9 Types of Web Development Services That You Should Know in 2022

 / June 30, 2020

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics, the number of web developers is predicted to increase by 13% between 2018 to 2028, much faster than the growth rate of other jobs. Indeed, an increase in web engineers is attributed to the higher use of mobile devices to surf websites. Additionally, a website is an essential tool that advertises your products online and helps approach to potential customers. These mutual benefits lead to greater demands of web development services.

Inevitably, the term “website development” is enough simple for people of all ages to understand. Yet do you know which activities it involves and which web-based solutions are currently offered? Answering these questions will give you deeper insights into web development and its services.

What Is Web Development?

Website development is definitely about building webs. Basically, it includes all activities from registering domain names, hosting servers and email hosting to storage and routing. Developers then will build security layers to protect the confidential or private information of customers and your company from cyber-theft. Also, after your idea is carefully discussed, an engineering team will draw up plans and strategy of web building and finally execute it. This is a necessary steps of creating webs.

Web Development Services
Web designer and web developer (Source: Logomines)

However, some companies now extend their web development services to UI/ UX design, testing and maintenance, while any design tasks literally belong to web design, but not web development. Despite some confusion between such two terms, many of the mentioned tasks are often included in web service package when you outsource your software products. 

Moreover, any attractive websites now need to be optimized with search engines, provide good content and intuitive UI/UX design, or run seamlessly. Meanwhile, your idea is sometimes too complicated to turn into a real product. So to facilitate communication between stakeholders and web engineers, many firms now provide business consulting services. For example, Boldare often helps validate business ideas of clients, set goals or identify possible challenges related to software creation; or Designveloper will give in-depth consultancy of business solutions or technical analysis to your business hypothesis. If you are still struggling with digitalizing ideas, any expert advice is more advisable. 

Depending on your specific demands, different types of web-based solutions will be provided and based on different technologies such as static web development or PHP web development

9 Types of Web Development Services That Software Companies Often Offer

All activities listed in the first question are necessary steps to create webs. You can choose consultancy services and then self-build your web products, or have outsourced engineers do some certain tasks. So what if you want to assign a whole web building mission to outsource companies? It is when you need to know which popular web-based solutions they usually offer: 

1. Full-stack development

Instead of hiring some back-end and front-end developers, an engineering team can recruit full-stack web developers who can work well with both client and server sides, or separately back-end and front-end developers. Such programmers need to master the latest front-end languages (e.g. React.JS or Angular) and back end technologies (e.g. Ruby on Rails or .NET).  

2. E-commerce development

Amazon profited from the Covid-19 crisis with an increase of 26% in net sales during the first quarter. Indeed, the needs of online shopping are always increasing, even not in quarantine time. So e-commerce web development is also separately provided. Vofox, for instance, offers different relevant services such as Magento development (an open-source e-commerce platform written in PHP) or responsive shopping web. Those websites allow customers to easily order products or services online with different payment methods (e.g. Paypal or E-wallet) and help salesmen manage stocks and sales or fast receive feedback from buyers.

Web Development Services
Amazon – a typical ecommerce web example (Source: Hip2Save)

3. Customized web app development 

The difference between webs and web apps is quite vague. The latter can be understood as apps working on any web servers with higher user interaction, typically Google Apps, Facebook, or Netflix. Some top companies like MobiDev (based in Atlanta, the USA) use prevalent technologies such as PHP, Ruby, Python & Go or JavaScript for website back-end and front-end development. 

Web Development Services
Web app for restaurant reservations (Source: Mobidev)

4. CMS website development 

CMS means Content Management System, typically WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. With the support of outsourced development teams, you can easily own a website built on such existing platforms with well visual design, SEO friendliness or additional plugins. It also allows multiple users to manage data by creating, editing or publishing content.  

Web Development Services
WordPress web development by Keyideas (Source: Sweeter Life Club)

5. Static web service

Static web service is actually less common as it is an only HTML web with fixed content that you hardly update. However, there are still several static web development services you can choose as Nibble Software or Crest Infotech.

Moreover, some companies also offer services based on popular technologies such as:

6. Python development

Due to its multipurpose, Python’s popularity exceeds Java counterpart. It has simple syntax, rich ecosystem and a host of web frameworks like Django, Flask, Pyramid, TurboGears and Bottle. 

7. PHP development

PHP is a free open source and also a suitable scripting language for web development, yet often goes with database software like MySQL. It has a variety of frameworks (e.g. Laravel or Zend), libraries and packages. However, PHP also gains notoriety for its inconsistency and seemingly poor design which easily leads to bad codes.

8. Java software development services

Java is widespread in many back-end development projects, games and desktop apps. Among Java frameworks, Spring is the most popular open-source one, mostly used to build both web and mobile enterprise apps.

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9. Ruby on Rails development 

Ruby on Rails is a web-app framework that uses Ruby programming language to build web apps, e-commerce solutions or dynamic webs. Typical websites that employ this framework include Github, Shopify, Twitch and Zendesk.

By the way, Designveloper offers various development services such as web development, web design, business consulting. Just leave us a message to brief your ideas and we’ll contact you soon.

6 Steps for Best Practices of Web Development Services

Building a website does not sound as simple as you thought. Facing different requirements of clients, software companies have to choose suitable web development team who specialize in certain technologies and take proper actions to ensure everything goes on the right way. So please bear in mind those tips if you want your web projects to be successful.

1. Simplicity is the best

No one wants to use a too complicated website that makes it hard to register for accounts or navigate. Regardless of technologies used to build it, web developers should prioritize its usability and intuitive UI/UX design that can attract and retain users.

2. Focus more on safety

Any important data can be easily hacked if your websites have no perfect security layers. More seriously, this problem can considerably affect finance and even the lives of users, especially when a bad intruder can track their bank accounts and home address. Also, it causes reputation losses to web development companies.

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3. Follow standards

Standards here are more involved in web design. They are instructions to increase the usability and clarity of websites. For example, according to research on marketing websites by Andy Crestodina, some rules should be confirmed as follows:

  • Logo in the top left
  • Main navigation map in the header 
  • Value proposition high on the Home page. Note: Value proposition refers to a short introduction to values a company will give its customers.
  • Copyright, privacy, legal, sitemap and contact links in the Footer

Depending on different industries, websites can comply with different standards, yet always appeal to users and facilitate their interactions.

4. Ensure the clarity of codes

After building any websites, testing and maintenance are always needed to make sure your webs will run seamlessly. So code lines that are clearly arranged can ease the workload of testing and modifying.

5. Speed up performance and download

Some large websites with high traffic can crash as they fail to process massive data. This can annoy and demotivate users to continue visiting those webs. So building a reliable and fast website can handle the problem and improve user experience.

website performance

6. Allow websites to work on different platforms

Users can visit your website on mobile phones, tablets, or desktops. So it is critical for the web to be well displayed on each of those devices. 

Today along with soar online activities, different web development services are provided to meet the expectations of clients. Regardless of your business, acquiring basic knowledge of this domain can facilitate your approach to web creation in the future.

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