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Top 5 Trending Software Jobs Right Now

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July 28, 2020

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Information technology appears among us, and fiction movies seem to be gradually turning into reality. So are there any trending software jobs?

In 2022 we have witnessed two “booms”. The first one is the notion of the “Pandemic Explosion” and the second is the “Technology Explosion”. That was when entrepreneurs applied technology to their businesses as Elon Musk once said:

“I think the high-tech industry is used to developing new things very quickly. It’s the Silicon Valley way of doing business: You either move very quickly and you work hard to improve your product technology, or you get destroyed by some other company”

Software Development Jobs to Watch Right Now

Software Development Jobs to Watch Right Now

Therefore, human resources of Information Technology or IT (for short) is always a tough problem. This is because the supply is low but the demand is too much, leading to a manpower shortage.  

This can make sense, as IT-related jobs, especially Software Development Jobs, are less appealing to students. They are often very boring and difficult to swallow.

But don’t worry, Designveloper will clarify your considerations through the blog’s topic today “5 Software Development Jobs Trending Right Now“.

Software Development Jobs Are Okay to Not Be Okay!

Software development jobs are an IT industry, if you have questions like “What is software development work?” the answer you’ll most likely get is “writing code in a programming language, so the computer can understand and handle a job in real life”.

After hearing the answer, do you picture a person with heavy spectacles and droopy hair looking at a computer all day?

You’re dead wrong. Software development positions demand more, including:

  • Identify the problem
  • Build/collect requirements: After you have clarified the problem, then you will collect the customer requirements and see what their needs are.
  • Implementation planning: Software development is complex like building a house, so you need to plan carefully to avoid mistakes and guarantee everything is done in the appropriate order.
  • High-level Design: After identifying the problem, choose the tools, key steps, and job overview.
  • Design: After a high-level design, you must solve one problem at a time because there are many approaches to achieve the same goal.
  • Writing code and debugging: We’ve reached the coding step, but software development isn’t over yet.
  • Software testing (Unit test, integration test, …): No software is flawless. Please test it.
  • System consolidation: If the software is very large and needs to be split into small modules to work in parallel by many people, it must merge into a unified whole.
  • System maintenance: Perfect people sometimes get sick, and software too, also needs regular maintenance and care.

As you can see, software developers need time and brainpower to launch their software.

Software development positions offer great salaries, less competition. In addition, you will get the flexibility of remote work, even if COVID-19 strikes.

What are their jobs?

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*The average salary data is based on Payscale’s source.

1. Data Scientist

Our day is the age of connectivity when all things are connected (Internet of things), it creates a huge database called “Big Data” and huge data sources. 

An object will analyze that giant data source. They will then turn it from its raw form into information we can exploit. 

Data Scientist

For example, your comments, and posts or share on Facebook are also a type of data. Based on that data, data scientists will know and be able to predict things.

And marketers can also use this useful information (insight) for their advertising campaigns.

Sounds cool right?

Because of the complexity of the job, the average income for a data scientist is $96,009 per year.*

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2. Cyber Security Engineer

The network ecosystem’s like an actual society where there still needs “police” to prevent crime. It can also ensure the safety of the system and those “societies” are called businesses.  

In the field of information technology, the bigger society, the more the police force there should be. Accordingly, these police forces are called the “Cyber ​​Security Engineers”.

Cyber Security Engineer

For businesses, the Cyber ​​Security Engineer plays an important role in the survival of that business since they protect the system and ensure it won’t be compromised by any hackers.

That is also the reason why large companies or corporations are willing to pay a lot of money for the Cyber ​​Security Engineers force and their salary can reach $96,220 per year.

3. Mobile Applications Developer

Have you ever heard of Flappy Bird? A product by Nguyen Ha Dong, a simple game but able to attract millions of users, did you know that Nguyen Ha Dong is also a Mobile Application Developer?

What I want to emphasize here is the great flexibility of this job, not only you can design the app for clients, but also can build your own mobile app and Mr.Ha Dong is utterly a quintessence.

Mobile applications are now becoming extremely popular because of quick manipulation and easier access to users, mobile applications now don’t necessarily have to be social networks like Facebook or Twitter, they can be anything, from fashion brands such as “Zara, and H&M,…” to government organizations.

Therefore, the Mobile Applications Developer jobs have been recently “hot” and their salary will be about $73,023 per year.

4. Software Engineer

The software engineer acts as an “architect” to create your software. This is, for sure, one of the most important and common trending software jobs nowadays.

Granted, if you want to build software to amplify your business, the first person you should meet must be a Software Engineer, you say what your needs are and the Software Engineer will draft the software’s blueprint or in a nutshell, they are your voice.

Software Engineer

Then, they will instruct computer programmers to write code for the software, and edit it to suit the needs of customers.

Programmers also need to work with them to build the perfect software.  

Software Engineer jobs are full-blown and the recruitment rate for companies is very high, their salary is approximately $85,679 per year.

5. Embedded System Software Engineer

An Embedded system is a system that operates according to a set of rules.  

Each system does one or more tasks. Each unit is embedded and constitutes a larger functional system.

Embedded System Software Engineer

Or just understand briefly that the embedded system is like the commands that have been set before, integrated into electronic devices (TVs, washing machines, …), and when you press the buttons on the devices. The electronics are going to do what you say thanks to the embedded system.

Embedded systems are very important for all industries when human demand is increasing, the more we require, the more Embedded System Software Engineer jobs develop.

The average salary of an Embedded System Software Engineer is $81,501 per year.


This article has summarized 5 jobs with a window of development opportunities and stable incomes.  

However, in the wave of the technology age, you need to keep up with the development trend of the world and constantly learn to be able to succeed in the field of information technology.  

But do not worry because trending software jobs are also highly promoted, you can start at entry-level and climb to higher positions. It happens commonly in the IT field.

As long as you work hard, success will stand by you. Good luck!

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