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Website Design in Vietnam: What’s in it for you?

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June 10, 2019

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The young and thriving technology industry in Vietnam is one of the many reasons why software service seekers opted for the service of website design in Vietnam, ranging from consultation to actual launching and crafting designing together. This post will further discuss prominent benefits that you, as a business executive specializing in many areas, should look for website design services in Vietnam.

Website Development Talents on the Rise

Education is among the top priorities in terms of investment in the developing nation over the past five years. The growing number of young graduates in website and software development contributed to a huge influx of young challenge-loving talents to the website design community. In addition, the number of agencies specializing in specific areas of website development, especially website design, also witnessed a great leap since 2015. Vietnam, along with other tech-hyper nations like Singapore and China, is one of the most chosen countries when it comes to offshoring technology development services.

The Growing Number of Young Start-Ups

Entrepreneur spirit, along with a safe and secure business environment in Vietnam, especially in the southern region, made a huge contribution to the ballooning number of tech start-ups. For a green business newly entering an area, consistency in quality and quantity of service delivery strikes the most important impression on new and potential clients. This also leads to the high intensity of competition among start-ups, resulting in comprehensive service delivery and customer service before-during-after customer experience of their website design service.


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In 2015, the median age of the Vietnamese population was 30.4 years. Since then, the average age has remarkably dropped, leading to a much younger population. This means the majority of the population would be the potential market for website design in Vietnam since young minds tend to subscribe and take a special interest in new trends in technology. Thanks to this, Vietnam-based start-ups must up the ante by acquiring up-to-date trend knowledge and deploying constant adjustments to such new trends. For example, the current trending aesthetic matter in website design among the young Vietnamese population is vivid graphics full of character, unique and bold. As a result, website designers and agencies would have to catch up with the latest trends in a timely manner in order to meet every tick on clients’ list of requirements.

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More and More Adopting the Agile Approach

Flexibility and fast adjustment to clients’ demands have been prioritized among tech businesses in Vietnam, which created lots of room to grow for the Agile approach in website design services, for instance. The growing awareness of human-centricity in website design projects has allowed the website design area in Vietnam to embrace the factor of user experience. By doing this, website design in Vietnam has grown more into a user-oriented mindset, which in turn raises customer retention rates.

Website Design Cost in Vietnam

Financial matters are also a migraine-induced cause in business operations, especially for young start-ups. Fortunately, the website development industry in Vietnam remains young and green, which is appropriate for budget-sensitive website design projects. This means, by seeking assistance and consultation in website design in Vietnam, a business can actually remain economical while being in sync with clients’ ever-changing demands in website design. By opting for Vietnam-based website design services, young start-ups would not have to burn a hole in their pocket while trying to maintain the best quality service their financial condition could afford. The fact that the website design industry in Vietnam remains green in its early stage makes it appropriate for budget-sensitive website design projects.

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Comparison with other continental regions

According to Rigel Networks, below are the rates to design and develop websites in Vietnam and other regions:

  • Asia, including Vietnam, India, and Bangladesh: $31-40/hour
  • South American, including Brazil and Argentina: minimum $30/hour
  • African, including Morocco and South Africa: minimum $41/hour, frequently over $50/hour
  • Australian, including Australia: $51-100/hour
  • The Middle East, including Israel: $51-100/hour
  • The United States: $1000-$10,000 for a basic web design project

For corporate blogging, websites, and e-commerce platform, customers could opt for pre-design templates such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. However, custom-designed web design services would cater to a lot more benefits such as more requirements met, operation stability, constant feedback, bug fixing, and website design improvement from a website design agency. Consistent communication between your business needs and your private website design team would certainly allow you to pinpoint current issues relating to the website’s performance in a timely manner. An extra buck in project spending for professional website design would create a sense of stability, reliability, and positive impression among first-time users as well as loyal customers.

Regarding the compelling hourly rate for website design services in Vietnam, people at Designveloper highly recommend consultation and information exchange between businesses seeking website design assistance services and professionals at website design agencies.

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1. Animations

Users’ attention attraction helps increase interactive elements in UX by substituting static images with live-action buttons and call-to-action buttons. The marketing concept of “adults who once used to be kids” has taken quite a hit in Vietnam’s young population who leans towards genuine values of life through the eyes of a kid.

web design in vietnam
Year in music – Spotify

2. Typography

Fonts play a vital part in creating the right vibe in users’ interaction with the website. Different curves, strokes, and intensities of each letter would lead to a different psychological effect on UX.

