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Project is On-going


Had to catch up and carry out the project with an outside team in the middle of the development phase. The challenges came from the over-complicated, bad structured codebase and the available workflow was unclear.

Our solutions

We chose to complete the workflow firstly and as soon as possible. After settling down the workflow, we resolved the existing technical problems by hosting several workshops for 2 technical teams. Successfully found out the solutions to refactor and migrate the current codebase with the lowest cost, made sure the developing process keep going well.

Tools and Technologies


Hours of work





Working with DSV on our major project has been an incredible experience. We are now a long-term client with a major team. They achieve to keep good developers and conduct our project perfectly and rapidly. They know how to report and communicate with the client and other client teams. Working with their design and developer team has helped us smoothing the communication and reduce the rework as they make workshops together. They are awesome! Give it a try!

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