing, and agile development approaches.

Team and Resources

The staff and resources available to the top mobile app development businesses in Japan are critical to their success. Delivering high-quality mobile app solutions requires a strong and skilled staff.

These businesses have a team of skilled specialists, including app developers, designers, testers, and project managers. Each team member brings their own knowledge to the table, and they work together to produce unique and functional apps. Their broad skill sets and knowledge ensure that all parts of app development are handled precisely, from design to coding to testing.

Furthermore, successful businesses invest in continual learning and professional development to keep their employees up to date on the latest technologies and industry trends. This enables them to take on difficult app development challenges and produce solutions that match their clients’ changing needs.

Top mobile app development companies in Japan have access to cutting-edge resources in addition to a trained workforce. They have cutting-edge technological infrastructure, such as powerful development tools, software frameworks, and testing devices. This enables them to build strong and scalable programs that work smoothly across several platforms and devices.

Importantly, successful businesses frequently have a well-defined project management strategy in place to ensure easy communication, efficient resource allocation, and on-time project delivery. This allows them to maintain client transparency while also managing many projects at the same time.

Communication and Collaboration

When selecting a mobile app development business in Japan, effective communication and collaboration are critical. Communication that is clear and consistent ensures that your project moves forward easily and meets your objectives.

These best mobile app development businesses value communication and recognize the value of keeping clients involved throughout the development process. They additionally develop open lines of communication with you, providing you with regular updates, progress reports, and feedback opportunities. Their proactive approach guarantees that you are always kept up to date on the development of the project and that you can provide timely feedback.

Collaboration is also an important part of their workflow. They value your suggestions and observations, and they include them into the app development process. They ensure that your vision and requirements are met by working directly with you, resulting in a bespoke software that corresponds with your business goals.

To enable effective cooperation, these businesses use a variety of communication methods, such as email, instant messaging, video conferences, and project management systems. They promote active participation on your side, soliciting your feedback at each stage of the development process.

In general, successful businesses should recognize the significance of linguistic and cultural concerns. They should have multilingual teams and seasoned individuals who can bridge communication barriers between languages or cultural backgrounds.

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Top 5 Mobile App Development Companies in Japan

We will expose you to the best 5 mobile app development companies in Japan that have shown their competence and quality in this section. These businesses have a track record of producing high-quality mobile apps, embracing innovation, and putting customer satisfaction first. Let’s get started and look at the top mobile app development choices Japan has to offer.


  • Project size: $25,000+
  • Hourly rate: $25 – $49 / hr
  • No. of employees: 50 – 249
  • Founded: 2016

If you are looking for a trustworthy mobile app development business in Japan, take a look at Arsaga Partners, Inc.! They provide a full variety of IT system development services under their “develop with the fastest and highest quality” ethos. 


The firm offers a one-stop solution for all of your development needs, from IT strategy consultation to UX/UI consulting, planning, engineering, designing, maintenance, and operations. What distinguishes them is their staff of engineers, who comprise over 90% of their firm structure and allow them to deal directly with clients. They prioritize providing services at a reasonable cost while expressing the Japanese omotenashi ethos in their development services. 

For Arsaga, digital transformation (DX) is more than just a buzzword; it’s about developing IT systems that genuinely help their clients’ businesses. Arsaga Partners, Inc. will complete your mobile app development project on time, with high quality, and with a client-centered approach.


  • Project size: $5,000+
  • Hourly rate: $25 – $49 / hr
  • No. of employees: 50 – 249
  • Founded: 2007

LIG is another Japanese mobile app development business that values innovation and strives to make everyone smile. The firm aspires to be an organization where multiple business disciplines are effortlessly interwoven through their unique concept of “Life is Good” and corporate philosophy of producing excitement. They have put together a competent team of engineers, designers, directors, front-end engineers, media planners, content creators, and others to take on a variety of projects. 


LIG additionally provides system and application development, website creation, consultancy, and even maintains the Web Creator School. This unique organization, known as “Digital Hollywood STUDIO by LIG,” is committed to offering comprehensive digital support. LIG combines creativity, technical expertise, and a passion to make life better for everyone. As a result, trust LIG to bring your mobile app concepts to life and develop an experience that will make consumers happy.


