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Education in Hong Kong: The Story of the Transition From Traditional to Online

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December 13, 2022

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The global society is still recovering from two challenging pandemic years. However, there is more time to analyze and learn from experiences. As one of the most valuable public sectors, the education system in many countries went to great efforts to fulfill its main purpose. Maintaining the learning process under never-before-experienced circumstances was unprecedented.

These difficult working conditions forced the whole system to go through some radical changes. It also exposed flaws in the strategy to return to traditional teaching. Along with many outdated educational tools and practices.

Education in Hong Kong

There was a study published in March 2022. Four co-authors interviewed professors and students. Their goal – is the pursuit of opinions on the effectiveness of traditional education compared to remote learning. This publication showed the lack of personal interactions and other shortcomings in schools. Despite that, there were many efficient ways to improve online teaching and balance it with traditional one.

1. Utilization of the Internet in Online Education

The level of Internet utilization in remote education is not the same everywhere. It depends on technological skills and the flexibility of the teaching process. IT plays a significant role in finding less familiar or self-developed learning tools. Knowing that there is a solution for online assignment help in Hong Kong creates an opportunity to acquire knowledge from the top writers in an unstandardized way. This type of professional help provides direct access to different learning experiences.

It also enables obtaining essay-writing skills based on provided examples. There’s a much deeper and more comprehensive way of approaching an issue. The plagiarism-free analogical learning through comparison allows this. In this case, students can use professionally written essays to gain a better understanding of the writing concept. Also, elicit curiosity and ask questions crucial for an understanding of the learning process.

How schools in Hong Kong are managing online learning

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As a result, it’s observed that most students have fewer struggles. No more coping with the structure or fact-checking the information. Also, it’s easier to recognize credible sources or use academic vocabulary. There is no doubt that strategic utilization of the Internet can positively influence students’ confidence. It can also provide more time for free activities and improve their learning journey.

2. Theoretical Models for Improved Educational Practice

The road to advanced teaching and learning experience is strained. At least According to Hong Kong education experts. It should start with an analysis of the differences between traditional and online education. Their investigation took into consideration students’ and teachers’ perspectives. That allows for covering all important subjects of the process. One of the conclusions could be that the full adoption of online learning shouldn’t happen overnight. Nor without taking into consideration possible obstacles and limitations.

EdD in Educational & Professional Practice – Online Information Session |  AUO › Antioch University

The experts ultimately came up with two suggestions for better practice. They did it after examining and analyzing information. They collected the data in discussions with participants in Hong Kong higher education. With systematical implementation, these models can be solid ground for new education trends.

Furthermore, it’s safe to expect that the change can be useful for everyone. It would benefit first-year students greatly. As well as it would those attending online master’s degree education.

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3. Community of Inquiry (CoI) Model

Community of Inquiry - Office of Curriculum, Assessment and Teaching  Transformation - University at Buffalo

The CoI model focuses on the interaction between students and teachers. Two main benefits of this type of learning are financial effectiveness and higher quality of the learning experience. However, this is possible only if three main elements exist within the process. These include teaching presence, social presence, and cognitive presence.

4. Pedagogy-driven, Learner-Centered, Objective-Oriented, and Technology-Enable (PLOT) model

This model is based on the changes. Those that happen when technology gets involved in the teaching process. Learner-centered element is the backbone of the PLOT model. While the other three fulfill the scheme of the process. According to this model, the results can be achieved if students have set goals. Also, if they were provided with instructions-based guidance. And finally, if they have structured activities, and interact with teachers. 


Based on teachers’ observations, the most problematic element in online teaching is the lack of technical skills. Social-wise, from students’ point of view communication and interaction, or the lack of it was the main issue. However, according to some students, it’s much easier to ask questions and discuss different topics in the online environment.

Based on this Hong Kong study it’s safe to conclude that there are many benefits of online teaching. Yet, there is also a lot of space and opportunities for online education to grow into a teaching model that suits both students and teachers.

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