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How to Choose Healthcare Mobile App Development Companies in 2024

How to Choose Healthcare Mobile App Development Companies in 2024
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Healthcare mobile apps are more than just digital tools that offer health-related services on your smartphone. They’re becoming more important than ever because they help improve your health, wellness, and quality of life. But how do you choose the right healthcare mobile app development company for your project? This article will help you answer that question.

In this article, you’ll learn about the demand for healthcare mobile apps in 2024 and beyond, the common features that they should have, and the criteria on how to choose healthcare mobile app development companies. You’ll also get to know some of the top healthcare app developers who have proven their expertise and excellence in the field. 

Now, read on and find out more!

The Need for Healthcare Mobile Apps in 2024 and Beyond

The global mHealth app market in 2021-2028

According to a report by Research and Markets, the global healthcare mobile (mHealth) app market is expected to reach a staggering US$32.477 billion in 2028. This statistic reflects the immense potential and transformative power of these innovative tools. 

This market expansion is fuelled by these key factors:

  • The increasing adoption of fitness and medical apps designed to compile and monitor personal health data;
  • The widespread accessibility of the internet and mobile devices;
  • An enhanced understanding of the importance of physical health;
  • Lifestyle improvements;
  • Proactive government initiatives (e.g., effectively developing mHealth apps for contact tracing, quarantine enforcement, and symptom tracking).

Many types of mHealth apps are on the market, such as clinical reference and diagnosis apps or health management apps. 

But healthy living and wellness apps are still the most popular types of mHealth apps that users download. These apps help users improve their health and well-being by providing guidance, feedback, and motivation. Further, they can help users achieve their fitness goals, identify and prevent health problems, and control their nutrition and diet. Driven by the growing awareness of healthcare, they can witness a constant increase in the future.

Common Features of Healthcare Mobile Apps

The healthcare mobile app market offers a variety of mHealth app types. Each has its own benefits, purposes, and special features. But what are the essential features and functions that all health-related apps should have to ensure a positive user experience? This section will answer that question for you.

Strong UX/UI Design

Consider this: A staggering 90% of users abandon an app due to subpar performance. This statistic underscores the critical role of user-friendly design in mobile applications, and healthcare apps are no exception.

Strong UX/UI design statistics

Investing in robust UX/UI design for healthcare mobile apps can yield significant benefits. It can enhance user satisfaction, foster greater engagement, and promote adherence to treatment plans, potentially leading to improved health outcomes. 

For healthcare providers, a well-designed app can curtail healthcare costs by reducing the reliance on expensive face-to-face consultations and bolstering patient self-management. Moreover, focusing on UX/UI design can encourage sustained usage and foster a positive perception of the brand. 

Healthcare Data Security

Do you know that 70% of users harbor concerns about their data privacy when using healthcare mobile apps? 

Healthcare data security statistics

Given the sensitive nature of the data handled by healthcare apps – including medical history, lab results, insurance details, and other personally identifiable information – data security is of utmost importance. If such data were to fall into the wrong hands, it could be exploited for malicious purposes, such as blackmail or even insurance fraud. 

Moreover, regulatory compliance (HIPAA or GDPR) necessitates robust data security measures. Healthcare providers, in particular, are legally bound to protect user data. Failure to do so results in severe penalties such as fines or lawsuits. Compliance with these regulations not only helps avoid these repercussions but also fosters trust among patients.

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

The U.S. compliance has set forth data privacy and security provisions to safeguard medical information. To ensure your healthcare app aligns with HIPAA, you should:

  • limit PHI collection
  • enforce access controls
  • conduct regular self-audits
  • establish backup methods
  • formulate clear policies.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

GDPR is a pivotal piece of legislation in the European Union and the European Economic Area that safeguards data protection and privacy. If you’re developing a healthcare application and aiming for GDPR compliance, consider the following measures:

  • ask for user consent about data collection
  • encrypt data storage
  • restrict third-party access
  • implement two-factor authentication
  • delete data upon user request.

Integration of Wearable Gadgets, EHR Systems, and Other Medical Devices

Data indicates that most American wearable users credit these devices for enhancing their health and fitness. Indeed, these gadgets offer unparalleled convenience by eliminating the constant need to handle smartphones for health monitoring. Integrating mobile health (mHealth) apps with wearables is now a necessity, allowing continuous health metric monitoring and early detection of potential issues. 

