Innovating Like the ‘Hidden Figures’: Leveraging Low Code for Business Success

 / June 28, 2023

The story of Hidden Figures is captivating. It is about three African-American women who excelled in the computer field. Working as computers, they helped solve many challenges faced by NASA engineers. They overcame many obstacles including gender and color segregation. But, they were ready to use their intelligence and resolve to help humanity. Low code for business is one of the technologies that is transforming businesses. It needs little or no code to create apps and processes in business. It does not need complicated programming languages. Due to this, users with a basic programming language can create cutting-edge apps.

Low Code for Business

The concept of low code development

The main purpose of low code development is to use no or little coding in software creation. It aims to cut the use of complex software designing languages. The technology seeks to use logic and drag-and-drop features to develop software. Inexperienced programmers can use visual designing environments to build apps. They leverage smart services, and pre-built connectors to write codes. This increases the design and deployment speed for apps. The concept is allowing people who never thought they can create apps to create them. In the movie, the three women were facing great struggles. In the face of adversity, they showcased their talents and did great things.

Low Code platform

Today, the movie has attracted attention across the technology and education sectors. College students have written a lot of essays about it. A student with no writing experience might find it hard to write a movie summary. The free Hidden Figures movie summary essay samples can help them gather ideas. While at school, samples inspire writing a variety of papers like research papers.

The potential of leveraging low code to drive innovation and success in business

People in tech can learn several lessons from the movie Hidden Figures. The three women fought against all odds. They played a critical role in launching the first spacecraft in the US. They remind people in the tech sector to focus on their goals. They should allow the bending of rules to allow things to work right. Leaders in the tech sector can draw inspiration too. They should pay attention to finding key talent in their teams. They should pursue their tech development goals without giving up.

Today’s customer is moving away from traditional shopping methods. Businesses have no option but to embrace technology and agility. Low code is one of the innovations with the ability to drive growth. Non-IT workers can automate tasks within processes in seconds.

Hybrid models work better by breaking silos through collaboration with every worker. Low code has eliminated reliance on complex traditional development cycles. Today, organizations can create customized apps to offer tailor-made solutions. It has proven useful in improving processes such as:

  • Automation of processes for greater accuracy and efficiency
  • Building stronger relationships with customers. Businesses innovate to create personalized CRM systems. They help streamline the process and enhance customer experience.
  • Improving internal operations. Low-code apps help manage inventory, track projects, and increase productivity.

Benefits of low code development in business

Low-code applications in businesses create benefits ranging from workflows to cost savings.

9. Collect market feedback and prepare for the following phase
  • Greater flexibility for leveraging business data. It allows low code integration and connection with SaaS and disparate systems.
  • Greater agility in creating new solutions for a fast-changing business environment.
  • Maximized developer capabilities through automation of processes. It allows quick innovation of platforms, mobile apps, and many business solutions. Developers can upgrade existing programs at super speeds.
  • Increased customer relationships. Low code allows companies to market fast and understand their customers’ traits. They create personalization tools to allow tailor-made communication with customers. It strengthens relationships and satisfaction.

Companies that have leveraged low-code platforms to transform their operations

Many big and medium-sized companies are using low code to increase innovation.

Collier International

Collier International provides real estate and investment management services across the globe. Due to its growing staff and client base, it adopted the use of low code to boost apps and make them work fast. This move helped cut the cost of developing apps and serve their clients better.


Bswift provides payroll management services for private and public sectors. The company adopts technologies for quick innovation to stay competitive. It uses low-code technology to customize its services and increase speed of output for better results.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army deployed low code to create workflow-centric apps at low cost. It helped reduce its app production cycle by 70% to 80%.


Low code is a technology that is helping to drive innovations fast. Companies leverage microservices to create mobile apps and other key business platforms. They enjoy increased speed, productivity, and efficiency. Tech companies can learn lessons from the Hidden Figures movie. There is a need to identify hidden talent in workers and equip them for innovation. Technology can help businesses overcome the greatest challenges against all odds.

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