  • Project size: $10,000+
  • Hourly rate: $50 – $99 / hr
  • No. of employees: 10 – 49
  • Founded: 2006

maeBe Co., Ltd. stands out from the pack when it comes to mobile app development in Japan. maeBe has evolved and gained vast experience in reconstructing old apps and developing new ones as development environments and languages have rapidly changed. Their priority is not just high-performance applications, but also compatibility with a wide range of mobile phone types.


maeBe goes above and beyond by offering all-in-one services for folks who are unfamiliar with app shops such as Apple App Store and Google Play. They’ve got you covered from developer account signup to app publishing. Furthermore, if you’re concerned about proper Japanese translation, maeBe recognizes the value of local culture and has a diverse staff of engineers from Japan, Vietnam, China, South Korea, and India. As a result, they are able to provide excellent multilingual service for the Asian market.

maeBe Co., Ltd. is a company that emphasizes localization and understands the particular obstacles of app development in Japan. You may be confident that your app will be well received by Japanese users and others thanks to their knowledge. MaeBe is the ideal partner whether you’re targeting the Japanese market or expanding into the larger Asian market. You can rely on them to provide high-quality mobile app development services that are customized to your specific requirements.


  • Project size: $10,000+
  • Hourly rate: $50 – $99 / hr
  • No. of employees: 10 – 49
  • Founded: 2017

Nekologic is a notable player among Japanese mobile app development companies. They bring a unique blend of knowledge to the table, having a presence in both Japan and the United Kingdom. Their expertise is in fusing cutting-edge gaming technology with full-stack software development to produce customer-facing applications for mobile, web, VR, AR, and games.


Nekologic provides a variety of service lines to meet the demands of its clients. Custom software development is their specialty, delivering tailor-made solutions that meet your individual needs. They also excel at UX/UI design, creating user interfaces that are both intuitive and visually beautiful. Nekologic offers the capability to bring your vision to life if you want to exploit the possibilities of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

Another area where Nekologic excels is mobile app development. Their professional team can handle it all, whether you require a native app for iOS or Android or a cross-platform solution. They also offer translation services to assist you in localizing your app for the Japanese market or other target markets. Finally, web development services flesh out their extensive service offerings.

Choosing Nekologic means collaborating with a company that is on the cutting edge of technology and knows the complexities of game development and software engineering. Their staff is prepared to turn your concepts into sturdy and appealing mobile applications. Nekologic also has the talents and knowledge to create great outcomes whether you require a mobile game, a VR experience, or a user-friendly app.


  • Project size: $1,000+
  • Hourly rate: $25 – $49 / hr
  • No. of employees: 50 – 249
  • Founded: 2017

WeCode distinguishes out among Japanese mobile app development businesses due to its diversified team of talented programmers and designers. They have developed their abilities and competence in app and web development over the course of 7 years, making it their niche service area.


WeCode prioritizes mobile app development, devoting 50% of their efforts to producing excellent mobile applications. Whether you require an iOS or Android app, their staff has the experience and creativity to make your vision a reality. They recognize the significance of providing seamless user experiences that captivate and engage.

WeCode also specializes in web development, which accounts for 40% of their service offerings. They have the knowledge to create responsive and user-friendly websites that are consistent with your brand and objectives. Their web development capabilities cover a wide range of commercial demands, from e-commerce platforms to corporate websites.

WeCode also provides custom software development services in addition to mobile app and web development. Their expert personnel may develop bespoke software solutions tailored to your individual needs. They can optimize your operational procedures and increase efficiency by using their knowledge and technical know-how.

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The top 5 mobile app development companies in Japan we listed provide a diverse range of services, guaranteeing that businesses may discover the best solutions for their specific requirements. These organizations have the expertise to bring your ideas to life, whether you’re searching for custom software development, UX/UI design, or AR/VR development. Collaboration with them ensures access to new solutions and high-quality results. Choose the best firm that meets your individual needs and begin your journey to digital success.

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