The 4 Programming Languages Used by Top Companies

 / July 22, 2022

Just imagine when you have a good idea but executive poorly because of the wrong stacks. What could be more painful than this scenario? People at Designveloper understand your struggle. So this article will introduce 4 major programming languages used by top companies worldwide.

Since the number of new programming languages saying hello to this world is increasing dramatically. It’s getting harder for coders and website development companies to choose the perfect one to adapt.

What Programming Languages Used by Top Companies?

what programming language do big companies use
What programming language do big companies use?

Since the number of new programming languages saying hello to this world is increasing dramatically. It’s getting harder for coders and website development companies to choose the perfect one to adapt. Let’s start with…

1. JavaScript

JavaScript is a programming language released in the late 90s. People and different website development companies use this one to program the behavior of various environments such as web pages, desktop, and server programs. Besides that, some databases (eg. MongoDB, CouchDB) also embrace JS as their programming language.

Website development companies, programming language
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With JS, developers can do everything related to web page manipulation as well as interact with the user and the webserver. 

After more than 20 years of continuous development, JS has become the most popular programming language according to Stackoverflow. That said, this programming language is used and trusted mostly by large companies including Paypal, Netflix, Uber, etc. This happens due to its various benefits when applied to a certain project, especially web app ones. Below are several reasons why we should practice it a lot:

  • Universal support.
  • Imperative and structured.
  • Dynamic.
  • Prototype-based.
  • Functioned.
  • Miscellaneous.
  • Functional.
  • Delegation.
  • Vendor-specific extension.

And you know what, up until now, JS is the only language offering those advantages at the same time.

programming language
Who is using JavaScript right now?

Let’s continue with some trends related to this language in 2019: 

  • Vue.js is getting more popular every day. There are 30,000 questions regarding Vue.js on Stackoverflow. On top of that, 2 of the most well-known companies – Gitlab and Alibaba – are using this one.
  • Angular is one of the most common JavaScript technologies on Stackoverflow.
  • Website development companies are moving away from REST API and start paying more attention to GraphQL since this new query language is able to solve several issues that REST API can’t.

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2. Python

Obviously, you don’t even need to be an expert to hear of Python. But let us introduce it anyway. Python is an objective-oriented programming language released in 1991 by Guido van Rossum.

At the moment, Python is mostly used in large projects by many website development companies, some of the most famous companies practicing this language are Google, Wikipedia, Facebook, Amazon, Reddit, etc. Developers also write AI projects in Python alongside libraries like TensorFlow, Keras, etc.

Website development companies - Programming Language

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So the million-dollar question is “Why are there so many using Python?”.

There are many to list. First off, this programming language becomes a beloved one among others due to its ability to work across various platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.)

Furthermore, many experts suggest newbies use Python since its syntax is similar to the English language. People develop this language to slither readability, you know. 

However, Python is also well-known because it manages to handle big data and perform complex mathematics.

The benefit of Python

We need fewer lines of code to develop a certain project when using Python than in some other languages. The last major advantage of Python is that code edited in Python can run as soon as it is written.

In other words, when coding in Python, developer productivity is increased in comparison with C and Java. Besides, Python enables us to write clear and logical code easier. Nevertheless, since there is no compilation step, the development cycle including editing, testing, and debugging runs faster. This helps web development companies deploy code constantly. 

Regarding Python development’s trends in 2019, we have these pieces of news for you:

  • Developers around the world are embracing Python for data analysis, web development, DevOps, and machine learning.
  • The three most common Python frameworks for web development are Django, CherryPy, and Pyramid

3. C++

In 1979, Bjarne Stroustrup developed a general-purpose programming language dubbed “C with Classes”. Then later, people call its name C++.

At first, people developed to solve various concerns of large-scale projects. In short, C++ is an object-oriented language and it’s also an extension of C. We as developers can use this language for system/application software, client-server application, drivers, and especially embedded firmware. That’s why C++ is also called the “Swiss pocket knife of languages”.

Due to the fact that this language embraces the ability to adapt to this everchanging industry, C++ continues to be one of the most popular programming languages with a lot of website development companies. 

