How to Use Helvetica Neue Font to Improve UI of Mobile Apps?

 / November 05, 2022

The use of mobile has increased to a great extent compared to desktop, and today designers need to be mindful of enhancing the UI of mobile apps. With an adequate user experience, you can get an impulsive boost in the traffic for which you build a site or an app.

This sudden surge in mobile usage is the ease it gives people. Whether you have to search for any product online or want to correspond the price of your mandatory item, open the mobile and inspect the details. New to this field and don’t know how to operate it? You only need a bit of guidance, and you will be all done.

Importance of Typography in Mobile Apps

You have read thousands of articles on the importance of typography and fonts, so one can readily assume why people keep emphasizing them. The main element of mobile designs is the font size. If the size is up to the mark, the user interface will be more promising, and if the reader faces a challenging time apprehending the content, you will face the significance.

Importance of Typography in Mobile Apps

The only way you can cover this problem is by using the correct font that matches your design and is convenient for the readers to acknowledge the content. Moreover, your content appears differently on each screen, so this point is important to look up to. The one suitable font as per the situation is Helvetica Neue font which is a free resource you can download for your projects. It is the re-working of the original Helvetica font, where the designer did many modifications to make it a whole package; that’s why it took more fame. 

A few changes that people saw in this version were improved readability score, enhanced number spacing, addition of punctuation marks, etc. We also have different versions of this font, making it more workable.

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Using Helvetica Neue Font for Mobile Apps

If you are about to employ this font in mobile apps for the first time and don’t know the right way, the tips I will share will be worthwhile. It will enrich the user experience, and you will make a successful mobile app that everyone will idolize.

Using Helvetica Neue Font for Mobile Apps

1. Be simple with the Text

You do not need to go over the board regarding the text. Using fancy or decorative fonts for text will ruin everything. Helvetica Neue is an uncomplicated font with a conceivable letter set, so you can go with it. The top priority of every designer is to keep the text as simple as attainable so that the reader doesn’t need to spend extra time understanding what you have penned. It is the number 1 rule for enhancing the user experience of your mobile app.

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2. Headlines Should be Prominent

The text must be superficial but when we talk about headlines or any promotional lines, using bold fonts is viable. Helvetica Neue is a large family of fonts, so you can easily find a bold font in this extended family. Use it so the reader presently understands the entire context without reading the content. You can also mix some bold fonts of the Helvetica Neue family for headings and titles.

3. Accessible to all devices

It doesn’t matter on what device the reader will read your content, the font you are using should be accessible to everyone. In this case, Helvetica Neue is the top choice because it supports different applications so everyone will get access to read your content. Moreover, all mobile app designers widely use this font for good reasons. It is also said that you won’t face any issues while reading this font on mobile screens and it is the most needed point.

4. Easily Customizable

There is nothing better than being capable of customizing the font for the mobile design so that it works with all the conditions. One such font is Helvetica. When you use a font that is different and unlike, it does make a contrast and makes your design stand out. That’s why Helvetica is eminent for this objective because it lets you customize the font according to your directives.

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Why Is Helvetica Neue Font the Best?

Why Helvetica Neue Font is the Best?

As a designer, it must be understandable for you that choosing fonts for mobiles is way more challenging than selecting them for desktops. Helvetica Neue is one of the few fonts that fully satisfy clients and give them the gratification they have been discerning for. Let’s check out some key points that tell you why this font is the best pick.

1. Improved Version of Helvetica

We all know the leading cause behind having this font was to cover all the points that were missing in the initial Helvetica font.

1. Improved Version of Helvetica

The designer thought to work on his own design and it is how he came up with this fantastic option that fulfilled all the void. Not only for desktops, but it also became an unmatchable option for mobile applications as well, which is why designers now commonly employ it so that the user gets the best experience.

2. Visible in Low Light

Helvetica Neue is a simple font which is why the visuals are quite unusual. You can clearly inspect this font in low light without any tribulation.

2. Visible in Low Light

It has also been used as a system font because Google wanted to give the best experience to people who use OS X and IOS. In the start, IOS used Helvetica but later switched to this version when it was released because of its improved performance.

3. Unified Widths and Heights

If the font’s width is unified then the characters won’t take enough horizontal space and the same is the case with height.

3. Unified Widths and Heights

In Helvetica Neue, the characters don’t take extra space in the design and this is the beauty of this typeface. This point is essential to be noted in mobile applications because there the font height and width should be checked appropriately.

4. A Professional Font

On whatever design you are working on, you should never take professionalism lightly because this is what attracts the reader the most.

4. A Professional font

If the design or font used in it is professional, it will automatically become worth praising. Helvetica is an extremely professional font which makes it worth being used in all the big places and platforms. In the past, many big names were attached to this font which made it more projecting.

5. Large Font Family

Large Font Family

When you have a big font family, it becomes easy for the designer to pick their required option because they definitely get what they have been penetrating for to make their design fantastic. To make your mobile apps realistic, readable, and visually impressive, you can find the fonts according to them. It has almost 51 fonts, including 3 widths and 9 weights.


Mobile app development is trending now. If you want your online business to do better, you’ve gotta think about improving the UI of the mobile apps. Every designer has once used Helvetica in their designs, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if they are still picking it for different applications. The reason for launching Helvetica Neue was all the fame that it got. After Helvetica Neue, many other variations were seen, and today, it has become an extended family of some fantastic fonts that are unstoppable and not going to disappear soon.

The most acceptable thing about this font is that it is distinct, due to which the engagement it has got in all these years is unreal. After Helvetica, the Helvetica Neue family ruled in typography, and despite the emergence of numerous fonts, it is still leading. While designing the mobile app, user satisfaction and contentment are important, so never avoid them; otherwise, you won’t succeed.

While keeping it in mind, I decided to pick a font that fits all these necessities. It looks perfect on mobile screens with the appropriate size and has the best visuals that make the context understandable. Check out all the details to get an idea of why it is the best choice.

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