9 Open Source Chatbot Frameworks to Use in 2022

 / March 09, 2020

TLDR: Microsoft Bot Framework, Google Dialogflow, Intercom, and Drift are our top open-source chatbot frameworks at the moment. However, there is more to dig in!

It’s thrilling to see how technology is shaping our world and making it a better place. It helps human beings be more productive with less amount of effort spent.

Amongst many terrific inventions which are resulted in the development of technology, chatbots may be the most significant one.

According to research by Invesp, these humanlike tools can help businesses save up to 30% of the cost used for customer support services. It’s all thanks to the fact that they successfully reduce lead time and can answer up to 80% of common questions or requests submitted by customers.

Nevertheless, the number of chatbot frameworks in the market is definitely countless. And to help you find out the most suitable chatbot framework, people at Designveloper has this piece to show you the best open source chatbot framework at the moment!

Before reading this article you should know the basics of a chatbot: What Is a Chatbot And How Does It Work?

1. Microsoft Bot Framework

Microsoft is known for its popular OS – Windows, the Microsoft Office Suite, and many other technology products. And in 2016, they launched a framework that allows developers to build their own chatbots for their software. In this framework, you can develop, connect, test and deploy your chatbots with the help of their experts.

Microsoft Bot Framework
Microsoft Bot Framework


  • You can easily design the conversation flow of your chatbot.
  • Chatbots from Microsoft Bot Framework can collect information by asking a set of formatted questions.
  • There are several chatbot templates for you to choose from (basic bot, form bot, language understanding bot, question and answer bot, proactive bot)


  • Users meet connection issues from time to time.
  • This product does not have a large community to discuss the tool.
  • You need to know about programming to run this bot.
  • There is a learning curve when users need to access more features and functions of the chatbot.

Compatible communication channels: Facebook Messenger, Slack, Skype, and Cortana.

Pricing: depending on many factors, communication channels, amount of message, level of support, for example. They offer free plans

Significant clients: Laliga, Telefonica, Adobe, etc.

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2. Google Dialogflow

Different from other chatbot frameworks, Google names its chatbot “agent”. So, let’s see how this giant guy is doing in this $17.17billion-worth market.

chatbot frameworks


  • This framework is powered by Google’s machine learning technology. As a result, its potential is huge.
  • Google Dialogflow can build chatbots that run on many kinds of platforms.
  • It provides users with built-in analytics.
  • Dialogflow’s agents are able to understand the natural language.
  • The product is scalable when your business gets bigger.


  • Even though the framework is easy to use but people find it hard to integrate the product into their system.
  • Just like Microsoft Bot Framework, users need to know about coding beforehand.
  • It’s restricted to API’s.

Compatible communicating channels: multiple types of apps, websites, Amazon Alexa, Facebook Messenger, etc.

Pricing: Free or pay-as-you-go.

Significant clients: Comcast, Domino’s, Singapore Airlines (and maybe Google themselves).

3. Intercom

Intercom is one of the most appreciated chatbot frameworks at the moment. It does not only provide solutions for better customer relationships but also has a product to help your users get to know the service.

chatbot frameworks


  • The framework and its chatbots can support multiple languages.
  • Clients are supported by their sales team and specialists.
  • The process is easy to use and has beautiful UI/UX.
  • CS staff can switch between multiple conversations at the same time.


  • Users need a third-party service for knowledge base SSL.
  • Chatbot reports are unclear and lack important ratios.
  • Clients counter many teeny tiny bugs while using the framework (file uploading, photo resizing, etc.)

Compatible communicating channels: Facebook, website, Slack, etc.

Pricing: From $33 – $99.

Significant clients: Sotheby’s, Atlassian, Shopify, Housecall Pro, Unity.

4. Drift

Just like Intercom, Drift is a whole next-level system that allows you to communicate with customers more effectively. Besides chatbot, it also offers live chat, account-based marketing, email marketing, email bot, etc.

chatbot frameworks


  • This product can automatically book meetings for the sales team.
  • Its chatbots are integrated with many knowledge base tools like Zendesk, Help Scout, Help Docs, etc.
  • The drift team also published a lot of resources so that their clients can do research and learn of this system easier.
  • The chatbot is able to qualify leads and recognize old visitors.
  • Many businesses considered it an affordable service.


  • Notifications are slow sometimes.
  • There is some trouble when integrating it with other services (Hubspot, Salesforce)
  • The report template is a bit clunky.

Compatible communicating channel: website.

Pricing: starting from $40.

Significant clients: 15five, TradeGecko, OrderMark, CoreCloud, etc.

5. ChatterBot

ChatteBot was created by Python and is able to respond in different languages as it can be trained in any desired language.

Pricing: $37 for front-end.

6. Botkit

This is an open-source chatbot framework developed by Microsoft itself. Its website gives us a full picture of how to develop it in a concise and detailed manner. Besides, you can get help when facing trouble in Slack which is a community of 10000 developers.

Pricing: free.

7. Botpress

This chatbot framework is tested by developers from all around the world so that bugs and errors are limited and features are upgraded. However, the provider also offers a paid chatbot builder that best suits large-scale companies and enterprises.

Analytics and reporting and human in the loop are two of its most useful and insightful features.

Pricing: contact.

8. Wit.ai

Similar to Botkit, Wit.ai is a tech giant, and it’s no other than Facebook. Since its acquirement in 2015, Wit.ai has become the best choice for many businesses.

For example, Aisa Holmes is a bot that uses the Wit.ai NLP engine to support real estate companies to answer clients.

This free and open-source chatbot builder is able to support 132 languages with voice control features.

Pricing: free.

9. IBM Watson

IBM might be the most famous chatbot at the moment. It is aimed to help enterprises optimize processes and solve problems with insights to predict and shape outcomes.

The chatbot development framework offers 4 main functions:

  • IT operations
  • Customer service
  • Risk and compliance
  • Financial operations

There Are More Excellent Open-Source Chatbot Frameworks to Explore…

…this is our top 9 at the moment, if you know some other fine chatbot framework, ping us now! And in case you want to build your own chatbot with customized features, talk to us immediately because we can help.

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