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eCommerce Websites: What To Know About This?

April 01, 2020

At the moment, it seems like people cannot live without the presence of the Internet. It helps us in many aspects of life. For example, dating, visiting doctors, socializing, and you name it, even buying stuff. With merely a few clicks/taps, your selected items will be ready to deliver to your front door. And those online stores you just scroll through are called eCommerce websites!

Oh, you wanna know more about it? Fortunately, this article will guide you to some fundamental knowledge related to eCommerce websites and eCommerce website development.

1. What are eCommerce websites?

First of all, let’s talk about the important part here: eCommerce.

Long story short, eCommerce (or electronic commerce) implies the activities of purchasing and selling products or services via the Internet. This concept sounds modern but actually, it appeared way back in the 60s. It was when students from Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and Massachusetts Institute of Technology used ARPANET to buy cannabis.

ecommerce websites, ecommerce website

However, it was not until 1994 the first official eCommerce transaction happened when a CD by Sting was bought via NetMarket.

And regarding eCommerce websites, perhaps you can easily guess that it is one of the media where online transactions are made. People will exchange their information such as item’s specialties, buyer’s name, address or card information, etc. through this means.

At the moment, there are 4 main types of eCommerce website which are:

  • B2B (business to business): companies/enterprises provide products, goods or services to other companies/enterprises via websites. For example, Berlin Packaging, 3DXTech, Amazon Business, etc.
  • B2C (business to customer): companies/enterprises sell products, goods or services to customers online. For example, Amazon, Alibaba, Etsy, etc.
  • C2C (customer to customer): this is the activity of selling products, goods or services between one customer to another through an eCommerce platform. For example, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Airbnb, etc.
  • C2B (customer to business): this happens when end-users sell products, goods or services back to businesses. For instance, one could offer development services as a freelance developer on Upwork, Fiverr, etc.

2. Main features of eCommerce websites

At the moment when you just start building any website from scratch, it’s crucial to define all the most important features to develop or tools to integrate. And to perform such a task, the best approach would be to access your competitors’ websites to do some research beforehand.

ecommerce websites, ecommerce website

Nevertheless, lucky you, people from Designveloper have outlined some of the most necessary features in case you’re planning to build an eCommerce website:

  • Order management.
  • Various common payment methods.
  • Mobile compatibility.
  • Review and rating section.
  • Shopping cart.
  • Security features.
  • Social sharing.

After developing all these backbone features, it’s time to structure others that fit your business model.

3. Pros and cons when using an eCommerce website

People don’t just choose this method to sell products/services without a reason. In fact, they must consider it a lot since the cost of developing or maintaining this means is not cheap at all. Then, of course, eCommerce websites offer us various considerable benefits. But what are they exactly?

First, it’s more expensive to invest in building a physical store than a digital one. In this case, real estate, hiring staff, and buying decorations, etc. could require a fortune. Furthermore, with an eCommerce website, you can easily scale up the size of your business. Once the number of items increases, your brick and mortar store might have to expand the area.

ecommerce websites, ecommerce website

And have you ever been in the situation that there is high traffic of customers visiting the physical store? It must be a panicking sight to see. But don’t worry because, with an online store, you can process a higher number of orders in a shorter while.

An eCommerce website also allows businesses to keep in touch with customers and utilize their marketing campaigns by means of email marketing, banner ads, etc. via the data they submitted to us.

However, sometimes, an eCommerce website gets on your customers’ nerves. If there is no physical store, they won’t be able to touch or feel the real products at all. And the data leakage is another reason why users are afraid of this purchasing method.

ecommerce websites, ecommerce website

As for the business, even if the eCommerce website is on the Internet, high chances are that it can’t appear on the screen of potential customers. The reason is apart from you, there are countless other eCommerce websites out there too. That’s why businesses should focus on several strategies to keep up with competitors.

Building eCommerce websites is not as hard as it seems to be. You can choose an eCommerce platform (Shopify or Wix, for example) then drag and drop elements around to make one. However, the weakness of this approach is that you have very little to none control over these tools.

But hey, people from Designveloper offer various types of services such as web design, web development (eCommerce, educational, real estate website, etc), software development and even business consultant.

If you are interested, contact and tell us your ideas now! Cheers.

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