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10 Best App Development Companies in Australia

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July 05, 2024

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Do you intend to create a mobile app for your company? If this is the case, you’re most likely seeking for the best app development companies in Australia. Well then, you’ve arrived at the correct location! We’ll show you the best 10 companies that can help you bring your app idea to reality in this article. 

For this post, we have studied and rated dozens of organizations based on criteria such as expertise, portfolio, and client feedback. The 10 companies listed, according to our results, are the most dependable and respected in the industry. So, buckle up and let’s look into your possibilities!

An Overview

Before we get to the top 10 app development companies in Australia, let’s take a look at the field as a whole. 

The Importance of App Development in Australia

Australia is a country that places a high value on technology. As the demand for smartphones grows, so does the necessity for app development in Australia. Everyone nowadays wants a smartphone app that can help them get things done. Mobile apps have made our lives easier, whether it’s ordering food, getting a cab, or shopping. As a result, app development has grown to be an important business in Australia, contributing significantly to the economy. According to recent studies, iOS users in Australia produced more than 70% of total consumer spending on mobile apps in the second quarter of 2021. This demonstrates how much Australians rely on smartphone apps.

Furthermore, the cost of developing an app in Australia will vary depending on the type of app, features, platforms supported, level of polish, and location of the development team. However, it has been estimated that it will range between $50,000 and $250,000 in 2022. Creating a proof-of-concept app can cost anywhere from $15,000 and $50,000. With this kind of investment, it is critical to select the correct app development company. By doing it, you can guarantee that the app fits the needs of the target audience.

Business of Apps report that the Australian app market has $2.5 billion in 2023 from $2. 4 billion the previous year. This goes to show that Australians are heavily dependent on Smartphone apps. Lightning Link Casino Slots was the most-grossing app, generating $51 million in 2023.

In such a competitive market, it is therefore very important to select the right app development company to make sure that the app will be useful to the target users.

On Finding the Right App Development Company

Finding the best app development firm in Australia can be difficult. There are numerous options accessible, and determining which firm would give the highest quality of work for your project can be difficult. However, by taking a few simple measures, you may improve your chances of choosing the ideal firm for your requirements.

To begin, assess the company’s experience and skills. It is critical to collaborate with a company that has a track record of producing apps similar to yours. A company with experience in your sector or niche will understand your target audience better. They also will be able to provide helpful insights and suggestions to improve your app.

The Importance of App Development in Australia

Another element to evaluate is the company’s communication abilities. Communication is vital for every successful project, and working with a company that has strong communication abilities is essential. You should find a company that is sensitive to your needs. They should also provide regular updates on the status of your project.

You should also examine the company’s pricing and project timeline. It is critical to engage with a business that can complete your project on schedule and within your budget. However, it is critical not to sacrifice quality for cost savings.

Finally, assess the company’s customer service. A company that cherishes its clients and provides exceptional customer service can make the app development process more pleasurable and smoother. Look for a firm that will go above and above to ensure your pleasure and that has a dedicated support team to resolve any problems or difficulties that may occur.

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5 Benefits of Hiring an Australian App Development Company

Do you want to develop an app for your company but aren’t sure whether to engage a local app development company or outsource it overseas? As the demand for mobile applications grows, so does the number of app development firms that provide their services. When it comes to choosing the proper team to build your app, though, geography counts. In this part, we’ll go over the top five benefits of working with an Australian app development company. So, let’s get started and learn about the advantages of working with an Australian app development business.

Cultural and Language Compatibility

Hiring an Australian app development business provides significant cultural and linguistic compatibility. The client and development team’s cultural and linguistic compatibility provides straightforward communication and mutual understanding throughout the development process. This is especially advantageous for organizations that outsource their app development needs to an overseas provider.

Working with an Australian app development company means working with a staff that understands their culture and an international language. Furthermore, the Australian work culture is known for its professionalism and punctuality, which makes it easy for enterprises to collaborate with them.

Furthermore, linguistic limitations might cause communication gaps, resulting in project delays and miscommunications. An Australian app development company allows organizations to overcome language obstacles and ensure clear and straightforward communication. As a result, the development process is smoother and more efficient.

Quality and Reliability

When picking an app development business, two essential elements to consider are quality and dependability. Australian app development companies have a reputation for producing high-quality, dependable, and user-friendly apps. They adhere to a strong code of ethics and worldwide quality standards. This helps ensure that their products meet or surpass industry requirements.

Furthermore, Australian app developers use cutting-edge technologies and tools to create durable, scalable, and efficient applications. Their skills and experience in app development enable them to provide a high-quality solution on time. When you hire an Australian app development business, you can be confident that your app will fulfill your requirements and function flawlessly, ensuring the delight of your clients.

