Swell & Switchboard

Swell & Switchboard is a business management platform in the solar industry. So far, this platform has been working perfectly in every step of their daily process. With this achievement, we are working hard to spread this useful platform all over the world.

Project is Updating


To build a totally distinctive platform for the solar industry, which would become more and more complicated over time. To guarantee the accuracy of every single detail and deal with the database growing extremely fast and the continuously changing requirements.

Our solutions

We built a solid and flexible basement which could adapt well with the ever-changing features and maintain good performance when querying from an ever-growing database. To deal with a tough customer and product, proactivity is also a key to success, along with our professional working process.

Tools and Technologies


Hours of work





I've been working with Designveloper for nearly 2 years until now. Friendly team, fast development, quality programmers. Highly recommend them

Joe Bono

Founder of Switchboard

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