Further, healthcare mobile apps need to integrate with electronic health record (EHR) systems. This integration benefits healthcare professionals by offering them swift access to continuously updated data of patients. Based on these records, physicians can make well-informed decisions and suggest comprehensive patient care. 

Health Data Tracking & Record

Tracking and recording health data plays a pivotal role in fostering user accountability and tracking long-term progress. Accordingly, it offers a motivation for individuals to sustain or enhance their well-being. 

Many healthcare providers now also benefit significantly from these features in storing comprehensive patient data. This facilitates meticulous tracking of treatment journeys and health advancements, enabling personalized recommendations and healthcare services. However, the data tracking and record features must adhere to data security policies. 

Health Education Content

Empowering users with educational content is a key strategy in developing health-related apps. These resources arm users with vital information about their health, treatments, and preventive strategies, enabling them to take charge of their healthcare journey. Beyond knowledge, these materials inspire healthier lifestyles, offering insights into nutrition, exercise, and mental health.

By enhancing health literacy, educational content ensures users understand medical jargon, prescriptions, and guidelines. This is especially beneficial for those with limited health knowledge. Also, when providing accurate information, mHealth apps reduce the risk of misinformation among users. 

Criteria on How to Choose Healthcare Mobile App Development Companies

If you wish to find the perfect partner to embark on healthcare projects, remember the best tips on how to choose healthcare mobile app development companies:

Portfolio and Testimonials

In your quest for the perfect development partner, prioritize those with a proven track record in healthcare app projects. Their portfolio, a testament to their success, should be your first stop. Don’t just skim through it – delve into the details. Ask for case studies or references that shed light on their past ventures, client experiences, and their commitment to delivering on their word.

Portfolio and testimonials on Clutch

These portfolios are often showcased on their own websites, but for an unbiased view, consider exploring reputable third-party platforms. Websites like Dribbble, Behance, and Clutch offer a treasure trove of information, providing you with a more comprehensive picture of your potential partner’s capabilities. Remember, a well-rounded portfolio is a window into a company’s competence and reliability.

Expertise and Experience in Healthcare

In the realm of healthcare apps, the depth of domain knowledge is not just important, it’s indispensable. So one of the key criteria on how to choose healthcare mobile app development companies is focusing on their expertise and experience.

Seek a development ally who possesses a profound comprehension of health-related regulations or compliance standards like GDPR or HIPAA, and adheres to industry best practices. Opt for a company that has navigated the labyrinth of healthcare solutions development, as their experience equips them to handle the intricacies of the industry with finesse and expertise.

Privacy and Data Security

As already said, health-related mobile apps handle highly sensitive data. Therefore, it’s crucial that your collaborator possesses a deep understanding and experience in maintaining privacy and data security. The ideal partner should have a solid history of developing applications that strictly comply with data protection standards. Mastery in implementing robust encryption, secure data storage, and rigorous access controls to protect patient data is a must. This ensures that the sensitive health information remains confidential and secure at all times. 

Integration Capabilities

Another key tip on how to choose healthcare mobile app development companies is to focus on their integration capabilities. Healthcare apps need to be seamlessly connected with wearables, EHR systems, and other medical devices. This integration ensures healthcare providers can timely track the health conditions of their patients, while users can better manage their health metrics. So, opt for a partner with a track record of expertise in integration, ensuring smooth communication between your app and other vital healthcare technologies.

Effective Communication and Cooperation

Unquestionably, seamless communication is the lifeblood of the development process. The partner you select should demonstrate exemplary communication skills, ensuring your active participation in every stage of development. The key to a fruitful partnership lies in regular updates, comprehensive progress reports, and maintaining open channels of communication. This approach ensures transparency and fosters mutual trust.

Top Five Healthcare App Companies With Outstanding Projects

You’ve known how to choose healthcare mobile app development companies, and now, it’s time to take a look at the top candidates in this realm.



Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Rate on Clutch: 4.9

Designveloper is one of the best healthcare mobile app development companies in Vietnam. With a team of experienced healthcare app developers and a proven track record of success, we’re committed to delivering innovative and user-friendly apps that transform the way patients manage their health and connect with healthcare providers. 

