10 Best Resources to Learn Javascript for Beginners in 2024


When it comes to learning a trending programming language, you will find it tough to choose the right and free resources to study from. You know, without solid coding knowledge, how can you determine where is the right place to get your feet wet? Well, the same can be said about JavaScript. If you do want to learn JavaScript which is considered the language of the web (I presume you are here for that reason), there are a lot of best resources to learn Javascript.

javascript resources

Lucky for you, I have pulled together a huge list of resources that will either help you get started with JavaScript or broaden your understanding if you already know the basics.

Why You Need JavaScript Resources

JavaScript is an invaluable resource for web development, and the reasons behind its significance are abundant.

Firstly, JavaScript empowers web developers to create interactive and dynamic websites. It allows users to build modern web applications that interact seamlessly without the need to reload the entire page, enhancing the user experience.

javascript free resources

JavaScript’s versatility is another compelling factor. It’s not confined to web development alone; it serves as the foundation for various applications, including mobile app development, game development, and more. Its adaptability makes it a sought-after skill in the tech industry.

The popularity of JavaScript is undeniable. It’s employed as a client-side programming language by a staggering 98.3% of all websites, with over 51 million websites utilizing JavaScript. This widespread use underscores its importance in the digital landscape.

Support from global tech giants further solidifies JavaScript’s relevance. Companies like Google and Facebook have created frameworks like Angular and React.js, respectively, contributing to the language’s continuous growth and innovation.

For those looking to learn JavaScript, there’s an abundance of resources available. Platforms like StackOverflow and GitHub showcase a growing number of projects using JavaScript. Its momentum in recent years indicates a promising future for learners.

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The 10 Best Resources to Learn Javascript for Beginners that You Should Know

1. Mozilla’s JavaScript Guide

free resources
1. Top 5 Javascript Frameworks That You Should Master
2. 5 Best Javascript Books That You Can’t Avoid From Beginning
3. Why Learn Javascript Help You Make a Lot of Money

Covering endless documents from basic to more advanced functions for any skill level, Mozilla’s JavaScript Guide is your best bet. It also provides a lot of explanations of JavaScript that are easy to follow.

awesome free resources for learning JavaScript

Price: Free

2. Eloquent JavaScript

eloquent javascript

This one is actually a free online book written by Marijn Haverbeke. Including 21 chapters, Eloquent JavaScript gives you a comprehensive look into JavaScript by featuring examples and explaining why JavaScript is written differently than other languages.

awesome free resources for learning JavaScript

Price: Free resources, physical copy starts at $19

3. JavaScript Is Sexy – Free Resources

awesome free resources for learning JavaScript

This website provides an in-depth roadmap that gives you a structured and instructive outline for learning JavaScript properly. It applies to all skill levels from absolute beginners to experienced programmers or web developers.

best resources to learn javascript

Price: Free

4. Codecademy JavaScript Track


If you’re looking for a resource that is both free and allows you to learn and implement code in real time, give Codecademy JavaScript Track a try. I promise it won’t let you down.

awesome free resources for learning JavaScript

Price: Free resources

5. Douglas Crockford on JavaScript

douglas crockford

Douglas Crockford’s blog is a great resource for all because it offered a bunch of lessons on using JavaScript. Unfortunately, the original site is no longer available. However, Douglas Crockford’s JavaScript page is still the best place to go to if you’re looking for an in-depth resource to learn JavaScript.

awesome free resources for learning JavaScript

Price: Free

6. JavaScript for Cats by Max Ogden

JavaScript for cats

If you want to learn something new and difficult but still enjoy the fun on that journey, then you’re in luck. JavaScript for Cats is the best fit for you! It walks you through the entire language from basic to advanced in a more quirky tone — as if cats were learning how to code. Sound interesting? Give it a try!

awesome free resources for learning JavaScript

Price: Free

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7. JavaScript Garden

javascript garden

Unfortunately, JavaScript Garden does not aim to teach you JavaScript. It gives advice to avoid common mistakes and subtle bugs. As well as performance issues and bad practices. To understand the topics covered in this guide, you are required to have a fairly good background.

awesome free resources for learning JavaScript

Price: Free resources

8. You don’t know JS

awesome free resources for learning JavaScript

You Don’t Know JS is a series of books by Kyle Simpson that dive deep into the core mechanisms of the JavaScript language. All the books are on Github and are free resources to view!

you don’t know js

Price: Free

9. Speaking JavaScript

awesome free resources for learning JavaScript

Speaking JavaScript written by Axel Rauschmayer is another book that walks you through JavaScript quickly and properly, and also deepens your existing skills.

Price: Free

10. JavaScript is Highly Versatile

Using one skill (JavaScript) for both client-side and server-side development enhances communication and reduces the need to hire extra developers. Businesses love it because many developers already know JavaScript, so it’s easy for them to transition to using Node.js.

It’s popular because it is very fast, highly scalable, and can be hosted almost anywhere. As if making websites exciting weren’t enough, JavaScript can also be used server-side in the form of node.js. Node.js is an open-source platform that can be used for creating network applications.


Hopefully, you are able to find at least one of these above resources to guide you through the world of JavaScript. It would be a good start for you to begin your new journey. But remember, nothing can replace what you learn by actually getting your hands dirty with it. Start on a new JavaScript project now!

If you know of any other great best resources to learn javascript I missed, tell me about them in the comments. I’d love to hear your own reviews.



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