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Nguyen Hoai Nam: Let DSV Lead You to Success

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August 17, 2022

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A little introduction about myself!

I am Nam, an intern participating in the June 2022 batch of DSV. I come from Binh Dinh, a place known as the land of martial arts, but I don’t know martial arts. At the time of my internship here, I was a third-year student majoring in computer science at Ho Chi Minh University of Technology.

What makes me intern at DSV?

At that time, it was during the summer term, which was also my school’s internship period. At that time, I also had quite a bit of knowledge about web programming through major exercises at school and some knowledge I learned on my own online. After searching for internship companies in many places, I saw DSV’s job posting. I was really impressed with it when I saw that the job position was very suitable for the knowledge I had learned about the JS language. So I quickly submitted my CV to the company and did not forget to invite my friends to submit it together. Luckily, we prepared carefully and completed the test required by the company. So we pulled each other into the company with joy and looked forward to a wonderful internship.

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What were the surprises and good things when you first joined the company?

Before joining the company, I also looked through the reviews about the company which sounded very good. But when I started interning at the company, I realized it was much better, for everyone. On the first day of joining the company, we interns were given a party to welcome new members of the company with a warm welcome from everyone in the company. We were introduced to the history of the formation and development of the company and introduced many interesting rules of the company. And after the period of introducing and instructing us on how to work, we were so full that we forgot the way home, in general, we were very full.

The company buys a lot of courses on Udemy for employees and interns like us. There are many courses so employees can freely study. The first week, we were allowed not to go to the company but just stay at home to review basic knowledge. However, I was very excited, so I went to the company for a whole week to ask my mentor for lessons. Overall, the first impression of the company is quite good.

What challenges pose for you?

For me, the required knowledge of the internship is not too difficult because I have already researched and worked on it. However, with the enthusiastic guidance of my mentor, I discovered many things about myself that were not really good and needed to be corrected and supplemented. According to the previous coding style, I only need to care about my website running correctly for its intended purpose and that’s it. Everything went quite smoothly because I’m also a person who loves to code. If I really started working, I could code for many hours without getting tired, so at first I did the requirements quite quickly. But everything is not that simple. After many reviews from my mentor, I saw many bad points appearing for my project such as files being too long, repeating code a lot, etc. Many problems appeared one after another, making me feel quite pressured. In addition, there are also many technologies that I have never encountered before, causing me to spend a lot of time researching and working with them.

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How to solve it and what I learned from it?

Seeing those problems, I searched and consulted many places to find solutions and seriously fix them. My code is cleaner than before and I have learned many skills from my mentor. Besides, I also learned more advanced technology to solve my project’s problems from interns in the same course instead of running code that took a lot of time like before. Being young like me, it is impossible for such difficulties to happen, but thanks to the enthusiastic help from mentors and everyone, I have a lot of motivation to continue to develop myself even more.

What’s interesting about working at DSV?

Putting aside the difficulties at work, DSV is truly a truly wonderful place. The company is not too restrictive on employees’ working hours, and working hours are flexible and comfortable. Everyone, from interns like me to long-time employees in the company, interacts with each other in a truly dynamic, sociable, and close manner like a family. The company often gathers together to play during breaks, physical games such as table tennis, table tennis,… as well as intellectual games played in groups such as Tam Quoc Sat, Exploding Cat, etc. Playing like that makes everyone in the company connect closer together. I often play Three Kingdoms with everyone the most, but I often get kicked out early because everyone hates me…!! It’s fun to play, everyone. After coding when you’re tired, playing like this helps developers like me clear your mind a lot.

Advice for interns as well as new employees?

DSV’s environment is really comfortable, open, and dynamic, so anyone who wants to work in such an environment should come here. However, everyone should not spend too much time playing, otherwise missing the deadline will not be good. As for knowledge, it is mainly due to self-exploration and learning, not too dependent on anyone.

Thank you everyone for reading this Blog!

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