Font choice that is full of unique characters would usually grab users’ attention more, which is the reason why typography is huge in Vietnam’s website design community.

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3. Broken grid layout

The fluid transition between action to action creates a smooth and effortless aesthetical beauty in website design.

website design
Personal blog – Melissa

4. Vivid graphics

Dim-witted greyscale colors would bring a dull and unenthusiastic feeling to users, driving them away from your actual product and service display. Livelihood in website exposure would enrich user experience as well as add more value to their experimental time with your website.

graphic design
Designveloper’s Design

5. Mobile first!

Let’s face it. Website design would be the development of a mobile interface. Designing a website that fits in the palm of a user would increase the stay-at-site time as well as the retention rate. Website design in Vietnam also takes it seriously to build a user-friendly mobile version, and catering designs that are easy on the eye.

web design world
Designveloper’s design

6 Reasons Why Website Design in Vietnam Is Prioritized

  • Fast transaction, quick to grasp information, easy checkout for e-commerce websites. Web design professionals at Designveloper suggest Consistent and stable navigation in order to fit in the average user visit time – 2 minutes 17 seconds.
  • Pleasant user experience on different choices of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Web design professionals at Designveloper suggest Responsive design integration.
  • Aesthetic consistency. Web design professionals at Designveloper suggest: Being decisive with the themes, including colors, format, typography, and fonts that resonate with business branding.
  • Gripping engagement. Web design professionals at Designveloper suggest: Adding highlights to the call-to-action button or command.
  • No more long-buffering web pages. Web design professionals at Designveloper suggest: Making sure your website downloads and loads information fast. You can use Google PageSpeed Insights to track your website performance.
  • Long-lasting first impression. Web design professionals at Designveloper suggest: Building a consistent content creation plan, including attention-grabbing visual & smartly-written content as well as logical layout design.

The 8 Website Design Examples in Viet Nam

1. Rice Creative

  • Website design evaluation: 3.6/5
  • UX:  3.5/5
  • Navigation:  3.5/5
  • Visual content and copywriting: 4/5
  • Loading speed:  3.5/5
web design example

2. Walrus – Education App

  • Website design evaluation: 4/5
  • UX:  4.5/5
  • Navigation:  4/5
  • Visual content and copywriting: 4/5
  • Loading speed:  3.5/5
education app

3. Gentley – Dating app

  • Website design evaluation: 4/5
  • UX:  4.5/5
  • Navigation:  4/5
  • Visual content and copywriting: 4/5
  • Loading speed:  3.5/5
dating app

4. Oniel – A website design template by Designveloper

  • Website design evaluation: 4/5
  • UX:  4.5/5
  • Navigation:  4/5
  • Visual content and copywriting: 4/5
  • Loading speed:  3.5/5

5. A website design template for corporate usage by Designveloper

  • Website design evaluation: 4/5
  • UX:  4.5/5
  • Navigation:  3.5/5
  • Visual content and copywriting: 4.5/5
  • Loading speed:  3.5/5
web design templates

6. Oi Vietnam

  • Website design evaluation: 4.3/5
  • UX:  4/5
  • Navigation: 4/5
  • Visual content and copywriting: 4.5/5
  • Loading speed:  4.5/5
oi vietnam

7. Hanoi Grapevine

  • Website design evaluation: 4.3/5
  • UX:  4/5
  • Navigation: 4/5
  • Visual content and copywriting: 4.5/5
  • Loading speed:  4.5/5

What Is Responsive and Adaptive Website Design & How Your Business Can Step up the Game Thanks to It?

1. Responsive website design

  • Reliance on changes in design pattern to fit available content
  • Fluid and straightforward design
  • Less constant control, meaning less management and implementation time
  • Examples: Dropbox, Shopify
responsive web design
build wesite

2. Adaptive website design

  • Having multiple fixed layout scales
  • Fixed on pre-set layouts to choose from
  • Optimal for user experience since it adapts to users’ current needs and capabilities
  • Examples: Apple, Amazon
create website
make a website

Balancing between catering to aesthetically-pleasing websites and carrying out website operations within budget should not be the biggest issue that you, as a business executive, should pay too much attention to. By leaving such to professionals in website design.

Your business would have extra time and room for business development, service improvement, and adding more value to your customers’ experience. When the tech-heavy matter of website design is placed in good hands. You would in turn save a large amount of expenditure whilst staying committed to UX optimization in your service.

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