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Top 5 Best Resources to Learn Vue.JS

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June 14, 2022

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Though JavaScript is already a fully-fledged programming language, its ecosystem should be indeed the main focus of equipment. The term basically describes a collection of tools that integrate with each other. It helps a ton in promoting the development of websites, apps, and even video games.

Among such tools, JavaScript frameworks are something very familiar to programmers and can make their job much easier. But how do you determine which framework is most suitable for your project? First, we can take a look at the data. According to Stack Overflow, jQuery, React and Angular, the usual suspects, still sits comfortably at the top of frameworks used by developers.

Best resources to learn Vue.Js 2

But are the most popular frameworks by default the best? Not necessarily. There’s a dark horse vying for supremacy over the field of web frameworks, and it’s Vue.js. When it comes to growth, Vue.js is truly an apt representation. Due to the gentle learning curve, it’s being optimal for progressive integration, Vue.js is a fantastic choice for newcomers and thus will only gain more traction by the day.

The 5 Best Resources to Learn Vue.JS

Vue.js has been and continues to be genuinely one of the most loved JavaScript libraries at the moment and for good reasons. With its vigorous adaptability and compatibility, this front-end framework has steadily become a favorable option over other bigger names such as Angular and React. And it has now been used by large companies, namely Xiaomi, Alibaba, Reuters, and more.

Best Resources to Learn Vue.JS

With Vue.js’ continuously climbing up the ladder, the grip it has on the market is undeniable. As Vue.js has become very popular, a lot of resources to learn Vue.Js have also started to pop up. If you’re curious about Vue.js and want to try it out, then you’ve come to the right place. Below is a list of some of the best resources from which you can start learning Vue.js.

1. Vue School

This is simply a great educational platform to help you get started on your Vue.js training. Sticking to its name, this platform is wholly dedicated to the framework; It basically serves as a starting point for programmers who work with Vue.js at all levels. No matter if you’re a beginner or a professional Vue.js developer, there’s something here for you to learn.

Best Resources to learn VueJs - Vue School

Courses are continually added to help you keep up with the changes in the ecosystem. This is to help you adjust well to any possible future modifications. It also enables you to keep up and maintain a reliable and clean Vue.js application.

2. is another great learning platform mainly for front-end developers, although it can cover other topics just as well. You can basically find a very wide range of courses and tutorials on many subjects surrounding the world of programming, and that includes the course “Getting Started with Vue.js”.

Best Resources to learn VueJs - Scotchio

The way that they teach you is by combining Vue.js with other technologies so that you can better imagine and figure out what the framework would look like once applied. Although great generally, works mainly for those who are beginners or at intermediate levels, so eventually you will have to move to another more complete platform if you want to learn more about the trade.

3. Vue Mastery

Vue.js is something that newcomers can get familiar with easily, so courses sort of lean towards introducing the framework to the general demographic. In that regard, there’s rarely any place better than VueMastery, which is a platform that is great for pretty much anything Vue and has a free intro course to help novices get used to both the teaching method and Vue.js itself.

Best Resources to learn VueJs - Vue Mastery

There are also new weekly lessons that offer you nuggets of knowledge that you don’t know you need. So even professionals will still get tremendous value from the time spent there.

4. Udemy

Udemy is a very popular platform devoted to teaching pretty much every subject you can think of. And of course, that includes the front-end framework Vue.js. If you’ve already used Udemy before for learning, then you must know how effective and quality their courses are. Even within each course there embodied the kind of versatility and deep insights that learners need. With regard to Vue.js, you will be able to learn the basics all the way to acclimation.

Best Resources to learn VueJs - Udemy

Simply search for Vue there and decide which of the top-rated courses is most suitable for you. There are quite frequent discounts as well, so keep an eye out for them.

5. Laracasts, one of the most resources to learn Vue.Js

Laracasts is a website famous for its Laravel and general PHP tutorials, but now it’s gaining traction as the designated source of knowledge for Vue.js learners. For a specific place to start, “Learn Vue 2” on Laracasts is one of if not the most popular Vue.js tutorials on the Internet.

Best Resources to learn VueJs - Laracasts

With over 40 videos about the framework on Laracasts, if you intend to learn and are willing to spend both the time and effort it takes for completing effective education, then there’s nowhere else better. For hesitant users, don’t worry; there are a lot of lessons available for free. You can start with the basics of components exercises, data binding, and more before deciding on any purchases.


Vue.js is becoming more comprehensive and prevalent, so it’s crucial that you equip yourself with substantial knowledge of it lest you fall behind your peers. I’ve provided a list of the five resources to learn Vue.Js I think will best help you both in the short term as well as in the long term. Each one of them has its main strengths, and certainly, you will be able to get at least something positive from them for your education.

As a front-end web developer, being up-to-date is almost half the battle. As technology is continually changing and improving on itself, adapting well to the times is an underrated ability. But it’s important nonetheless that you know what you’re dealing with, and can work well with it at a moment’s notice. Even if Vue.js is not there yet as the most superior framework of them all; it’s still very worthwhile that you are used to working with it.

And after all, Vue.js with all its features is quite attractive, so why not learn it?

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