7 Best Application Development Software Platforms in 2022

 / May 12, 2020

Your business wants to develop an app, yet cannot afford it. Contracting out goes beyond your limited budgets, while in-house staff needs the training to produce the desired software product. Surely, many companies are facing the same problem. However, the good news is you now can have your own apps built on certain software platforms such as Uibackery.io. And the next stop is a list of the best application development software you might want to know.

Best Application Development Software Platforms in 2022
Best Application Development Software Platforms in 2022

What is a software platform? Simply speaking, software platforms are application builders which make the application development faster and more accessible to even those without coding skills. But a business can face limitations as those platforms are not a perfect solution for building software. The blog post, therefore, will suggest some of the best application development software platforms creators that you should consider before building any apps.

1. ShoutEm – The best software platform

Website: https://shoutem.com/ 

ShoutEm allows you to build impressive applications with no coding knowledge. Indeed, only dragging and dropping available features, you can customize layouts, add built-in extensions (e.g. Photos, Events, Maps, or Articles), pick up many monetization options (e.g. Mobile advertising, E-commerce, or Coupons), and integrate applications with various content sources such as WordPress, Facebook or Twitter to facilitate the advertisement of your applications. Also, it provides analytics to analyze the behaviors of your customers or visitors, then optimizes services to increase sales. 

ShoutEm - The best software platform
ShoutEm – The best software platform

With applications built on ShoutEm, you can easily upload them to both iTunes and CH Play. Any new content will be automatically updated in those stores as well. Some remarkable apps made on ShoutEm are Gig Pic (photo sharing) and Golf News Net (golf news publishing). 

Despite enabling to create an easily managed software with customized functions, ShoutEm is unsuitable for those who would like graphically intensive applications (e.g. video games).

2. OutSystems

Website: https://www.outsystems.com/ 

As reported by Gartner, the top-tier research and advisory company, OutSystems is the leading low-code application platform (LCAP) to provide enterprise development and management solutions fast. However, it does not suit individuals or small firms, or those with a shoestring budget. 


Operating in cloud, hybrid, and on-premises environments, OutSystems allows you to easily build your own full-stack and cross-platform applications, manage application performance (e.g. small caching to the large database), and integrate with other external systems, databases, or customized software to facilitate business management. According to Beatriz Clarke, STEMCELL’s applications development manager, you can also find “pre-built connectors and modules” in OutSystems Forge to save much time building applications. More importantly, OutSystems ensures the confidentiality of business data.  

3. Awesome software platform – AppInstitute

Website: https://appinstitute.com/ 

Helping build native applications for iPhone, Android, and web, AppInstitute has been used to invent over 30,000 applications by simple drag and drop manipulation. “Easy to use” is a common comment of many users in Capterra who have no technical experience. Additionally, it provides monetization options (e.g. Loyalty programs or Online payments) and analytics to track customer retention and revenues.  

Awesome software platform - AppInstitute
Awesome software platform – AppInstitute

AppInstitute is the best application development software platforms option for small businesses in different industries, typically Wired Cafe Bar and Spokes Bike Store. However, if you would like a tool that provides highly customized backend data, this platform is not for you.

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4. Good Barber

Website: https://www.goodbarber.com/ 

Again, without no technological knowledge, you can easily invent a shopping or content application on GoodBarber. The platform supports building iOS native applications using Objective-C, Android native applications in Java, and progressive web applications (PWA) with the underlying use of Angular. It targets small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), especially those who like to access the source code and various plugins to optimize their custom applications. 

Good Barber
Good Barber

As their main product platform is shopping and content applications, such accompanied features as one-click payment, permanent cart, push notifications, CMS (Content management system), or chat box is provided. Also, you can monetize through external advertisement sources like Admob or MobPartner or internal advertisement campaigns. Despite the purpose of building e-commerce applications, it is not suitable for developing ones with extensive e-commerce integration. 

5. Yapp

Website: https://www.yapp.us/  

I say this to anyone looking at event apps in the association management profession. Yapp is by far the best solution we have come across to engage our attendees during events and reduce our overall event printing cost,” said John Meidl, Events and Membership Manager at NCPeds (North Carolina Pediatric Society) Yapp. Like Meidl, other clients who want to build applications for events, meetings, conventions, and organized teams also give high recommendations to the platform. Yet different from mentioned creators, the builder is not for those who prefer an e-commerce software development tool with extensive customization and monetization options. 


Only by clicking the edit button, then dragging and dropping built-in features, you can easily manipulate distinctive menus and self-design your apps on iOS, Android, and the Web. Providing all functionalities of meeting or event apps, Yapp can help you to hold an event, and track your organized talks or workshops. It can also help share documents, allow anonymous polls, and even protect your apps from unsuitable content or manage who should be involved in your apps by Admin controls.

6. Appy Pie

Website: https://www.appypie.com/ 

After the acquisition of AppMakr, a cloud-based application maker, Appy Pie then becomes the largest no-code application development platform, assisting you to invent hybrid or HTML5-based apps incredibly fast and easily.

Appy Pie
Appy Pie

No matter which industries you work in, you can customize your apps by adding required features like Push Notifications, Navigation, Social media, and photos integration or taking monetization options (e.g. Coupons, Discounts, or Loyalty programs). Also, similar to other software makers, Appy Pie supports you to monitor users’ behaviors on your apps. Accordingly, the app builder is best for those who prefer a quicker, simple way for IT platforms and solutions while they have no technical experience. Yet the platform is not perfect for making apps with specific or complicated properties.

7. Bizness Apps

Website: https://www.biznessapps.com/ 

Shared with Clutch, Kris Jones, CEO at Appek Mobile Apps said that Bizness Apps offered them a very affordable base platform for simple application development. Indeed, if you would like to quickly start your small business and have no complicated requirements for apps. An app maker is a cost-effective option for you.

Since its establishment in 2010, Bizness Apps has aimed at small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) of all kinds. Therefore, anyone who looks to develop straightforward apps for individual or recreational purposes will find the creator inappropriate for them.

Bizness Apps
Bizness Apps

Providing decent apps for schools, real estate agencies, restaurants, and much more. Bizness Apps has increasingly proved reputable when supporting building business-related features (e.g. Mobile ordering, Messages, Reviews, or Loyalty programs), easily managing your virtual reputation, or marketing your services. So, the app builder can give you online solutions with secured apps and powerful content management systems on iOS, Android, and even Progressive technology environments.

Final thoughts about software platforms

Final thoughts about software platforms

Apparently, the advent of app makers has turned applications accessible and friendly to users, even when they lack programming skills. In the ever-changing world of no or low-code application building tools. 7 mentioned ones in the blog post are typical examples. To optimize your personal or business uses, you should do careful research on which one is the best application development software platform. If not, your money and time will be wasted.

Microsoft Software Protection Platform Service, which is also referred to as sppsvc. It belongs to Microsoft Windows Operating System and is one of the integral parts of the Windows OS. The service is aimed at piracy prevention and software tampering protection, which helps to initiate licensing easier.

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