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8 Tips on How to Increase Open Rate in Email Marketing

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July 27, 2022

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The statistics on Email marketing as an effective strategy are staggering. The return on investment alone is 4200%, and up to 64% of SMEs use it as the primary tool in client interactions. Email marketing is here to stay, and it is a personal, efficient way to communicate with brands and customers. Note that 80% of online marketers prefer email marketing over social media and other digital strategies. So how to increase open rate in email marketing?


The contention for many email marketing strategies is how to increase the open rate. The primary concern here is how many of your subscribers open the emails you send? Open-Rate is a factor used to determine the effectiveness of an email marketing campaign. You achieve this by calculating the percentage of subscribers who open specific email content. Open rate is a very critical metric affected by several influencing factors. Elements such as audience size, CTR, bounce rates, and other factors calculate the efficiency of your campaign.

Incorporating a reputable email delivery service, such as Maileroo, can further enhance this. Maileroo offers robust email authentication, improving sender legitimacy and email deliverability, making it a valuable tool in maintaining effective email communication.   

What Do You Need to Know About Email Marketing?

Increasing the open rate depends on a variety of factors. Cybercrime has made customers very apprehensive about opening random emails. This issue has made email marketing substantially complicated.

What Do You Need to Know About Email Marketing?

For this reason, it is critical to ensure your email marketing is transparent. Focus on building trust by making your sign-up process risk-free. Links to your resource should also be worthwhile. You can use assets, such as a free website creator with numerous site widgets and design protocols. With such tools, creating a website or landing page is really easy. Email links to your website should also be encrypted to provide your customers with an extra layer of security. It is about creating a system that builds trust and improves conversion. 

There are several ways to improve your email open rate. Here is a list of 8 techniques to focus on in 2022.

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How to Increase Open Rate in Email Marketing?

1. Domain Authentication

It is a way to validate email sender authenticity. This process helps verify you as a legitimate source and ensures your emails don’t end up as spam. Emails constantly directed to junk folders rarely get opened-this does nothing to improve your reputation and open rate. 

2. Personalize Your Emails

2. Personalize Your Emails

Sending the same email to a thousand receivers is the first step toward losing credibility. Note that customers have different demographics and hence, different needs. Aim to address customers differently according to specific requirements. Craft your emails for individual needs.

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3. Invest in Quality Content

Content is a significant selling point in any business. Customers want value for money, and quality content is what you must provide. From the subject line to your last remarks, you need to b concise and engaging. It boils down to capturing your customer’s attention and proving you have something to offer. 

4. Timing and Frequency

The easiest way to get a high unsubscribe rate is to barrage customers with constant emails. No one likes a nag. Develop a system that evaluates your customers and the product you provide. Research into what time of the day people are active and build your strategy within this timeline. Check industry statistics on how and when experts send emails and how often. Lastly, use an SPF record checker to authenticate emails, ensuring they land in inboxes, not spam folders.

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5. Subject Lines

A potential customer gets hooked on your email when they see an appealing subject line. Up to 67% of emails get opened because they have a catchy title. Whether you are offering great deals, free offers, or new products, your subject line needs to create a sense of curiosity. It does not matter if it is shocking, humorous, or plain-the subject line must pull your customers and make your email irresistible.


6. Use Emojis

Emails are no longer the formal, boring elements they used to be. Statistics show that emoji use in email marketing increases every year by as much as 800%. If your subject line has an emoji, you have a 60% higher chance of a conversion. Think about a 29% increase in unique CTR, lower bounce rate, and 44% increase in sales. While many people may still be apprehensive about emojis, they work.

7. Consult Your Subscribers

Increasing your open rate boils down to strategy. Don’t wear your subscribers out with constant emails or resend unopened ones. Be tactical in your approach. Ask your subscribers when they want to receive your emails and at what time. It is easy to become a nuisance. However, this technique will ensure you maintain a fruitful relationship with your customers.

8. Research The Market

Always ensure you understand the strategies competitors are using to maximize conversion. Evaluate what techniques work and which ones don’t. Establish a timeline for scrutinizing whether your current strategy works. Find ways to create anticipation and work on a game plan to solve subscriber problems.

Bottom Line

Digital marketers still rank email marketing as a top strategy with 80% of these marketers insisting it is effective. After knowing how to do it right, this technique is a guaranteed goldmine. Designveloper hopes this information can help you with the next email marketing plan! Besides this can help you answer the question “how to increase open rate in email marketing?

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