Furthermore, Australian app development firms provide continuous support and maintenance. They can guarantee that your app continues to run effectively and fits your changing company demands. They offer regular updates and enhancements to keep your app current and relevant. This is critical in today’s fast-paced digital environment, where people expect the most up-to-date technology. You can be confident that by selecting an Australian app development business, your app will remain current and competitive in the market.

Access to Local Market Insights

Access to local market knowledge is one of the advantages of selecting an Australian app development business. These firms have a thorough awareness of the Australian market and its customers. They can assist you in designing and developing an app that is suited to the needs and tastes of your Australian target audience.

5 Benefits of Hiring an Australian App Development Company

Having a local partner that understands your target audience’s cultural subtleties, interests, and habits can help you build a product that resonates with them, enhancing your chances of market success. App development businesses in Australia can offer significant insights into local trends, client behavior, and user expectations.

Furthermore, these firms can provide insights into regulatory requirements, privacy regulations, and other legal issues unique to the Australian market. This can assist you in avoiding legal or compliance difficulties.

Legal and security compliance should always be a primary issue when designing an app. Working with an Australian app development business guarantees that your app is designed in accordance with local rules and regulations. Australian app developers are familiar with Australian privacy laws and can verify that your app fulfills these requirements. They may also ensure that your software complies with international security and data protection regulations.

Another advantage of hiring an Australian app development firm is that they may provide extra security measures. They can, for example, confirm that your app is in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

When you engage with an Australian app development business, you can be confident that your app will meet local and international security and data protection regulations. This can provide peace of mind while also ensuring the security of your consumers’ data.

Time Zone Advantage

When it comes to outsourcing app development, time zone differences can be a major challenge for businesses. Working with an Australian app development company, on the other hand, can provide a time zone advantage. This is all the moreso for companies situated in North America and Europe. Because Australia’s time zone is ahead of both locations, when these companies conclude their workday, the Australian company begins its workday.

This advantage provides for quicker communication and shorter turnaround times. This is because the Australian team may work on assignments during the other firm’s off-hours and get updates and continue working on the project when the other company begins its day. This benefit can help reduce project completion time, reduce delays, and boost productivity.

Furthermore, the work culture of an Australian app development business is typically centered on providing high-quality work on time. They have a reputation for being on time, and they take deadlines seriously. With the added benefit of a time zone difference, the organization may finish projects on time or even ahead of schedule.

This time zone advantage may also aid in providing better customer service. With only a few hours of time zone difference, an Australian company can provide help to their clients throughout the day. This benefit is especially useful when dealing with pressing matters that require urgent attention.

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Top 10 App Development Companies in Australia

Do you want to work with the best app development firms in Australia? There is no need to look any further! We’ve gathered a list of the top 10 app development businesses that provide great services and have an established track record in the market in this post. 

These firms can help you design unique mobile apps that match your specific requirements and provide a flawless user experience. This is the same whether you’re a startup or an established business. So, without further ado, let’s get started with our list of the top app development companies in Australia!

1. Appello Software

Appello Software is a software development company based in Sydney which has been providing solutions for over a decade. They provide services in mobile application development, web application development, and custom software development. As a company that has been recognised for its creativity and innovation, Appello Software is now the go-to company for any business in Australia that wants to design an app.

Appello Software

Their approach is also unadulterated, which means that clients are engaged from the time the development process begins. The professional team at Appello Software develops applications that not only fit the customers’ needs but also are user-friendly as they apply the latest technologies.

Appello Software has served a number of businesses and start-ups in Australia. For example, they created an application for the event planning tool called Hey All. This project consisted of the design of the app, frontend and backend development and project management of the app.

Their focus on the customers and their technological knowledge has made them one of the most sought-after companies in Australia for app development services. The average review rating stands at 4 for the products that have been manufactured and sold by them. 9 out of 30 based on the clients’ feedback, proving that the company pays attention to the quality of its services and clients’ needs.

To this end, Appello Software has been awarded global awards such as the Top 1000 Companies and Top 100 Sustained and Fastest Growth by Clutch. This recognition also strengthens their status as one of the prominent app development companies in Australia.

2. DreamWalk

DreamWalk is a Melbourne based app development company that has been making its mark in the market with its simple yet beautiful mobile applications. The company has a versatile list of customers, and it cooperated with everyone, starting from small startups and ending with large-scale companies. Many people have recognized their excellent work in the app development market, and they have been awarded many times.