The main reason why developers don’t give up this 40-year-old programming language is that once written correctly. It always maintains a high performance. Besides, C++ can interface well with other languages. The ability to easily put data into a database or pull it out is another benefit when using this language to develop many types of projects. And maybe you have already known, that a lot of game developers keep on adopting C++ because it can display high-speed graphics in games and videos.

According to Paul Richard on Tutorials Point, C++ is a language that is statically typed, compiled, general-purpose, case-sensitive, free-form, procedural programming, etc. Furthermore, compared to some other languages, C++ is fast and good for memory.

On the one hand, C++ generates effective and quality code. In other words, it runs very quickly. And you know what? Many programmers from different website development companies believe this is one of the fastest languages to use. On the other hand, C++ owns a huge ecosystem of frameworks, libraries, and tools.

4. Java

Java is another object-oriented programming language in 2019. It became the most popular programming language with a community of 10 million developers according to Github. 

Steve Zara, a 40-year experienced Java engineer put it, after more than 20 years since the day it was released. Java is still continuously evolving thanks to the combination of stability and innovation.

Website development companies, programming language

To some extent, website development companies pick up Java since they can write and edit code in this language effortlessly. Furthermore, Java is powerful across platforms that can be used for:

  • Mobile applications.
  • Desktop applications.
  • Web applications.
  • Web servers and application servers.
  • Games, etc.

In addition, Java was built to execute a high level of security. That said, this language is one of the most secure ones to use by many website development companies up until now. However, the main reason why this programming language is popular is platform independence.

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Some outstanding features of Java are 

  • Simple: it’s easier to use Java since this language has removed all the complexities such as pointers, and operator overloading.
  • Portable: we can write any applications on one platform but it still exports to another platform.
  • Object-oriented: with this language, anything could be considered an “object”.
  • Secured: we can convert every line of code into bytecode after compilation. Obviously, a human cannot read these kinds of things.
  • Dynamic: Code written in Java can adapt to an evolving environment that supports dynamic memory allocation.
  • Distributed: This language includes a feature that can create distributed applications.
  • Robust:   Java owns a strong memory management system, it can eliminate a lot of errors.

In addition, coders can build applications that run offline or can be distributed across servers and clients in a network.

How Many Programming Languages?

This is one of the questions I aim to answer with CodeLani. I am building a comprehensive database of programming languages. The number of programming languages in the world depends on the rules you establish for deciding whether or not a language counts.

1. Wikipedia – 700

Wikipedia has a list whose goal is to include “all notable programming languages in existence”, that currently lists over 700 programming languages. Wikipedia’s list excludes certain types of languages such as markup languages.

2. TIOBE – 250

The TIOBE index is one of the best lists of popular programming languages and monitors ~250 popular programming languages. TIOBE tracks a programming language if it passes 3 tests: it must have its own Wikipedia page, it must be Turing complete, and a Google search for it must return over 5,000 search results.

3. FOLDOC – 1,000

FOLDOC, a 90’s era online dictionary of computing, lists over 1,000 programming languages, though that includes aliases.

What Companies Use Python?

As this is a site devoted to Python, we’ve already told you why Python is a great language to learn. And you probably know that Python is probably the most preferred language for the Raspberry Pi.

What we’re going to do now is tell you about the top 8 companies that you know that use Python. That way you can see what companies use Python. The great real-world opportunities there are for Python developers out there:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Spotify
  • Quora
  • Netflix
  • Dropbox
  • Reddit

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The Most Secure Programming Languages

A new report from the open-source security company WhiteSource asks, “Is one programming language more secure than the rest?“. Across the seven most widely-used programming languages, here’s how the vulnerabilities were distributed:

  • C (47%)
  • PHP (17%)
  • Java (11%)
  • JavaScript (10%)
  • Python (5%)
  • C++ (5%)
  • Ruby (4%)

The report then concludes that “the Winner of Most Secure Programming Language is…no one and everyone…! It is not about the language itself that makes it any more or less secure, but how you use it. If you mitigate your vulnerabilities throughout the software development lifecycle with the proper management approach, you are far more likely to stay secure.”

A Conclusion of Programming Language

Every programming language has its own benefits and advantages. As a result, your mission is to seek what is best for your future project. But hey, if you are still in the loop, let Designveloper give you a hand. Tell us your ideas and we will realize them for you!

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