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Why Learning Javascript Helps You Make a Lot of Money

Why Learning Javascript Helps You Make a Lot of Money
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If all the roads lead to Rome, which one should you take? Wait, don’t even think about packing your bags soon if you don’t get a ticket! Let me unveil a secret. If you are going to be a full-stack ninja, JavaScript is the exact essential ticket that you need. Even if you don’t have any plan on doing any web development, you will most certainly bump into JavaScript at some point in your journey. If you’re unconvinced that you need to get familiar with JavaScript, I suggest that you should read my whole below reasons to know why to learn javascript.

Why You Should Learn Javascript: 6 Reasons


1. First easy step for beginner

How grateful it is to learn new things but it’s easy to catch up on! Believe it or not, of the hundreds of programming languages that you could learn, none are as simple to learn as JavaScript is. It’s a higher-level language, which means it takes away most of the complex details of the machine so your job is just focused on learning how to program.

2. Having fun together

Reasons why every programmer need to learn JavaScript
JavaScript is a must-learn for front-end developers. Pages without JavaScript are rather bland, whereas JavaScript-laced sites allow for animation and better control over the web interface. It’s dynamic and flexible to use in object-oriented programming.

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3. In demand

Reasons why every programmer need to learn JavaScript
The rapidly increasing online business makes JavaScript skills in demand for those who want to become professional programmers. Doubt it? To see it in action, open any job-hunting websites, then you will see there are thousands of job announcements for programmers and software developers requiring either JavaScript directly or some JavaScript libraries such as Node.js, Angular.js, etc.

4. One language to rule them all

JavaScript is super versatile. Just like a dynamic kid, it runs everywhere from desktop and mobile apps, servers, and databases, to even physical hardware. Especially, JavaScript is the only language built for both client-side and server-side, which makes it very fast because any code function can be run immediately instead of having to contact the server and wait for the answer.
Reasons why every programmer need to learn JavaScript
Besides, do you ever dream of the perspective of universal code – write once, then run everywhere? I know you do! Who doesn’t? JavaScript makes this case realizable. Once you learn JavaScript, you can use it everywhere. Isn’t it amazing!

5. Great learning resources

Reasons why every programmer need to learn JavaScript
Depending on your learning style, there are an enormous amount of JavaScript resources out there for you to choose from. A growing number of online JavaScript tutorials and classes have emerged in recent years. I highly recommend you try Codecademy, Code School, and

6. Because you’ll have to anyway

Reasons why every programmer need to learn JavaScript

In an environment, where the technologies and internet develop at lightning speed, websites will become the future of any kind of business. Speaking of the web, we can avoid mentioning the browsers and the browsers mean running JavaScript. That’s why in the eyes of many experts, JavaScript is quickly becoming one of the world’s most popular and powerful programming languages. We are absolutely sure that there will be no job positions for programmers that would not have anything with JavaScript to do.
So, one way or another, you still have to learn it anyway. Why don’t you learn it now, then you will be the master in the future!


Don’t get me wrong, JavaScript is not the only language you should ever learn, but it’s the only language that you HAVE TO learn if you want to dominate the web world. Again, no other language can take you as far as you want to do is create a web application. I hope you can see why learn Javascript in this article.

Now, your turn! Do you agree with my ideas? What do you think about learning JavaScript? I would love to know your thoughts in the comments below.

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