Another thing that is quite noticeable in DreamWalk is that it focuses on design and usability. This focus guarantees that their apps are not only useful but also beautiful and easy to use for their users. The team at DreamWalk is always willing to listen to the clients and ensure that they fully understand their aims and targets. This arrangement enables them to turn these goals into quality applications that produce the intended outcomes.

Maintaining the industry’s best technology and trends, DreamWalk offers its clients the best and improved app solutions. For instance, they have been using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to reduce the amount of manual work, tailor experiences, and create better applications.

3. Wave Digital

Wave Digital, an Australian firm based in Melbourne has been developing apps since the year 2000. They are focused on developing unique mobile applications for iPhone and Android, and web applications. The team of professional designers and developers collaborate to create new and efficient solutions for their clients.

Wave Digital

Another thing that makes Wave Digital stand out from other app development businesses is the company’s focus on building long-term relationships with customers. They know that it is a long-term process, which needs constant backing and updates of the application. This is why they engage their clients to the greatest extent possible to understand what they want and why they want it, and why they offer support and maintenance after the app has been developed.

Wave Digital has provided services to clients across many industries such as health and fitness, education, finance, and many others. They have been in business for over 20 years of developing custom iOS, Android, and web apps for startups, businesses, and government in Australia.

4. DigiGround  

DigiGround, a Sydney-based app development company, has been providing comprehensive digital solutions since its inception. They offer a wide range of services, including software applications, web development, and digital marketing, catering to clients across various industries. Their team, comprising experienced developers, designers, and project managers, collaborates to deliver high-quality outcomes on time and within budget.


One of the distinguishing features of DigiGround is their customer-centric approach. They invest time in understanding their clients’ demands, goals, and ambitions, which enables them to provide tailored solutions that align with their individual needs. This strategy has earned them a stellar reputation among their clientele, as evidenced by their 5-star rating on Google reviews.

DigiGround’s commitment to innovation and quality has been recognized through several accolades. They were finalists in the Australian Small Business Champion Awards 2021, indicating the vision, planning, and hard work invested in their business. They were also acknowledged in the Technology Innovator Awards 2021. Moreover, they were winners of the Good Design Awards 2020, further testifying to their dedication to providing innovative solutions to their clients’ problems.

5. EB Pearls  

EB Pearls is an Australian app development company that has been in the business of creating digital innovations since the year 2004. They focus on offering mobile and web applications, software, UI/UX design, and digital strategies for businesses of any scale. The team of more than 180 skilled developers has created award-winning projects; thus, they are a reliable solution for companies that want to improve their online image.

EB Pearls  

The last of the competitive advantages of EB Pearls is the focus on the quality of the solutions provided, the utilization of modern technologies and the methodologies of development. They use the principles of the agile development, which makes the development process open and allows to react to the changes in the demands and requirements quickly.

EB Pearls has successfully completed more than five hundred projects for different industries. They are mainly active in the healthcare, banking and finance, education, and retail industries. For example, they have engaged in the development of applications such as the “Great Life” application that provides helpful information and resources for mental health.

They have received commendations from some of the leading business platforms such as Clutch and GoodFirms. Indeed, they have been listed among the best 1000 companies on Clutch’s platform.

6. Launchpad App Development

Launchpad App Development is one of the most recognizable names in the sphere of app development in Australia. This company is based in Melbourne and has established itself as a great company that turns ideas into successful technology products.

Launchpad App Development

They provide a full-spectrum service. This covers application development, commercialisation strategy, and sustenance. Their approach is unique. They apply a unique development process to create software that meets global standards. This framework is centered on achieving core business initiatives.

Launchpad has successfully brought into the market several products that have received awards. These are BrickFit, an application that features LEGO® and is aimed at fitness and Laughscape, an application that aims at enhancing mental health. They have also created an ordering ecosystem for Australia’s fastest-growing canteen company.

7. App Boxer

App Boxer, a UK based mobile app development company has come up as one of the most influential companies in the Australian app development industry. The company was created in 2015 by Zyran Erasmus, and has turned into a team of digital unicorn specialists who are inspired by the idea of smart teamwork.

App Boxer

Their services do not only include the normal app development procedures. It is an ‘out of the box’ solution that presents a mapped out user journey, UI/UX services, a hi-fidelity prototype, and a one to two year development plan. Such an approach has proved useful in supporting many organizations to accomplish their business objectives and make a breakthrough in their market.

App Boxer is a company with a rich portfolio of completed projects, which indicates its efficiency. They have created applications for different fields such as health and fitness, commerce, and personal life. For example, they created ‘Optimize Mind Performance’ – an application for mental skills training for athletes and ‘Star Compliance’ – a management application for compliance systems.

