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Benefits of Artificial Intelligence: Ways AI Is Taking Over Our Lives

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November 12, 2022

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Artificial intelligence is no longer something from science fiction movies. There are many ways in which people are using artificial intelligence software and programs in the modern age that can make life easier and improve productivity. In this guide, we explore some benefits of artificial intelligence and the ways it is being used.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

There are generally understood to be four types of artificial intelligence, but this is changing all the time in an evolving industry. At the moment, just two of the types of AI are even relevant. We have not reached the “Theory of Mind” and “Self-Awareness” phases which can remain in science fiction films for now.

1. Reactive Machines

The simplest type of AI doesn’t actually involve any learning. This is just based on an input and an output. For example, a program that can react to identify faces or patterns. It does not “learn” but it provides some form of intelligence and use.

2. Limited Memory

This refers to AI that can store data and use it to “learn” and make predictions or alterations. For instance, machine learning can help to provide a more thorough understanding of statistics and create more accurate predictions, not just about what is going to happen but also what is needed for a project or what is expected within. This is how things like AI upscaling of images work. It isn’t perfect, but the software “learns” what we expect and can predict what to fill in using an artificial intelligence software.

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The 4 Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Our Lives

What are some of the ways that we are seeing AI used in everyday life? Some of these may not be obvious, and you may never have considered how companies use AI to create improvements to the customer’s experience.

1. AI For Workflow and Productivity

There is a big focus on productivity among workers, especially as so many people are now working from home. It is harder to track their successes and how productive they are from afar. 

A lot of people (and companies) are integrating software that takes advantage of artificial intelligence. For example, if your team produces a lot of written content, a tool like Grammarly, which combines machine learning with its framework of grammar and spelling rules, can make life a lot easier for your staff and ensure that communications are clear and professional.

Similarly, image and video tools have been revolutionized by AI. Movavi Video Editor offers users an AI-powered feature in the form of motion tracking that lets you make objects move across the screen as desired, assisted by artificial intelligence.

Video explainer software and caption or transcription tools can also use AI data to provide a more effective result and cut the time in the planning and production stages of a video. YouTube’s transcriptions are automatically generated and use AI technology.

Tools like Autoenhance are also revolutionizing the real estate industry. This tool can automatically improve the look and attractiveness of an image, using AI to analyze and make the required changes without much human input at all.

These are all examples of AI creeping into people’s daily lives through their work. As time goes on, more and more industries and software solutions are going to embrace the use of AI technology.

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2. Statistics and Analytics

AI can analyze data in a far more effective way than the majority of humans, and can also perform many more processes than a human brain.

A lot of companies are taking advantage of this by using software that can analyze data using AI, which can spot patterns and analyze them in ways that humans simply can’t. 

Entertainment giant Netflix has used AI to its advantage excellently. The incredible use of AI within the streaming platform can analyze so much data that they predict what each user is interested in based on the information their algorithms are fed (such as the previous shows watched). According to this guide, Netflix even uses big data to generate certain more appealing thumbnail images to promote their shows.

Every company can use data in a slightly different way, but the more data fed into an AI system, the more likely it is that patterns will be spotted and effective changes recommended.

3. Chatbots and Knowledge

Providing more knowledge to the customers, in the form of both chatbots and a knowledge base, can be a way to cut down on staffing time and costs.

Research has also pointed to many more companies embracing AI. This Forrester report shows that 69% of firms questioned said that the reduction in operational costs was a crucial benefit of using an AI chatbot.

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Though they are not totally watertight yet, many of us have used chatbots to great effect, and plenty of websites use these to help with customer inquiries. Even Amazon uses chatbots for customer queries.

AI means that chatbots can learn from the information that they are provided with, and this means that they can continue to adapt and provide up-to-date information for clients. They may require management, but this is likely to take up a lot less staff time than you would if you were handling customer queries individually.

4. Recommendations and Personalization

This is one of the most obvious ways in which we can see the effects of AI every single day. Recommendations can be compiled using data.

Think of it like certain companies being able to build up a profile of each of their users based on the way they act. On Amazon, things like what you have previously bought, items that people also bought after buying the same thing as you, and the sort of browsing patterns you have are all used to create a much more rewarding experience.

When you are using a streaming platform, it is likely that you will see the same sort of thing, with certain recommendations for you based on what kinds of films and series you are more likely to watch.

AI is helping to dive into this data and personalize everybody’s own experience due to the scope it has to analyze data. This is something that wouldn’t be cost-effective if it were done by humans, but software algorithms can accurately predict the sorts of products customers are more likely to be interested in, helping eCommerce businesses to boost their sales and also helping customers to get the right items for them.

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AI is virtually everywhere these days. When you use social media, buy something from a supermarket or from Amazon, or when going about your day-to-day working life, it is likely that some sort of AI system has been put into place which can help you as a worker and as a customer.

AI is in its infancy and while it is quickly taking over, expect even extra refinements to occur in the coming years. We at Designveloper hope that this article helps you to know exactly the benefits of artificial intelligence in our lives.

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