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5 Types of Logos That Kicks-Ass

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February 15, 2022

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Ranging from Facebook’s iconic sky blue F to the golden M of McDonald’s, logos that perfectly represent brand personality can instantaneously lock the audience’s memory in. How did well-recognized brands come up with such timeless icons? Who was behind them? What factors in the perfect logo? Where to find a great team of designers? Or how many types of logos are there? How to use a custom logo maker? Designveloper offers you two cents on this question.

The Top 5 Types of Logos That Big Companies Choosing

The Top 5 Types of Logos That Big Companies Choosing
The Top 5 Types of Logos That Big Companies Choosing

1. Simplicity

If you are an independent business owner who is profiting from e-commerce, you might want something simple. Try thinking about your first date. How you come up with a sketch of your business logo is the same way you dress to impress. Believe you and me, you would not want to be seen as putting on display, would you? Know your target audience, and dress properly.

(Nike – Apple – McDonald’s – Audi – Playboy)

Try it now: Custom logo maker from Adobe

Why you should choose it?

Something in your closet that you come across on a daily basis, something that screams out your personality, something that energizes you on the dullest day… Designing a brand logo is like putting together an outfit for a date, or a late lunch if you are into daylight rendezvous.

It takes 50 milliseconds for the digital audience to form an opinion about your logo. Same as the dating game. It takes less than five seconds for someone to categorize you into a fraction. Reserved, geeky, liberal hippie, pure businessman, … the first impression truly counts.

Let’s define it clearly

Simplicity speaks class, therefore, timeless. Standing by scads of existing logos, you need to stay true to your color. Your business color will help you stand out to your audience.

A logo design could be a letter, a text, an image, a lingo, or a symbol. There is much power implied in a simple logo. It says “Cut to the chase and get down to business” with your client. This is what most of your clients would want to profess while searching for the right designers. The simplicity of your logo needs to be demonstrated on different digital platforms. If your clients’ kid can doodle your logo, you are up by half the game.

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2. Catchy

The element of catchiness not only lies in the brand advertising tunes as you might think but also lies in the spectrum of colors of your logo. This means your logo cannot be hard to identify and perceive at first sight.

logo design
Visa – Shell – Disney – Coca-Cola – IBM

Why you should choose it?

It must be easy to recognize from afar. Imagine the internet users are fast-scrolling copious designs and your logo is one of the top 10 that pop out. You are halfway there when potential customers can call your logo to mind. Your logo simply has to catch attention, otherwise, it would easily blend in with the other thousands of designs.

Catchiness does not mean you have to the come-and-go clichés in designing. There is no certain formula for designing a logo. However, a single letter with a vibrant color might stand out, but it might lack personality. Remember your outfit on your first date?

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Let’s define it clearly

Choices of tops and footwear that are color-matching are impressive, but your outfit accessories might help you stand out from the crowd of ombre-looking outfits. Letters, with a signature color and an unusual format or font can playfully stir the viewer’s mind.

As you know by now, that’s 50 milliseconds or 0.05 seconds you, as a logo designer, should not underestimate. The first impression is a great visual logo design makes or breaks. It either resonates well with the audience or blends in with the rest.

Like a catchy tune that gets stuck in your head, you cannot help but hum to that tune while taking a shower. A catchy logo must stick to the mind longer than a second, especially with the reducing attention span of internet users nowadays – 45 seconds.

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3. Relatable

If a logo enables a person to feel that they can relate to someone or something familiar and even themselves, you are halfway there. The experience of emotions can be powerful as our memories are attached to them.

tinder logo
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Why you should choose it?

Freedom – inspiration idea for an innovative company
Freedom – inspiration idea for an innovative company

A palm tree that speaks nature and chill time for a resort, a unique rough sketch of an elephant for a note-taking application that puzzles the users really hard – why an elephant”; an image of a furniture piece in grayscale resonates with the segment of customers that are scouting for vintage interiors…

Let’s define it clearly

Anything that generates familiarity in the back of the customers’ minds will work. This type of memory would be triggered again anytime when the customers are in an environment that reminds them of the image – the concept of your logo.

The work of a logo designer lies outside of customizing a product as per the client’s requests. A designer must also be a magician who evokes emotions in customers, making them recall your service – your work – as many times as possible.

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4. Graphic

A large audience of the internet is visual. Visual content like videos and gifs have been on an upward trend in Southeast Asia since 2016. The ever-shrinking span of attention among internet users, from 4 minutes 45 seconds in 2012 to 45 seconds in 2018 puts up quite a challenge to content creators and designers.

Graphic logo
UPS – United Parcel Service, logistics company, NBC – National Broadcasting Company

Why you should choose it?

Something graphic, vivid and lively is more likely to arouse the audience’s emotions. This in turn creates a more lasting impression on your logo and induces engagement. Before opting for a graphic for your brand logo, make sure you have checked the appropriateness of the graphic.

Ask yourself who you are in your clients’ business venture – a consultant, a fellow, someone who brings changes, or someone who is willing to shed some truth to your clients’ unrealistic ideas.

Let’s define it clearly

If you are designing a logo for your own company, ask yourself these three questions – who are you to your clients, what values do you bring to the game and what can best represent your brand personality. The lush green of palm trees may suggest business in hospitality or a beauty and spa service but probably not a great logo idea for an engineering consultant company.

If you have trouble sorting through the right graphic options for your business logos, contact professional designers in Designveloper (insert a hyperlink here). We are more than willing to help you with thousands of available graphics options that best match your brand personality.

5. Resizable

Your business logo will be on various mediums – company website, T-shirts for outdoor team building activities, your staff’s electronic signature, desk calendars, neon signs, advertisement billboards, promotional items like pens and pencils, etc…

Resizable logo
GE – General Electric, HP – Hewlett-Packard, Walmart

Why you should choose it?

Whatever details and design twists you bring into your logo design, regardless of its complexity, make sure it can be seen on a miniature scale. Should you wish to have your logo appear on larger surfaces like billboards, make sure the proportion of the design is equivalent to the original one – this means the tail of the huge sky blue Facebook icon of the letter F cannot be too long or the stroke too wide.

Let’s define it clearly

The versatility of your logo design should be well-represented on promotional products. The Swoosh symbol of Nike can be seen in plenty of colors besides white – on socks, sneakers, trainer T-shirts, trainer shorts, caps, backpacks, and even bootleg products such as wallets, scarves, and sunglasses.

It’s best to consult with a professional marketer or a designer before you put forth a logo design on your products. With 15 years of experience in customizing logo design, Designveloper can turn your most abstract idea of yours into reality. Let’s choose your types of logos and then tell us!

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