8. 7 Pillars

7 Pillars, an Australian based company operating from Melbourne, is fast growing to be a leader in the app development industry in Australia. They have established themselves as a company that provides excellent digital services, supported by experienced specialists.

7 Pillars

Another advantage of 7 Pillars is that they are quite flexible when it comes to the rapidly changing world of digital technologies. Not only are they adapting, but they are leading the way in adaptation, and change. This is well illustrated by the variety of their successful apps which are all indications of their technical ability and innovation.

9. Appetiser

One of the youngest and most promising companies in the sphere of applications’ designing is Appetiser based in Australia. They are a team of 75 members operating from four different continents and have been awarded for their designs. Their portfolio includes such successful projects as Roamni, Youfoodz, and Formula 1.

It is not only in Australia that they have been successful. Appetiser has expanded its operations across the world; their technology is worth $17,000,000 according to Telstra. This technology has been patented and is unique in the world with patents approved in both the United States and Australia.


Appetiser’s strategy of app development is holistic. They have a vast experience in creating applications for various fields such as construction and trades, fitness, food and beverage, eCommerce, social networks, and many others. Their process is iterative, they provide updates at the end of each six-week cycle.

They are very much committed to quality in their work. For instance, the Youfoodz partnership led to an app that received a 4. 8 stars on the Apple App Store. This is an indication of Appetiser’s capacity to develop excellent mobile applications that are well received by the public.

Their growth is the success of their clients and this is evident from the Appetiser’s growth. By June 2024, they are acknowledged as the fastest-growing mobile and web application development company in Australia. They are obsessed with beautiful design, and this is supported by sophisticated technology, which makes them unique in the context of app development in Australia.

10. Software Co

Software Co is a leading company in the sphere of app development in Australia that is creating a buzz with its products. Based in Sydney and Melbourne, this agency has delivered more than 500 projects.

Their specialization includes enterprise applications, artificial intelligence, marketplace applications, fintech applications and e-commerce platforms. They are experts at developing applications that are not only technically sound but also aesthetically and ergonomically appealing.

Software Co

Some of their projects include Shoprun, the world’s first live stream shopping mall. Another great invention is “SubOne”, which is a subscription management and tracking system. They have also come up with Medicar, a motor vehicle maintenance application and Fieldr which is a productivity, time tracking and task management tool.

Software Co has a systematic way of developing apps that is quite tactical. They engage in elaborate strategy and planning sessions to establish the users’ requirements and features. Their UI/UX design team makes sure that the apps are adaptable, expandable, sensitive, and friendly to the users. They also have experienced application architects who assess options to help realise the app development projects.

What Can We At Designveloper Offer?

Designveloper is not just another software development company that offers its services to the clients. We are a team of professionals who are eager to help and have already completed more than one hundred projects in over twenty different fields using fifty various technologies. Thus, the high quality of our services and our focus on the needs of our customers have made us well-established in the IT industry.

What Can We At Designveloper Offer?

In the case of app development in Australia, we know the ground realities. The Australian app market earned $2.6 billion in 2023 and it is a market that we are glad to be in. We know that Australia had 21.6 million active smartphone users in 2023 and we are here to develop solutions for such a big audience.

Our projects

The projects in our portfolio demonstrate our capabilities and specialization. For example, we have created Lumin, which is a document viewing, editing, and sharing application for PDF documents. It synchronizes with cloud storage, which means that you can work on documents from any location. Lumin also has a digital signature which makes the signing process easier and the signatures legal.

Another project that we are proud of is Bonux, it is a crypto wallet through which the investors in cryptocurrencies can store, trade and do transactions in the wallet. Our company used UI-UX design and other technical competencies in the construction process, thus proving that we can work on complex and creative projects.

We’re not just about creating apps; we’re about creating experiences. We realize that the market of applications in Australia is still to expand even further, and we are willing to be a part of it. Given the nature of our company and our team, we are sure that we can provide the best app development services for Australian clients.

Therefore, if you are in search of a partner in app development in Australia, you are in the right place. At Designveloper, we are always prepared for the best solutions to bring your ideas to life. Shall we build something great?

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Australia is truly home to some of the world’s greatest app development firms. These firms have a track record of producing high-quality and innovative mobile apps to clients in a variety of industries. Whether you’re a startup or a well-established company, collaborating with one of the companies listed here can help you bring your app idea to life and reach your target audience. You may be confident that your project is in good hands because of their skill and experience.

Designveloper understands the importance of selecting the proper partner for your app development needs as a leading software development company in Vietnam. We hope you found this article useful in your search for the best app development companies in Australia. Please contact us if you have any queries or would want to learn more about our services.

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