Why Isn’t Anyone Coming to My Website?

 / January 11, 2017

The funny thing is many people indulge in the illusion that just because they built a website, everyone will find it and interact with it, and then, traffic will automatically increase. Really? Please wake up! I’m sorry to burst your bubble but that’s not how it works. This silly thought is like you holding a party and you didn’t invite anyone, but still assuming that people will come. How can?

The 5 Reasons Why Isn’t Anyone Coming to Your Website

So, how can you attract people to your website? That’s probably the No.1 question that many business owners have asked but can’t seem to answer. Even though it can take hours, weeks, or even months to build a website, your site can still lack the high number of visitors you expected. In today’s post, I will tell you the reason why exactly your site is going unnoticed.

5 reasons why isn't anyone coming to my website?

1. Your Website Isn’t SEO Friendly

5 reasons why isn't anyone coming to my website?

It’s a must for your website to be SEO optimized. Think of search engines as phone books. People use them to find out how to contact others who they are looking for. Then, if your website is not on the first page of the books, or even not on the list, people will ignore your site for sure.
There are several ways to get your website to rank higher in the results of search engines. The important thing is to ensure you think about your keyword placement. Try to include at least 5 specific keywords or phrases in your title, headline, main content, and alt tags. Make your meta tag title and description catchy, obvious what kind of site/business you have, and ensure they are not too long.

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2. You Don’t Blog

5 reasons why isn't anyone coming to my website?

Why do people search for something on the internet? Simply, they want to get information. How is that? What is this? Why would this happen? If you do not have a blog, you are behind. So, start creating a blog about topics relative to your business or topics that your visitors can benefit from now.
By constantly adding new and relevant content to your site, you might be able to stand out in the eyes of the major search engines and generate a little bit of traffic from articles you have carefully prepared with keywords relative to your industry.

web traffic and people

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3. It Takes Forever for Your Site to Load

5 reasons why isn't anyone coming to my website?

Believe it or not, you just have no more than about three seconds to win prospects over. Nobody likes waiting for so long. There are tons of other options available out there, why would they waste their time waiting for your page to load?
If they really need to visit your website then they might be a little patient, but if they’re just curious or have clicked a link on impulse then they’re more likely to leave right away. This means that you lost a potential customer before they actually see your website.

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4. You Don’t Promote Your Website

If you want people to find your site, you need to spread the word about it in many ways.
Good social media is an effective and easy platform to do so. Do you have a Facebook page for your website? No? How about a Twitter account? Still no? Oh boy, you have tons of work to do right now. Quickly get your hands dirty, create a social media presence with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and start posting your content to your own bedroom wall.

5 reasons why isn't anyone coming to my website?

You can invite all your friends to like your page, go share your page on group pages, etc. In other ways, you can use some paid online advertising such as Google Adwords, Facebook ads, etc. It might cost some money, but yes it’s worth it.

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5. Your Site Isn’t Professionally Designed

How about you try this (you’d be surprised how many business owners have never done this) – browse your own site on your smartphone or tablet. Then, what do you see? Do you have to do the “pinch and swipe” to get around your website or to read the content?

5 reasons why isn't anyone coming to my website?

Even though your site might look great on a desktop, you still lose a huge of potential customers because of its terrible look on mobile devices. So, make sure your website is mobile-optimized. Obviously, a professional website design will help you gain the trust of users and entice more people to visit your site.

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Final Thought

There is no magic formula or guaranteed solution for immediately getting people to your site. It takes time, money, and a lot of work. I hope that this post will help you somehow. If you have other ideas or questions, please leave a comment below, I would love to share them with you.

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