Meteor.JS Fundamentals for Single Page Applications

 / October 21, 2016

After experimenting with this framework for a long time, one of its magical powers that I met was creating a single-page app. So, in this post, we are going to discuss the benefits of Meteor.JS Fundamentals for Single Page Applications.

single page application

We live in a world dominated by JavaScript. Even though you are not a fan of this programming language, you still cannot ignore it if you want to be a professional developer.

Meteor.JS Fundamentals for Single Page Applications

The good news is there are tons of JavaScript frameworks out there for you to pick up. In my case, the one that strikes my fancy the most is nothing else but Meteor.

1. What Is a Single Page Application?

If you are still wondering what a single-page app actually is, then read that word “single-page” again! Its name already told it all! Basically, it’s nothing but a single page without any additional pages. It is developed with the aim of improving the user experience by delivering all the functionality for an application without taking time to reload the whole page.

2. How About Meteor? What Is Meteor?

benefits of creating single page application in Meteor js

Meteor was born in 2011 under the name Skybreak. Until January 2012, it changed to the name that we’ve to call it now. Unlike other frameworks, Meteor is smart and powerful that allows you to build web and mobile applications with one single language of JavaScript.

In terms of programming, Meteor is described as an open-source and full-stack JavaScript platform that includes a key set of technologies for building reactive web and mobile applications.

Please check out the list of "Meteor for Beginners - Easy and Practical" videos:

The 6 Benefits of a Single-Page App Development in Meteor.JS

There are many web frameworks available to choose from for single-page web app development. But here, I’m going to bring to you a full list of benefits of creating a single-page application in Meteor Js.

benefits of creating single page application in Meteor js

1. Speed

Meteor requires less code. Instead of using a thousand lines of code for a command like any other framework, it can just use 10 lines. Yes, 10 lines, you didn’t misread. Fantastic, right? So obviously, its speed is an outstanding benefit for developers and clients.

2. Responsive design

Because of the insane increase of mobile devices, it’s a must for any kind of business to have an app that is mobile-friendly. Single page apps developed with Meteor run great on desktop devices as well as on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc.

3. Real-time updating

When someone makes changes, data on the screen updated the moment instantly without stopping. There is no laggy feeling that is often a result of the data’s trip to the server and back.

4. One language

Meteor enables you to develop an awesome single-page site just by only one language with one line of code which can run on both the client and the server, as well as do different things in either environment. How amazing it is! So, for those developers who want to become full-stack ninjas, coding with the Meteor framework is a good path that you cannot avoid mentioning.

5. Deployment

You just need only one command to push your web app to deployment and update all connected browsers and devices.

6. Open-source

You are able to build your own amazing single-page apps the way you want in a very short time. Moreover, this open-source framework also owns a strong team to maintain the whole project and is responsible for new releases, QA, and keeping API stable.

Because of everything mentioned above about Meteor.JS Fundamentals for Single Page Applications, I truly believe Meteor is one of the best frameworks out there for quickly building sing page apps, and it’s only going to get better. What do you think about it? I’d love to hear your thought in the comments below!

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