Curriculum Manager: Free and Amazing App for Outstanding Resumes

 / June 30, 2016

Have difficulty creating a professional resume that impresses your potential employers? How to make it when online CV creation does not work? Let our Curriculum Manager App give you a hand.

Curriculum Manager App

A Fast, Easy-To-Use, and All-In-One App

Free Curriculum Manager for amazing resumes
Free Curriculum Manager for amazing resumes
Free Curriculum Manager for amazing resumes
Free Curriculum Manager for amazing resumes
Free Curriculum Manager for amazing resumes

What you expect from a resume app is exactly what Curriculum Manager provides.

Developed by the Designveloper team with an aim to help college students, fresh graduates, and those who are seeking a new job create an eye-catching resume with little effort at any time, the Curriculum Manager provides you with a standard resume that works all the time.

Curriculum Manager has a user-friendly interface with easy-to-use functions. What you need to do is just enter the required information in the default fields which are Personal Information, Professional Goal, Academic Formation, Qualifications, Experiences, and Additional Information. The Curriculum Manager will do the entire job by immediately creating an awesome resume with your input data.

curriculum manager

Here are examples of what you need to fill in the Personal Information field…

…and Academic Formation field.

When you complete these above-mentioned fields and save your work, your curriculum vitae will be saved as a PDF document. That means you will be no longer worried about losing your resume format when sending it.

This app also enables you to customize and edit your resume easily with the Insert Data button. Together with the Preview PDF function, it allows you to preview your CV after saving it and sending it by email. If you want to show your resume to your friends on Facebook, Indicate To Friends button is here to do this.

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Free Curriculum Manager for amazing resumes
Free Curriculum Manager for amazing resumes

Curriculum Manager App has gained 4.3 out of 5 stars with nearly 500.000 installs. Let’s see what people talk about it.

Key Features

Being a free resume-creating app, Curriculum Manager offers you several outstanding features, including:

  • Quick CV creating, editing, and customizing
  • Professional CV format that highlights your profile
  • PDF saving
  • On-app CV sent by email

The app is only available for Android 2.3 and up. Therefore, make sure your Smartphone runs on the appropriate OS to fully utilize this smart app before installing it.

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