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Walrus Education

Walrus is a platform to connect students, teachers and schools. React, React Native and Nodejs were used to build up web & mobile applications for this platform.

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    To build an education platform that appears as an effective third-party application to connect schools, teachers and students. To build a whole system with the backend, mobile app and web app and to make it work smoothly and coherently for all parties with the very little provided information.
    Researching and collecting necessary data to clarify specifications and to help the customer understand what he wanted. The system was built to be easily scaled down and to perform well on both mobile app and website version. With Walrus, we took advantage of our practical experience in software development to help clients achieve their goals.

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Our Happy Clients

Perfect service and trustworthy partner who is able to support ambitious projects and across long lasting business relationship

Thibault CEO at Joyn’it

Since initially collaborating on a project in 2017, we have been working closely with DSV daily with a team put together in 2020.
Their exceptional team has seamlessly integrated into our development process, consistently demonstrating outstanding work ethics, professionalism, and responsiveness.
Our partnership has greatly benefited our business, and I highly recommend DSV for their commitment and excellence in service.

Maron CEO at AHA.IS

Working with DSV on our major project has been an incredible experience.

We are now a long-term client with a major team. They achieve to keep good developers and conduct our project perfectly and rapidly. They know how to report and communicate with the client and other client teams.

Working with their design and developer team has helped us smoothing the communication and reduce the rework as they make workshops together.

They are awesome! Give it a try!

Godefroy Split Co-founder at Joyn'it
Working with Designveloper team is always a pleasure. My company has worked with a range of development agencies, but Designveloper really stands out. They led the development of a very complex Javascript app, meeting deadlines, and delivering an excellent result.
Designveloper ability to handle all aspects of the development process, from conceptual design to deployment of large-scale production apps makes them an attractive option for both small and large projects.
Max Ferguson Founder of NitroLabs Limited at LuminPDF
I gave them simple ideas. They analysis my requirements and design ‘screen flow’ themselves very well. If you wonder what you think, call them 🙂
Juik Kim NoxBiX at Novel Writer
I’ve been working with Designveloper for nearly 2 years until now. Friendly team, fast development, quality programmers. Highly recommend them
Joe Bono Founder of Switchboard at Switchboard
Godefroy Split
Juik Kim
Max Ferguson
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