We prioritize precision, user-friendly interfaces and adhere to stringent legal requirements, notably HIPAA and GDPR, in mHealth app projects. Our expertise in healthcare app development, coupled with our dedication to user experience, makes us the ideal partner for bringing your healthcare mobile app vision to life.

Project: Ordoclic (ODC)

Ordoclic (ODC)

One of our successful projects in the healthcare sector is Ordoclic (ODC), a cross-platform healthcare app that connects doctors and patients in France for e-prescriptions, medicine orders, and more.

Our challenge?

We need to digitize healthcare services adhering to government standards and handling a massive amount of health data. Especially, during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, we had to process around a million patient information and Covid vaccination standard forms daily. 

Our solution?

Despite the technical complexities of handling healthcare data, our remote team of nearly 30 individuals leverage technologies like Golang, Node.js, or Python to promptly deliver significant features to support the Covid-19 response in France. 

To ensure healthcare app development complies with industry standards, we follow Agile backlog grooming. This process is intricately linked to data handling tasks, necessitating the active participation of the local team to ensure compliance. Besides, demos are conducted using non-sensitive data to maintain confidentiality. We also provide onsite support depending on the location of the app’s product owner for setting up infrastructure, both hardware and software. 

Our data security measure?

We prioritize adherence to legal requirements, notably HIPAA and GDPR, which govern the handling of patient data. We ensure the complete security of all sensitive information and store data on servers located within the respective countries. For instance, when developing ODC, a French healthcare app, the data is securely stored within France. In addition, the management of this data undergoes training to ensure secure handling and prevent leaks.

The outcome?

We develop a cross-platform solution that proves easy to use and swift to load for patients and doctors to communicate effortlessly. Our efforts with ODC even were recognized by the Ministry of Health in 2021, honoring us as a rising healthcare startup.

Launchpad App Development

Launchpad App Development

Location: Melbourne | Berlin | New York | Manila | Bengaluru 

Rate on Clutch: 5.0

In the dynamic world of healthcare mobile app development, Launchpad App Development shines brightly. Their unique strategy empowers startups and brands to overcome the hurdles of delivering exceptional products that users adore. This approach paves the way for creating authentic value for all stakeholders and the environment. Launchpad collaborates with enthusiastic domain experts to construct technology products and ventures that can be measured not just commercially, but also socially and environmentally.

Project: Memory Machine

Memory Machine

Memory Machine is a cross-platform healthcare app that supports those living with memory loss and their families.

Their challenge?

Designing a system for individuals experiencing memory loss demands profound empathy and a keen focus on accessibility. Another challenge they faced was to construct a system that fosters collaboration among care teams while preserving the independence of those living with memory loss. 

Their solution?

Launchpad App Development embarks on a meticulous journey, beginning with user research and strategy, to design a platform that transcends boundaries, integrating seamlessly across mobile and web interfaces with hardware. They construct a network where family members and medical practitioners can unite, fostering close collaboration and support. Accordingly, users can add tasks, initiate contact, and view contributions from others.

To ensure the product’s efficiency and the relevance of proposed features, Launchpad conducts usability tests with elderly individuals and their caregivers via remote testing. These sessions simulate real-life scenarios, from making a call to completing an event, resulting in a high success rate.

The outcome?

Memory Machine brings people closer and paves the way for the optimal care outcomes. With memory loss considered the second largest cause of death in Western countries, Memory Machine assists families in managing these challenging conditions more effectively.



Location: Poland | Germany | USA

Rate on Clutch: 5.0

Apzumi stands out as a dedicated digital health software house, guiding businesses with expertise and innovation. Partnering with startups and quality-focused companies, they craft cutting-edge mobile apps, custom software, and AR/VR solutions. 

Specializing in Digital Health and Wellness & Fitness, Apzumi envisions technology serving people’s health. Their mission emphasizes reliability, proactiveness, and transparency. From remote patient monitoring to video-consulting solutions, Apzumi ensures compliance with HIPAA and GDPR regulations, guaranteeing the highest level of health data safety. 

Project: Meedy


Meedy is a virtual care platform, connecting patients to a network of over 10,000 medical professionals offering various services.

