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Watching Client talking about our Product at Meteor Night

May 16, 2017

Last Friday, May 5th, 2017 (ICT), Meteor Night which is Meteor’s flagship event was held at MDG headquarters in San Francisco’s SOMA district.

As we always told you before, we are a prime partner of Meteor. However, unfortunately, we couldn’t join with over 100 Meteor Js enthusiasts from around the world who participated in this meetup.

So, we showed our support by watching the talks streaming on Heavybit’s live streaming site. Through nearly 2 hours of their meetup, they helped audiences had one step further on the way of conquering Meteor.

product and client about meteor

A walk through the meetup about Meteor

The event kicked off with Sashko Stubailo (Open Source Engineering Manager, MDG) & Jesse Rosenberger (Open Source Engineer, MDG) discussing what’s coming in Meteor 1.5. They provided attendants with a lot of useful information that could be found at their official Youtube channel.

Greg Scown (Founder, Smile Software) was on next talking about TextExpander: Transitioning to Cross-Platform SaaS with Meteor & Galaxy.

The next topic of the meetup was related to how to make Meteor scale to build LuminPDF presented by Mr. Max Ferguson. And you guess what? Lumin PDF is actually one of the amazing projects made by our team – Designveloper.

What is LuminPDF?

For those who know nothing about Lumin PDF, it’s a free PDF editor software which has reached over 17 million users till now. Yes, you didn’t misread. 17 million users!

When you want to edit a PDF file but do not have enough time or resource to download and install any complicated PDF editors, Lumin PDF will surely come in handy. Having a thoughtfully laid out design, it is a great tool that runs straight in your browser. You just need to create a free account on Lumin PDF, which is just a matter of a few seconds.

Supporting a range of file formats, Lumin PDF allows you to view, edit and annotate your pdf files. Once you’ve uploaded any files that are not in PDF format, it will be automatically converted to PDF. Then, you can add text, highlights, or draw, make a note on your document using a simple and friendly user interface.

Its biggest strength over other PDF editors that it doesn’t add watermark in your edited files; instead, it just limits what you can edit.

Awesome, right? Why don’t you try it yourself and tell us how you feel? Your feedback will keep us going and motivate us to work harder each day!

A great big thanks to our client

Without our client’s support and encouragement, our success wouldn’t have been possible.

So hey Max, thank you so much for helping us spread the word by such a thought-provoking presentation. The confidence that you have placed in us, means the world to us.

And it was a true pleasure working with you during the process. We are looking forward to building a stronger partnership with you. Again, thanks for giving us the opportunity to grow with you.

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