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Navigating the Cloud: How Web Hosting Drives Efficiency in Corporate Travel Platforms

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December 08, 2023

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Your web host is responsible for service maintenance, keeping the hardware and software up to date, troubleshooting, and much more. In short, it makes everything run smoothly and website downtime less likely. While running a corporate travel platform, the last thing you want to happen is for your website to be down, so navigating the cloud is so important. The more smooth it runs, the better it’ll be for you. In fact, the web hosting market is expected to triple by 2028 as more people are giving it more notice over the years.

Overall, web hosting plays an important role in increasing corporate travel platform efficiency.

Therefore, in this article, we’ll dive deeper into learning more about how it makes your corporate travel platform more effective. 

1. Uptime and reliability 

1. Uptime and reliability 

It’s vital for travel platforms to be running at all times. Downtimes have nothing positive about them and if visitors catch your site not working, it might not be a good first impression for them. 

Reliable web hosting services ensure your platform has a high uptime, reducing service interruptions as much as possible. Business users are always in a rush and at any time, they may need to use the platform, regardless of where they are located. 

The hosting uptime formula is calculated by the uptime divided by the total time. Moreover, hosting uptime can be affected by several factors: 

  • Server hardware: When overloaded with requests, it may not have enough resources to handle them at the same time and might slow down or crash. A powerful host will minimize this and reduce downtime. 
  • Applications/Software: Software packages play a crucial role in website accessibility. Many old and new hosts may not have matching versions, which can increase website downtime. 
  • Server configuration settings: Web servers that are poorly configured can lead to bad behaviors. Over time, these build up and increase downtimes under a set of conditions. 

Something you have to know is that every website will experience downtimes. It’s impossible to completely avoid them, but you can minimize them.

The less they are present, the better it’ll be for business users accessing your travel platform. This is all possible when you have a good web host, so it’s important to pay attention to which one when choosing.

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2. Boosted site performance and search engine ranking 

A website’s loading speed matters a lot when it comes to users navigating through it. The site’s loading speed and performance have a direct correlation with search engine rankings. 

If your website takes a long time to load, then, your bounce rate will increase and you’ll have users complaining about the user experience. The higher the bounce rate, the more your search engine ranking will drop. 

Fast loading times and responsive interfaces are crucial for promoting a smooth user experience. A strong web hosting infrastructure with high-performing servers and optimized configurations makes sure that the corporate travel platform can handle heavy user traffic.

Many websites that are poorly configured will usually crash when they have large amounts of traffic to face. This can be due to too many plugins installed, having a poorly coded theme, and of course, having a poor host. 

Worst of all, a website that crashes can take up one to three hours of your time to fix. It’s not worth losing that much time and let’s face it, business users have other important tasks to do, so they won’t be too happy about this. 

If you think your website is currently loading slowly, it’s a good idea to change your host. Many times, it means that the current host you have can’t handle the amount of incoming traffic. 

Sometimes, your current subscription plan might not be capable of giving you better services, so you might want to email your host provider for an upgrade. If there are not any upgrades available, it’s time to make a change. 

3. Scalability for travel management companies 

navigating the cloud Scalability for travel management companies 

During business schedules, events and seasons, corporate travel platforms may experience some fluctuations. This is especially true for a travel management company like TravelPerk

The platform offers all-in-one solutions for businesses across the globe to optimize their travel programs. These features include: 

  • Up-to-date travel alerts
  • Integrated travel policies and in-app approval systems 
  • Extensive reporting capabilities 
  • Simplified travel expense processes and dashboards 
  • A large catalog for third-party software integrations 

Corporate travel platforms that offer more features and all-in-one solutions are more likely to experience heavy traffic and this can cause downtimes if your web host provider can’t handle them like we mentioned before. 

Web hosting that offers scalability allows the travel platform to adapt to any changing demands by giving them extra resources when they need it the most. This grants consistent performance and minimizes downtimes. 

4. Enhanced security

4. Enhanced security

Website security is often underrated, and until something happens, most organizations never think about it. The digital world giant (DWG) claims that around 50,000 websites are hacked daily. Investing in the proper security measures is important to prevent anything from happening. 

There are many steps you can take to increase website security, such as firewalls, security plugins, and keeping your software up to date. However, if your web host doesn’t prioritize this, it won’t matter. 

Hosts that prioritize security will implement regular website backups, firewalls, and many other methods to protect your web server and data center as a whole. 

5. Continuous support 

Either if your website crashes or goes offline, trying to fix it is nothing fun to do. This might happen either because of an error you made while editing your website’s code that was the reason behind it going offline. However, this has to do with the host too and in some cases, they may be the reason your website went offline. 

Whenever you face these kinds of issues, you need to have a dedicated support team. This can be done when your host is good and resolves site issues as soon as possible. Trying to resolve them on your own might not be a good idea, especially if you don’t have any technical skills.

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6. Cost efficient

navigating the cloud Cost efficient

Web hosting solutions are a great way to promote cost efficiency since you use your website to generate sales. Your travel platform is there for that exact reason, to make sure you are generating revenue from each deal. 

In order for corporate travel platforms to function more effectively, your site must be running as often as possible. Many hosts claim that your site uptime should be effective 99.9% of the time. 

Overall, many people are in a rush when booking a flight, hotel, or renting a car for travel purposes, and guess what? They can’t do it if they visit your site when it crashes! 

In case you are seeing drops in the run time, it’s best to switch hosts, or check if you’ve made any mistakes on your own. 

A few short tips to follow for choosing the right host 

The second your site is running, you are now concerned about keeping it just the way. Nevertheless, here are some important tips you can follow for doing so: 

  • Choose a reliable web host: It’s more important than ever to make sure you’re choosing a reliable web host. Not all service providers will offer the same quality level. Some hosting providers claim uptime guarantees, but it’s important to read more about it when choosing your plan. 
  • Enable caching: Catching allows your site to operate more efficiently. The backup better improves your reputation with search engines and users that value fast loading times and a consistent experience. 
  • Look for better hosting plans: You can consider upgrading to a VPS hosting plan. VPS plans get lots of dedicated resources and fewer users per server, allowing for more reliable services. 

Other than these, you can also consider using a Content Delivery Network (CDN). These services can help in many ways, reducing loading times and improving website security. There are many CDNs available, but it’s vital to choose the one that best fits your travel platform needs. 

Your uptime means a lot for your corporate travel platform 

Let’s face it, everyone in the travel industry is in a rush. They are using your platform because they trust in you and think they can book their travel through your site. Therefore, it’s an important topic everyone should pay attention to when looking for a web host. 

Above all, it’s essential to know how navigating the cloud helps your business. The truth is that there can be many factors that can affect your website’s performance and you need to pay close attention to your web hosting provider. 

Always remember that your business reputation matters and once it’s lost, it’s challenging to recover it. Especially in the traveling industry, this is something that needs to be considered a priority.

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