Their challenge?

Apzumi needs to build a comprehensive platform that can revolutionize the domestic health insurance industry. The company is challenged to steer the project in a dynamic environment where such a solution has never been implemented before.

Their solution?

Working on the Agile development process, their highly skilled developers hold daily meetings with Meedy representatives to ensure the development of a system that outshines any other in the market. For this reason, Apzumi can address immediate needs promptly and ensure the efficient implementation of the system with no delays.

The outcome?

Presently, the system serves 750 medical institutions, facilitating over 600,000 visits and increasing Meedy’s revenue until now. The streamlined organizational flow, connecting insurance companies, medical entities, doctors, and patients, helps save lots of time and cost for all users. Moreover, the system has boosted the efficiency of injury claims processes.



Location: Halifax, Canada

Rate on Clutch: 5.0

MindSea has been a trusted mobile app partner for organizations in the health and wellness industry since 2007. The company stays updated with the latest research and insights on health and wellness, and uses their expertise to create comprehensive mobile app solutions, from strategy and planning to launch and maintenance. 

They also take user privacy and security very seriously by complying with Canadian and global regulations (e.g., HIPAA, PIPA, GDPR, and PIPEDA). They train their team on the best practices and standards for data protection, and follow these standards in every stage of their design and development process. 

Project: PsychScope


PsychScope is a mobile app crafted to empower young individuals to successfully cope with depression and manage their mental health.

Their challenge?

When reaching out to MindSea, PsychScope has a rough plan for their app concept, but wishes to improve everything related to the product in order to serve their target audience better and enhance user experience.

Their solution?

MindSea draws out a detailed plan by using their Mobile App Blueprint approach. This collaborative process helps the company understand PsychScope’s user base and product vision better, thereby mapping out everything from wireframes and user flows to mock-ups and designs. 

Recognizing the sensitive nature of the app (that is depression and mental health), the team prioritizes simplicity for the app, steering clear of overwhelming features. MindSea also wants to ensure they are very sensitive to those facing mental illness, hence avoiding triggering words throughout the app.

Their data security measure?

MindSea understands the importance of handling sensitive and private information in mHealth. So in this project, they prioritize implementing rigorous protocols and security measures to cultivate a secure space for self-expression. For example, they set up profile security, empowering users to control their information’s visibility. It means someone can only become part of your support team if you invite them to join. 

The outcome?

With engaging missions and friendly reminders, the app guides them through learning new coping strategies and tracking mood and sleep patterns. Also, it fosters a supportive community in their personal circle through regular check-ins.

App Maisters

App Maisters

Location: Houston, Texas

Rate on Clutch: 5.0

App Maisters is one of the top US-based digital solution companies in the healthcare industry. With a commitment to seamless digital transformation, their team of expert professionals design and develop various types of solutions with integrated security principles that simplify complex data and make it easy to use. For this reason, they can help you overcome the business challenges (e.g., care delivery or wellness management) that you encounter in the healthcare industry by crafting digital solutions that suit your unique needs.

Project: Brethren Retirement Community

Brethren Retirement Community (BHRC)

Brethren Retirement Community (BHRC) is a HIPAA-compliant enterprise mobility solution that allows caretakers to track and record all the services they provide to the community residents.

Their challenge?

The client needs an enterprise application that facilitates the tracking and recording tasks of caretakers. The solution has to work with all the major devices, including iPads and tablets, and comply with HIPAA.

The solution?

App Maisters designs a cross-platform app, coupled with a user-friendly web panel that effortlessly manages the back-end system. This digital solution allows caretakers to enter the details of their offered services, update data on different platforms uniformly, and more. 

The outcome?

The solution reduces the administration time by 100% and boosts staff productivity by 100%. Also, it allows caretakers more time to deliver the services to residents, rather than wasting much time logging data.


This article has shown you how to choose healthcare mobile app development companies in 2024. You’ve learned about the benefits, features, and some examples of top development companies.

Choosing a healthcare mobile app development company is a crucial decision that can affect your business goal and growth. You need to find the right partner that can deliver a high-quality, personalized app for your needs. So we hope this article is the best guide for you on this journey. 

If you have any questions about healthcare mobile app development, contact us for consultation!

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