Easy Ways To Keep A Perfect Work-Life Balance

March 31, 2017

Work-life balance is one of the most debated topic on the internet. The fact is many people struggle with it on a day-to-day basis.
Here’s my story. Back when my boyfriend and I first were in relationship, we both had to learn how to adapt to a new stage of life and living.
My boyfriend is a developer. And naturally, developers always get caught with the work-life balance tussle. He put almost everything he had in him into his work, even if that meant staying up until 1:00 am to finish a task. He loves to do all things with excellence. Good for him!
I didn’t know how he actually felt on those days, but strangely it was me who grew so stressed. LOL. Then we sat down and talked to each other. We finally realized that we had no work-life balance at all and that it was putting our relationship at stake.
Obviously we both need to change. However, changing is always not that easy. It can not happen overnight. As daunting as this task may seem, it is actually possible if you make a few simple changes in your life!

Tips for work-life balance

Today, I want to share with you some helpful rules that have helped us establish and maintain a work-life balance.

Master the art of saying NO

This is the most important thing you have to learn first!

Tips for work-life balance

I know many people might feel uncomfortable to say no. My boyfriend loves to help others out any chance he get even if it inconveniences him. But honestly, you’re not superhero. You don’t have time for everything. Just put those worthless things down. Leave them there. Let people who are supposed to solve them do .
If you don’t set your own boundaries, these calls—or other asks, like when a coworker tries to get you to take on one of his responsibilities, will continue to take up your personal time.
Remember, it’s totally okay to say no. Nothing to feel sorry about.

Define a daily to-do list

Have you ever got those nights when you couldn’t sleep because tons of unfinished tasks running around your head? I did.
The main problem stood behind this was that I didn’t create any plans to kept me on track and organized throughout the day. So my friends, let’s get control over your time! By having a schedule, you will know exactly what needs to be done, what your time frame is, and so on. To-do list can be your lifesaver.

Tips for work-life balance

But, remember to schedule time for yourself as well. Don’t put yourselves second when it comes to cranking out work. Plan time to have lunch or catch up with a friend or to simply read a new book.

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Set a “stop working” time in the evening

Even though we did have a to-do list, we sometimes found ourselves stressful as hell because of things which were left undone on our list. Then, we tried our best to accomplish these tasks until we realized that we had worked through the night. It wasn’t productive at all.
So please do yourself a favor. Pick a time each day when you’ll call it your “turn-off time” and stick with it. No “I just do one more thing”, no checking emails while having dinner, no more work phone after 8:00PM.

Tips for work-life balance

Imagine if you don’t call anyone after 8:00PM, they don’t have to call another one at 8:15PM. And this one won’t call others at 8:30PM. See, that means many people can enjoy their evening with their lovers, their friends or their family.
You’ll be impressed with the work-life balance you’ll find in doing so.

Don’t talk about work so much

Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t mean that you cannot talk about work. Yes, it’s totally okay to talk about something you love. But, don’t talk about it every time every where. You cannot strive for a positive work-life balance if work is all you chat about.
Don’t let work be the central focus of your life.

Do things that make you happy

“I don’t feel like doing anything.”
“Ugh this is too hard!”
“I can’t take it anymore.”

We all had days like this!
There are days we’re out of “the zone”. We have zero motivation. We get stuck trying to make things work but they just won’t. We feel like we want to give up. Just don’t.
We all get in a funk every now and again. Life is not easy nor is it meant to be. Instead of staying in pajamas, eating ice cream, watching shows all day and feeling bad for yourself, get happy!

Tips for work-life balance

Being happy doesn’t mean everything needs to be perfect. When you feel like you don’t want to do anything, then don’t. It’s no use forcing yourself. You are just wasting your own time. Let’s move to something else productive for awhile like taking a walk, listening to music or doing anything that actually make you feel happy.
Have fun and enjoy the life you are living!

Final Words

I know it’s really hard to continually practice these habits but if you don’t take a first step, you never have chance to finish the race. So, at least try one of those above idea and tell me if it works.
Or, do you have your own tips to balance work, life, and family? Let me know in the comments below! I’m listening!

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