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Top 7 Best Resources to Learn React JS for Free

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July 12, 2017

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If you’ve been in the software development world over the past few years, you can’t avoid noticing that React js popularity continues it’s rising insanely. Came out in 2013, it’s currently the hottest and the fastest of the bunch because of its implementation of a virtual DOM and synthetic event. Another thing developers love about React JS is that it’s much easier for developers with JavaScript experience to get a handle on it. So, what are the best resources to learn React Js for free?

It’s totally not magnified to say that learning React.js is almost a must. Nonetheless, with hundreds of free React js resources out there, you might pull your hair out to make a decision on which one you should get your feet wet with.

Awesome Free Resources For Learning React Js

The 7 Best Best Resources to Learn React JS that You Should Know

Lucky for you, I have pulled together a huge list of resources that will either help you get started with React js or broaden your understanding if you already know the basics:

1. Egghead

Egghead is an awesome resource where you can get all information on many different JavaScript libraries. And React js is one of them for sure.

Awesome Free Resources For Learning React Js

Personally, I highly recommend you to try the React Native Courses which are totally free. It’s absolutely a great place for beginners to get their feet wet and to quickly gain knowledge about all features of React js

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2. React JS Crash Course (YouTube)

Covering all the basics including MVC architecture and the very foundational structure of React js applications, this React Crash Course video is your best bet.

Even though it’s not a complete guide, I think it’s a solid introduction to the library that can help you shorten the time you will take to learn this awesome technology.

Awesome Free Resources For Learning React Js

1. 11 Popular React Native App Examples in 2022
2. Why Choose React Native for Your Mobile App Like Bloomberg or AirBnB
3. Structure Container Components React Meteor Best Practices
4. 20 Web Development Blogs You Should Follow Right Now!

3. React js for Beginners (YouTube)

Another YouTube video that I want to share with you is React js for Beginners by Dev Tigris.

Its name said it all. This vid is a complete guide for beginners. The teaching style is very clear and easy to follow

Awesome Free Resources For Learning React Js

1. A Bird-Eye View of React vs React Native: Key Points in 2022
2. Flutter vs React Native: Which One is Better for Business?
3. Top 10 Best React Native Courses For Beginners

4. FB React Docs

Did I mention React.js is the superhero standing behind and powering the Facebook user interface? Yes, it is. Awesome, right?

Therefore, if you are looking for free React resources, you can’t avoid mentioning the Facebook documentation.

Awesome Free Resources For Learning React Js

It takes time and effort to work through this doc since there’s a lot of knowledge you need to absorb. But at the end of the day, you will realize that it’s definitely worth trying.

On the other hand, from all resources I saw, this tutorial is still one of my best resources to learn the basics of React js. If you are a beginner in React js and want a solid start in a short time, then it’s a good fit for you.

5. To-do App With React

It’s one of the dozens of React js tutorials on In my opinion, this simple to-do app totally stands out from the crowd.

Awesome Free Resources For Learning React Js

To-do app with React will guide you through a typical workflow and teaches common practices for building web apps

6. React Enlightenment

The React Enlightenment guide is another better site for you to keep an eye on throughout your journey. One of its benefits is that it’s open-source. So, everything is free. You can easily read it online or download it if you like

Awesome Free Resources For Learning React Js

This website is clean and extremely easy to navigate, using symbols, lists, and a simple grid to lead to you to the desired information. Moreover, this guide is frequently updated with new information.

7. TutsPlus React Tutorials

I have to admit that every tutorial on the TutsPlus site is very extraordinary.

Awesome Free Resources For Learning React Js

Covering endless articles from basic to more advanced functions for any skill level, The Tusplus React category will help you really get to grips with the knowledge of React js.

If you’re new to the React world, I recommend you give Getting Started With React a try. I promise it won’t let your down.

Final Thoughts

There are a ton of free beginner React js tutorials out there for you to choose and they will help you gain a solid understanding of React. This is my favorite list.

Hopefully, you are able to find at least one of these above best resources to learn React Js to guide you through the world of JavaScript. It would be a good start for you to begin your new journey. But remember, nothing can replace what you learn by actually getting your hands dirty with it. Start on a new JavaScript project now!

If you know of any other great beginner JavaScript resources I missed, tell me about them in the comments. I’d love to hear your own reviews.

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