One goal

Business Management, Utility

Gamify the management of businesses using points and rankings



On service demand, REAL-TIME DRIVER TRACKING WITH SMARTPHONE, confirm on delivered

Song Nhi

AI, Chat bot

Song Nhi is a virtual assistant that helps people manage their personal finance



The Virtual Medical Assistant® is a truly remote, totally non-contact, wireless, continuous cardiorespiratory monitor. It measures heart and respiration rates and movement, providing critical “spot” and “trend” data to a nurse’s station, tablet, cell phone or pager without the need for electrodes that touch the patient or pads that require contact with a mattress or other surface.

Japanese E-learning

E-learning, Education

Designed and developed the e-learning platform for a Japanese company to training their employees and provide it as a service to other company.

Poppi Live chat


Online customer support and help desk solution. Poppi Live Chat plugin for your website. Chat with your website visitors, monitor website traffic and provide better customer support.


Dating App

Developed from scratch a huge platform for gentleman and lady to get matched and grow the relationship. The project includes building intuitive UX & UI, then making a performant real-time and high-quality system to realize it.

Swell & Switchboard


The customer first came to us with an idea of a platform to manage his business in the solar industry. After successfully applying the platform to his business, he applied it to his partner’s company. At the moment 2 companies are using the platform in every process of their daily work. With this success, now we are developing the platform to be multi-tenant and offer it to every company who has similar business out there around the world.


SAAS, Utility

We build an app ecosystem (2 web apps. mobile app for both Android and iOS) for PDF Utilities like view, comment, annotate on PDF in real-time. It has 17 million users now.